From E-Fortune Cookies to Twitter Cookies

 - Jun 26, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
Experience the joy of a great tasting cookie and some good luck with these fortune cookie innovations. Everyone knows that the fortune cookie is the luckiest cookie of all.

Who doesn't want to eat a cookie complete with a little bit of wisdom? These fortune cookie innovations take fortune cookies out of the restaurants and into the realms of the Internet, fashion, and even pet supplies. Feeling lucky?

Implications - You might not after biting into a misfortune cookie and revealing an unfortunate tidbit of advice. If you're simply interested in fortune cookies for the crunchy cookie taste, then you'll find yourself drooling over the East & West Meet With customization fortune cookies that have been adorned with delicious-looking and colorful sprinkles. Good luck with whatever fortune cookie may come your way!