The McCann Erickson Clean After Your Dog Campaign is Allusive

By: Susan Keefe - Oct 2, 2011
References: & creativecriminals
This McCann Erickson Clean After Your Dog Campaign is a suggestive public service announcement for the City of Belgrade. The advertising giant successfully finds the most alluring way to broach the subject of pet waste management. The campaign urges residence of Belgrade, Serbia to keep their city beautiful, clean up after the pooches and shake what your momma gave ya. With scenery like this, Belgrade is shaping up to be one stunning urban center.

Sex sells and McCann Erickson does nothing to shy away from this age-old rule, and why would they? The purpose of advertising is to attract and maintain the viewer’s attention long enough for them to absorb the message, and what reasonable person could resist taking a gander at a fine fanny. Kudos to any advertising agency that can make picking up after the family dog sexy. Sure to inspire more than a few lusty glances by appealing to our libidos, the McCann Erickson Clean After Your Dog Campaign may just eliminate the pet waste crisis in Belgrade.