From Camera-Carrying Drones to Smart Fridge Cameras

 - Jan 14, 2017
From miniature drones equipped with high-tech cameras to gadgets that can keep track of the contents of a fridge, the CES 2017 photography innovations covered a wide range of new technology.

Some of the biggest photography advancements at CES 2017 were related to drones. For instance, the Hobbico C-Me is a mini quadcopter that makes it possible for users to take hands-free selfies without the need to transport a large drone. For those looking for a more heavy-duty option, the Yi Erida drone is able to capture 4K footage from an altitude of up to 6,000-meters.

Beyond drones, other CES 2017 photography innovations include unorthodox cameras. Instead of traditional point-and-shoot devices, consumers can now get their hands on HD cameras that print instant photos, thermal cameras that detect heat and moisture and refrigerator cameras that can keep track of food.