From Glitzy Holiday Footwear to Gold Accent Ankle Boots

 - Dec 17, 2012
The one thing these Charlotte Olympia heels have in common is that there is no shortage of creative finesse.

The British designer knows how to make a pump that is fiercely feminine and attractively eccentric. When you purchase a pair of black pumps from Charlotte Olympia's collection of shoes, you aren't just getting a pair of satin deep colored heels -- you are getting a mistletoe-embellished gold platform, or a suede tasseled six inch bootie.

Each of the Charlotte Olympia heels are not afraid to go big when it comes to the height of the platform. The taller you are the better people can admire your pristine beauty. If you're going to slip a pair of haute couture heels on your feet, they've got to be ones that standout.