The iSense by Kikki Tham Sterner and Johan Ollashas is a Tool for the Blind

By: Peter Vallas - May 7, 2011
References: geeky-gadgets
The iPad opens up a whole new world of fun, but it’s sad to know that there are many people who don't have the opportunity to experience it. The iSense is a revolutionary concept that brings the magic of the iPad to those who are vision-impaired. Designers Kikki Tham Sterner and Johan Ollashas are the creative heads behind the iSense project.

The iSense works by using a light reactive overlay that goes on top of the iPad screen. The light reactive overlay of the iSense reacts to the iPad’s screen and is able to create bubbles that form braille, so that one who is blind can enjoy movies and other varieties that the iPad offers. Though it’s still a concept, Kikki Tham Sterner and Johan Ollashas are making the iSense the future of touch technology.