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Top 85 Inventions Trends of 2016

1 Top 85 Inventions Trends of 2016

From Virtual Reality Scent Devices to Mushroom-Based Leather • 39,083 views
Top 100 Unique Trends of 2016

2 Top 100 Unique Trends of 2016

From Hot Sauce-Covered Cars to 18 Karat Gold Toilets • 26,104 views
Top 100 Bizarre Trends in 2016

3 Top 100 Bizarre Trends in 2016

From Furry Nail Art to Relaxing Soup-Scented Bath Salts • 16,240 views
Top 55 Weddings Trends of 2016

4 Top 55 Weddings Trends of 2016

From Minimalist Wedding Bands to Donut Wall Desserts • 8,317 views
15 Futuristic Food Products

5 15 Futuristic Food Products

From Purple-Hued Porridges to Pressed Smoothie Bars • 1,591 views
Polar Fleece Streetwear

6 Polar Fleece Streetwear

Aimé Leon Dore's New Capsule Collection is Perfect for the Winter • 1,181 views
Surreal Mixed-Media Plants

7 Surreal Mixed-Media Plants

Noreen Loh Hui Miun's Work is Inspired by the Real and Surreal • 857 views
Shipping Container Cinemas

8 Shipping Container Cinemas

Scott Whitby Studio Used 1,000 Foam Pyramids to Make the Caution Cinema • 771 views
Flat Wine Bottles

9 Flat Wine Bottles

Garcon Wines Offers Slim Wine Bottles That Fit Through Letterboxes • 394 views
Liquid Cosmetic Compacts

10 Liquid Cosmetic Compacts

Estée Lauder's Makeup Compact Dispenses Liquid Formula with a Button • 152 views
Shaving Gel Bars

11 Shaving Gel Bars

'Remay' Produces an Innovative Egg-Shaped Solid Shaving Bar • 116 views
Ant-Filled Cocktails

12 Ant-Filled Cocktails

Native's Unique Bar Cocktail is Topped with an Edible Insect Garnish • 105 views
Morning Dance Parties

13 Morning Dance Parties

Daybreaker TO is a Morning Rave that Celebrates Health and Wellness • 88 views
Powdered Pigment Lipsticks

14 Powdered Pigment Lipsticks

CLE Cosmetics' Powder Lipstick Melts When Pressed Into the Skin • 51 views
Powdered Lip Stains

15 Powdered Lip Stains

The 'Touch in Sol Chroma' Lip Tints Boast a Unique Waterproof Powder Formula • 50 views
Bust Care Kits

16 Bust Care Kits

Pure Smile’s 'Oh! My Busty?!' Provides a Scrub, Mask and Lotion • 33 views


75 Novelty Gift Ideas

1 75 Novelty Gift Ideas

From Snapchat-Themed Backpacks to Spicy Chicken-Flavored Nail Polishes • 29,525 views
50 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

2 50 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

From Lavish Brass Corkscrews to Laughter-Invoking Novelty Products • 21,976 views
Virtual Kissing Devices

3 Virtual Kissing Devices

'Kissenger' Sends Virtual Kisses via a Smartphone App and Gadget • 6,915 views
Colossal Indian Statues

4 Colossal Indian Statues

India's Statue of Shivaji Maharaj Will Be the Tallest in the World • 561 views
In-Shower Beer Beverages

5 In-Shower Beer Beverages

This Unique Beer Drink is to Be Consumed While Getting Ready • 485 views
Theft-Preventing Stickers

6 Theft-Preventing Stickers

This Floss Sticker Lets Consumers Disguise Their Headphone Case • 376 views
Presidential Rooster Statues

7 Presidential Rooster Statues

A Donald Trump Rooster Statue Was Erected in Taiyuan, China • 339 views
Branded Pizza Onesies

8 Branded Pizza Onesies

Domino's Made a "Wipeable" Onesie That Works Like a Wearable Napkin • 271 views
Cubed Meat Packaging Concepts

9 Cubed Meat Packaging Concepts

Path Designed Packaging Concepts for Lab-Grown Meat Cubes • 232 views
Decorative Drone Sweaters

10 Decorative Drone Sweaters

San Francisco-Based Artist Danielle Baskin Sells Sweaters for Drones • 216 views
Presidential Portable VPNs

11 Presidential Portable VPNs

The Presidential Keezel is a Limited Edition Product at CES 2017 • 190 views
Gemstone Facial Kits

12 Gemstone Facial Kits

Gemstone Organics' Facial Spa Set Includes Gemstones for Natural Healing • 179 views
Diamond-Shaped Paper Lamps

13 Diamond-Shaped Paper Lamps

Etsy's Papercraft Lamps Shop Offers Crystallized and Colorful Fixtures • 168 views
Electric Carbonation Devices

14 Electric Carbonation Devices

'Beverage Power' Uses the Body and a Current to Prevent Flat Drinks • 155 views
Ramen Clam Chowders

15 Ramen Clam Chowders

Ippudo is Now Producing a Limited-Edition Clam Chowder Ramen • 55 views


Top 100 Design Concepts in November

1 Top 100 Design Concepts in November

From Martian Show Homes to DIY Wooden Beehives • 48,914 views
100 Homeware Gifts

2 100 Homeware Gifts

From Stunning Water-Inspired Seating to Vibrant Cactus-Shaped Candles • 45,484 views
Self-Balancing Motorcycles

3 Self-Balancing Motorcycles

The GyroCycle Stabilizes Itself with a Gyroscopic System • 27,163 views
Poetically Surreal Collages

4 Poetically Surreal Collages

Lorenzo Casu Imposes Spacey Elements onto Common Scenes and Objects • 5,504 views
Wooden Chef Knives

5 Wooden Chef Knives

'//SKID' is a 97% Wood and 3% High Alloyed Carbon Steel Kitchen Tool • 3,401 views
Curious Hairstyle Editorials

6 Curious Hairstyle Editorials

Man About Town Magazine Collaborated with Gary Gill and Johnny Dufort • 2,919 views
Ergonomic Standing Desk Mats

7 Ergonomic Standing Desk Mats

The CubeFit TerraMat is Designed to Keep You Healthy and Productive • 1,839 views
Empathy-Building Playsets

8 Empathy-Building Playsets

'The Empathy Toy' Set for Kids is a Unique Family Puzzle Game • 1,461 views
Modular Restaurant Franchise Buildings

9 Modular Restaurant Franchise Buildings

The New Checkers Building is Cost-Effective for Franchisees • 1,004 views
Tiny French Bakery Art

10 Tiny French Bakery Art

This Art Project Reveals a Miniature Shop on an Unassuming Street • 976 views
Popped Cheese Snacks

11 Popped Cheese Snacks

'Cheesepop' is an Innovative Snack Cheese That's Like Popcorn • 905 views
Miniature Phone Beds

12 Miniature Phone Beds

'The Phone Bed' is a Bed Frame and Mattress for Storing Smartphones • 792 views
Pudding-Shaped Chocolate Desserts

13 Pudding-Shaped Chocolate Desserts

Choc on Choc Redesigned the Classic Chocolate Christmas Pudding • 785 views
Military Truck Cameras

14 Military Truck Cameras

Photographer Kurt Moser Built a Truck That Acts as a Camera • 767 views
Food-Based Makeup Tutorials

15 Food-Based Makeup Tutorials

Instagram's 'Makeup_Maven' Created a Video Using Food as Makeup • 685 views
Nail Care Bath Bombs

16 Nail Care Bath Bombs

Go-Diva Makes Small-Scale Bath Bombs Just for Nails • 589 views
Nose-Shaped Soap Bars

17 Nose-Shaped Soap Bars

The Piero Golia 'Comedy of Craft' Soap Bars are Shaped like Comedic Noses • 526 views
Santa Claus Conventions

18 Santa Claus Conventions

Dina Litovsky Photographed the Discover Santa 2016 Convention • 497 views
Atheism-Touting Sneakers

19 Atheism-Touting Sneakers

'Atheist' Shoes Sport Pro-Atheism Logos on Their Soles • 487 views
Chakra-Balancing Bath Sets

20 Chakra-Balancing Bath Sets

Gemstone Organics Creates Ceremonial Bath Kits for Self-Love • 449 views