From Baby Star Wars Jumpers to Sashimi Infant Outfits

 - Feb 20, 2013
The best way to ensure that your little one grows up to be a geek is to dress them in one of these geeky baby bodysuits. The onesie has been making a comeback, albeit a questionable one, in the adult world, but the iconic clothing item will always be a symbol of early childhood. While the overall design of the onesie hasn't changed much over the years, the baby bodysuit has gotten progressively geekier as time has gone by.

Parents are now dressing their infants up to look like everything from R2-D2 to Batman. This is a direct reflection of modern society's embrace of geekdom. If you want to see just how nerdy a baby's closet can become, then check out all of these geeky baby bodysuits.