- Sep 20, 2012
Cushy animal-inspired seats give critter lovers of the world the ability to pay tribute to their favorite animals without appearing tacky or strangely obsessive. The designers in this grouping of photos are able invoke images of various mammals, birds and other slithery creatures into their chairs while still being tastefully chic. The physical build of an animal is often used as a creative guideline for architecture, fashion and furniture. Incorporating the elegance and swooping wing structure of a dove for instance, can produce a piece of furniture that is classy and eye-catching.

Animal-inspired seats show off a profound appreciation for wildlife and furniture design all at once. The chairs are able to convert the space they inhabit into a figurative zoo; however, the only things held in captivity are comfortably eccentric seats.

From Sable-Sea Life Seating to Dove-like Winged Furniture: