The Lean Tables by Flip Sellin and Markus Dilger are Fun

By: Ana Lopez - Jan 29, 2012
References: coordination-berlin & mocoloco
The Lean Tables by Flip Sellin and Markus Dilger consist of modular units that, once assembled together, form a surface. Shaped as hexagons, these separate pieces have slanted legs. The design of the legs give the impression that these units are leaning against each other.

Made from oak, the Lean Tables need a minimum of three units to form an actual table. This modular system allows for various combinations depending on its use. Once the hexagons are put together, the resulting structure is nicely shaped like a honeycomb, giving this product an organic and natural touch. The designers explain, "The shape is contemporary yet individual. The natural material complements many interior styles."

The Lean Tables are playful and practical.