The Kristen Wicklund Peanut Necklaces are Delicously Decadent

By: Olivia Gissing - Jun 1, 2011
References: kristenwicklund & etsy
The Kristen Wicklund Peanut Necklaces are setting a new standard for summer styles; peanuts are the new pearl.

Pottery prodigy Kristen Wicklund has handcrafted these couture confectionary collars with careful attention to detail. These nom-able necklaces are strung with unsalted pottery peanut beads. Each bead has been hand cast and hand finished in a bright-white glaze, and is made of pretty porcelain.

These pretty peanut pieces are perfect for picnics or patio parties. Purchasers also have a variety of necklaces to choose from; cotton cord collars are available as well as silver chains. Also, some necklaces are strung with several nuts, while others simply hang one.

The Kristen Wicklund Peanut Necklaces are a very sweet (and a little bit salty) addition to any outdoor ensemble.