From Leggy Starlet Spreads to Seasonal Sibling Style

 - Jun 15, 2011
Ever since Emma Watson hit the screen with bushy eyebrows and not-so-smooth hair, the question has been whether or not she will develop into a stunning young woman. These hot Hermione photo shoots prove any doubter wrong.

Emma Watson has been hitting up big names such as Vogue and Burberry for the past few years, proving that she deserves to be disassociated from that ruffled-hair, disheveled, childhood look. These hot Hermione photo shoots are some of the most gorgeous editorials one can see, and now that filming is over, Watson's seductive short hairdo makes her look even more stunning.

These hot Hermione photo shoots demonstrate that Emma Watson has turned into a beautiful young lady. Who knows what major film parts she will take on next?