- Jan 23, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
If you can’t make out the image on your screen you may be going blind or you might be taking a look at 11 Blurry Finds. Often times blurry means bad but here it is so good.

11 Blurry Finds deserve a deeper understanding. Sometimes blurry is better. Just because you aren’t seeing clearly doesn’t mean you aren’t thinking clearly. Shazam!

Implications - There is a sense of mysteriousness involved when an artist or ad agency decides to make their images a bit difficult to decipher. In a world where almost anything is acceptable, consumers relish in the opportunity to guess and calculate. Thus, companies are called to show, but not tell. This will make an ad or product more alluring and thus, more attractive to potential consumers.

From Blurred Clothing Ads to Blurry Playground Shoots: