- Jun 21, 2019
As crypto innovations continue to proliferate, the technology is being adopted into more and more aspects of people's lives. The once-fringe, decentralized currency movement becomes increasingly mainstream as technology makes its adoption convenient. Several recent crypto innovations have made the technology more convenient and accessible for the masses.

One such product that allows for greater adoption of crypto technology is crypto debit cards. A company named Coinbase has continued to expand the use of its crypto debit cards to new European markets. The card is accepted anywhere that Visa is, so it can be conveniently used. Another crypto Innovation that makes the technology more accessible is all-in-one crypto platforms. Superorder is an all-in-one trading terminal for cryptocurrencies, where users can track and trade all of the different currencies they may own.

Lastly, different forms of media have started to get involved with crypto in an attempt to demystify the technology. In particular, Tokenville created a blockchain-themed comic, which aims to make crypto education accessible for all.

From Crypto Debit Cards to All-In-One Crypto Platforms: