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40 Macaroni Mash-Ups

1 40 Macaroni Mash-Ups

From Mac & Cheese Burger Buns to Cheesy Macaroni Waffles • 6,333 views
50 Peculiar Ice Pop Flavors

2 50 Peculiar Ice Pop Flavors

From Bloody Mary Popsicles to Boozy Cucumber Ice Pops • 5,762 views
Gripping Gang Portraits

3 Gripping Gang Portraits

Jono Rotman Photographed Haunting Portraits of Mob Members • 4,246 views
2,590-Horsepower Hypercars

4 2,590-Horsepower Hypercars

The SRT Tomahawk is a Concept Car Envisioned for 2035 • 1,684 views
Virtual Reality Home Gyms

5 Virtual Reality Home Gyms

Icaros by HYVE Provides a Stimulating and Entertaining Way to Work Out • 1,678 views
Bacon-Wrapped Sandwiches

6 Bacon-Wrapped Sandwiches

'BuzzFeed Food' Has Whipped Up the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Recipe • 1,629 views
Projection Mapped Jewelry

7 Projection Mapped Jewelry

Tactum by MadLab Uses Interactive Projections to Design Bracelets • 1,456 views
Intergalactic Meal Replacements

8 Intergalactic Meal Replacements

The '100%FOOD' Beverages are Astronut-Approved Foods for Earth • 1,348 views
Donation Vending Machines

9 Donation Vending Machines

This Japanese Vending Machine Lets You Order Coffee and Make a Donation • 1,293 views
Upcycled Umbrella Art

10 Upcycled Umbrella Art

Izaskun Chinchilla Designed This Colorful Umbrella Canopy in NYC • 1,266 views
All-Weather Umbrellas

11 All-Weather Umbrellas

The 'Blue Jean Umbrella' Will Protect Against Rain and Harmful UV Rays • 1,232 views
Floating Fitness Studios (UPDATE)

12 Floating Fitness Studios (UPDATE)

The Nike Crystal Coliseum was a Pop-Up for Training Classes • 1,115 views
Cannabis-Inspired Restaurants

13 Cannabis-Inspired Restaurants

'Cannabistro' is a Pop-Up Diner Serving Gourmet Herb Dishes • 1,110 views
Inside-Out Jeans

14 Inside-Out Jeans

The Movie 'Back to the Future' Inspired These Unique Jeans • 954 views
Clever Skateboard Chairs

15 Clever Skateboard Chairs

Tim Defleur and Benjamin Helle Design a Uniquely Mobile Seating • 909 views
Swimming Beard Caps

16 Swimming Beard Caps

Virgin Train Designs a Unique Water Cover for Facial Hair • 898 views
Kaleidoscopic Origami Domes

17 Kaleidoscopic Origami Domes

'Light Origami' by Masakazu Shirane & Saya Miyazaki is Illuminating • 883 views
3D-Printed Rats

18 3D-Printed Rats

These Artificial Rodents Help Make Dissection a Safer and More Humane Process • 781 views
Water Bottle Undies

19 Water Bottle Undies

In Japan People are Able to Purchase Bottle Panties From Vending Machines • 746 views
Cheesy Meta Pizzas

20 Cheesy Meta Pizzas

Vinnie's Pizzeria Now Serves a Pizza Topped with Pizza Slices • 729 views


25 Ways to Sneak Alcohol into Festivals

1 25 Ways to Sneak Alcohol into Festivals

From Beer-Filled Bras to Booze-Concealing Sandals • 34,122 views
86 Bike Add-On Accessories

2 86 Bike Add-On Accessories

From Collapsible Bike Helmets to Snack-Themed Bike Bells • 26,726 views
Lava-Charred Steaks

3 Lava-Charred Steaks

The Syracuse University Lava Project Experiments by Cooking Steak with Lava • 11,927 views
100 Decorative Plant Holders

4 100 Decorative Plant Holders

From Recycled Bottle Water Planters to Charming Shoe Planters • 11,693 views
37 Creative Ways to Clean

5 37 Creative Ways to Clean

From Wall-Crawling Robotic Cleaners to Microber-Based Vacuums • 9,635 views
Taunting Interactive Illustrations

6 Taunting Interactive Illustrations

Inkteraction Art by Alex Solis Brings 2D Drawings Off the Page • 9,551 views
18 Unique Party Events

7 18 Unique Party Events

From Pre-Work Dance Parties to Virtual Masquerade Experiences • 8,777 views
22 Flashy LED Fashion Pieces

8 22 Flashy LED Fashion Pieces

From Illumiating Dance Sneakers to Electrifying Soccer Apparel • 6,600 views
Multi-Surface Styluses

9 Multi-Surface Styluses

The Phree Digital Pen Lets You Make a Notepad or a Canvas of Anything • 6,200 views
Fanciful Furry Reflectors

10 Fanciful Furry Reflectors

The PomPom Mirror Reproduces Images with Soft Black and White Materials • 5,715 views
Majestic Mountain Chairs

11 Majestic Mountain Chairs

Gaetano Pesce Pays Tribute to Nature Through a Surreal Furniture Piece • 5,000 views
Floating Fiji Bars

12 Floating Fiji Bars

The Cloud 9 Bar Offers an Incredible Escape Surrounded by Turquoise Waters • 4,355 views
63 Deliciously Portable Desserts

13 63 Deliciously Portable Desserts

From Cream Puff Sticks to Rainbow Cookie Lollipops • 3,480 views
Signaling Bicycle Helmets

14 Signaling Bicycle Helmets

Lumos is a Smart Bicycle Helmet that Improves Road Communication • 2,562 views
Contagious Yawning Billboards

15 Contagious Yawning Billboards

Cafe Pele's Interactive Ad Reminds People of Their Need for Caffiene • 2,450 views
Terrifying Japanese Desserts

16 Terrifying Japanese Desserts

Panapp is a Treat That Will Really Make You Scream for Ice Cream • 2,379 views
Oil Tanker Villages

17 Oil Tanker Villages

Chris Collaris' The Black Gold is a Concept for Shops, Housing and More • 2,372 views
Waste-Reducing Bottle Caps

18 Waste-Reducing Bottle Caps

Use Every Last Drop of Lotion with the Zero Waste Cap • 1,909 views
Rain-Resistant Purse Covers

19 Rain-Resistant Purse Covers

The Handbag Raincoat Can Help Keep Any Purse Dry • 1,825 views
Distorted 90s Cartoons

20 Distorted 90s Cartoons

Anhia Santana Gives the Iconic Rugrats a Perplexing New Look • 1,802 views