All Things Multi-Purposed, From Faucets to Baby Thermoses

 - Aug 24, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Multi-purpose 2-in-1 designs are great because they give you the convenience of two gadgets for the price of 1. Now, while some of these designs are super useful (see the 2-in-1 faucet), some are probably not necessary. Either way, designed to make our lives easier and a little less cluttered, these are 15 2-in-1 designs that get my love.

Implications - Multi-purpose items are the way of the future. People are constantly on the go and need items that will do more than one thing at a time. Ultimate convenience is the way to go and is seen especially in the electronic industry. Phones that can do everything a computer does and more are what really grabs people's attention.