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Top 100 DIY Trends in 2016

1 Top 100 DIY Trends in 2016

From Luxurious Leather Coasters to DIY Sophisticated Notebooks • 95,353 views
Top 85 Inventions Trends of 2016

2 Top 85 Inventions Trends of 2016

From Virtual Reality Scent Devices to Mushroom-Based Leather • 58,235 views
Top 100 Unique Trends of 2016

3 Top 100 Unique Trends of 2016

From Hot Sauce-Covered Cars to 18 Karat Gold Toilets • 47,164 views
Top 100 Bizarre Trends in 2016

4 Top 100 Bizarre Trends in 2016

From Furry Nail Art to Relaxing Soup-Scented Bath Salts • 27,473 views
Top 55 Weddings Trends of 2016

5 Top 55 Weddings Trends of 2016

From Minimalist Wedding Bands to Donut Wall Desserts • 12,238 views
Intimate Pop-Up Concerts

6 Intimate Pop-Up Concerts

Toronto's 'Pocket Concerts' Brings Live Music to Private Homes • 6,848 views
Wearable Privacy Pods

7 Wearable Privacy Pods

The Sharkman is a Wearable Piece of Furniture for People Looking for Privacy • 3,253 views
Geological Food Shops

8 Geological Food Shops

The Usaginonedoko Cafe Creates Food Inspired by Rocks and Minerals • 2,410 views
Hoodie Drawstring Jewelry

9 Hoodie Drawstring Jewelry

Hannah Jewett Makes Pullovers with Decorative Hoodie Strings • 1,300 views
Surreal Cartoon-Integrated Art

10 Surreal Cartoon-Integrated Art

'Still Optimistic' is a Project Fronted by Gabrielle Laïla Tittley • 1,073 views
Obscure Streetwear Accessories

11 Obscure Streetwear Accessories

The New Supreme Accessories Collection Features a Money Gun & More • 994 views
Lightweight Metal Die

12 Lightweight Metal Die

The 'Hollow Dice' is Only 1.5 Grams in Weight • 879 views
Fried Chicken Bouquets

13 Fried Chicken Bouquets

KFC New Zealand Handed Out 20 Bouquets for Valentine's Day • 754 views
String-Integrated Makeup Looks

14 String-Integrated Makeup Looks

This Maison Margiela Couture Collection Boasts Adornments in Thread • 717 views
3D-Printed Multifunctional Walkers

15 3D-Printed Multifunctional Walkers

This Mobility Aid Boasts a Transformative Design and Add-Ons • 613 views
Fantastical Novelty Noodle Forks

16 Fantastical Novelty Noodle Forks

Nissin's 'Ultima Weapon Fork' is a Reference to Final Fantasy • 599 views
Mung Bean Beverages

17 Mung Bean Beverages

The 'Karuna Heal' Superfood Beverage is Made with Bean Sprouts and Berries • 568 views
Contoured Wine Chalices

18 Contoured Wine Chalices

The Wine Glass Mask Accentuates the Aromas of Wine • 433 views
Skin Tone-Colored Sodas

19 Skin Tone-Colored Sodas

ALI COLA's Soda Collection Aims to Promote Tolerance • 391 views
Romantic Meat Boxes

20 Romantic Meat Boxes

Bolyard's Meat and Provisions is Selling a 'MeatHeart' Box for Valentine's Day • 301 views


Virtual Kissing Devices

1 Virtual Kissing Devices

'Kissenger' Sends Virtual Kisses via a Smartphone App and Gadget • 7,169 views
15 Futuristic Food Products

2 15 Futuristic Food Products

From Purple-Hued Porridges to Pressed Smoothie Bars • 4,124 views
Eccentric Castle Offices

3 Eccentric Castle Offices

The Office Features a Plethora of Unique Spaces • 2,449 views
Surreal Mixed-Media Plants

4 Surreal Mixed-Media Plants

Noreen Loh Hui Miun's Work is Inspired by the Real and Surreal • 1,984 views
Shipping Container Cinemas

5 Shipping Container Cinemas

Scott Whitby Studio Used 1,000 Foam Pyramids to Make the Caution Cinema • 1,477 views
Polar Fleece Streetwear

6 Polar Fleece Streetwear

Aimé Leon Dore's New Capsule Collection is Perfect for the Winter • 1,334 views
Bloodied Clothing Stores

7 Bloodied Clothing Stores

The Brand CLOT Opened an Unusual Pop-Up Store in Los Angeles • 1,309 views
Flat Wine Bottles

8 Flat Wine Bottles

Garcon Wines Offers Slim Wine Bottles That Fit Through Letterboxes • 858 views
In-Shower Beer Beverages

9 In-Shower Beer Beverages

This Unique Beer Drink is to Be Consumed While Getting Ready • 799 views
Shaving Gel Bars

10 Shaving Gel Bars

'Remay' Produces an Innovative Egg-Shaped Solid Shaving Bar • 629 views
Cubed Meat Packaging Concepts

11 Cubed Meat Packaging Concepts

Path Designed Packaging Concepts for Lab-Grown Meat Cubes • 603 views
Colossal Indian Statues

12 Colossal Indian Statues

India's Statue of Shivaji Maharaj Will Be the Tallest in the World • 568 views
Theft-Preventing Stickers

13 Theft-Preventing Stickers

This Floss Sticker Lets Consumers Disguise Their Headphone Case • 479 views
Liquid Cosmetic Compacts

14 Liquid Cosmetic Compacts

Estée Lauder's Makeup Compact Dispenses Liquid Formula with a Button • 448 views
Sudsy Yoga Classes

15 Sudsy Yoga Classes

BierYoga Pairs the Philosophies of Craft Beer and Yoga • 431 views
Branded Pizza Onesies

16 Branded Pizza Onesies

Domino's Made a "Wipeable" Onesie That Works Like a Wearable Napkin • 396 views
Presidential Rooster Statues

17 Presidential Rooster Statues

A Donald Trump Rooster Statue Was Erected in Taiyuan, China • 376 views
Frightening Movie Promotions

18 Frightening Movie Promotions

The Rings Movie Marketers Pranked Unsuspecting Strangers • 331 views
Decorative Drone Sweaters

19 Decorative Drone Sweaters

San Francisco-Based Artist Danielle Baskin Sells Sweaters for Drones • 277 views
Ant-Filled Cocktails

20 Ant-Filled Cocktails

Native's Unique Bar Cocktail is Topped with an Edible Insect Garnish • 253 views