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Amphibious Private Jets

1 Amphibious Private Jets

This Personal Airplane Can Fold into a Trailer and is Spin-Resistant • 3,665 views
42 Fabulous 3D-Printed Accessories

2 42 Fabulous 3D-Printed Accessories

From Alternative Wedding Rings to Customized Earbud Apps • 2,490 views
Strangely Surreal Photography

3 Strangely Surreal Photography

This Collection of Eerie Photos by Bobby Becker are Oddly Peculiar • 1,705 views
Cheeky Tech-Free Smartphones

4 Cheeky Tech-Free Smartphones

The NoPhone Zero Humorously Helps Technology Addicts Disconnect • 1,068 views
Venetian Carnival Couture

5 Venetian Carnival Couture

The Vivienne Westwood Spring Collection Promotes Crazy Circus Looks • 1,022 views
Dog Surfing Photographs

6 Dog Surfing Photographs

This Surf Dog Contest Includes Costumes and a Red Carpet • 991 views
Drivable Cardboard Cars

7 Drivable Cardboard Cars

Lexus Created a Functional Sedan with 1,700 Pieces of Corrugated Cardboard • 484 views
Self-Setting Sports Mouthguards

8 Self-Setting Sports Mouthguards

The ZONE Mouthguard Molds Itself to Teeth Without Boiling • 334 views
Delicate Seashell Dollhouses

9 Delicate Seashell Dollhouses

This Miniature Dollhouse is Completely Made of Real Seashells & Sand • 261 views
Cozy Cat Cowls

10 Cozy Cat Cowls

These Cute Cat Cowls Make Your Furry Friend Even More Adorable • 215 views
Anonymous Confession Screens

11 Anonymous Confession Screens

The 'Waiting Wall' Reveals Emotional Confessions in a Bus Station • 175 views
Dream-Controlling Masks

12 Dream-Controlling Masks

'The Napz' Mind Control Mask Helps You Master Your Dreams • 164 views
Designer Micro Pigs

13 Designer Micro Pigs

These Tiny Genetically Engineered Pigs are Being Sold as Pets by a Chinese Lab • 164 views
Connected Smart Menstrual Cups

14 Connected Smart Menstrual Cups

The Looncup Uses Bluetooth to Send Menstrual Alerts to Smartphones • 160 views
Social Media Love Stories

15 Social Media Love Stories

'Hey Harry Hey Matilda' is a Novel That Was Released on Instagram • 128 views
Customized Modular Backpacks

16 Customized Modular Backpacks

These Modular Backpacks Uniquely Organize One's Belongings • 84 views
Orbital Travel Backpacks

17 Orbital Travel Backpacks

The Wolffepack Improves Travel with a Revolutionary Swinging System • 68 views
Repurposed Pizzeria Photography

18 Repurposed Pizzeria Photography

The Pizza Hunt Book Documents the New Lives of Vintage Pizza Huts • 67 views
Peanut Butter Burgers

19 Peanut Butter Burgers

This PB & J Burger from 'Cook with Meat' is a Savory-Sweet Creation • 50 views
Subscription Cancellation Services

20 Subscription Cancellation Services

Airpaper Completes the Dreaded Task of Cancelling Cable for $5 • 34 views


Morbidly Funny Photo Books

1 Morbidly Funny Photo Books

The 'Crap Taxidermy' Book is Full of Badly Stuffed Animals • 29,526 views
Top 50 Unique Trends in September

2 Top 50 Unique Trends in September

From Drumstick Fitness Workouts to Fat-Infused Water Beverages • 25,299 views
100 Car-Free Transit Options

3 100 Car-Free Transit Options

Celebrate Car-Free Day with These Alternative Means of Transportation • 7,070 views
Screw-Inspired Beer Coolers

4 Screw-Inspired Beer Coolers

The 'Chill Drill' Uses Sand's Natural Insulation for Beer Cooling • 5,943 views
Anonymous Photo Projects

5 Anonymous Photo Projects

This Series is a Collection of the Internet's Fascinating Lost Pictures • 5,259 views
3D-Printed Clay Homes

6 3D-Printed Clay Homes

The 'Big Delta' Can Build a 3D-Printed House Quickly for Disaster Relief • 4,893 views
Triple Expansion Campers

7 Triple Expansion Campers

The 3X by BeauEr Expands Three Sizes in Under One Minute • 4,343 views
Imagined Supersonic Planes

8 Imagined Supersonic Planes

These Jet Designs Could Spark Advancements in Aviation Technology • 2,520 views
Contorted Body Portraits

9 Contorted Body Portraits

This Image Series Features a Man Posing in Pretzel-Like Shapes • 2,070 views
Illusory Wireframe Lamps

10 Illusory Wireframe Lamps

These 2D Lamps Provide Fun Optical Illusions for the Home Decorator • 2,007 views
Futuristic Electronic Skateboards

11 Futuristic Electronic Skateboards

This Single-Wheel Skateboard Zips Around Like a Hoverboard • 1,992 views
Realistic Fashion Model Replicas

12 Realistic Fashion Model Replicas

This Model Doll is a 3D-Printed Version of a Real-Life Model • 1,922 views
Rollable TV Screens

13 Rollable TV Screens

LG is Designing a Futuristic TV That Can Roll Up Like a Thin Paper Poster • 1,908 views
Bejeweled Runway Masks

14 Bejeweled Runway Masks

The Givenchy‚Äôs Spring Runway Show Featured Romantic Lace Masks • 1,837 views
Versatile Sports Boards

15 Versatile Sports Boards

Seasons' Modular Skateboards Can Adapt to Sand, Snow, Sea and Streets • 1,627 views
Luxurious Balloon Bags

16 Luxurious Balloon Bags

The 'Brooklyn Balloon Company' Creates Realistic Versions of Designer Bags • 1,349 views
Freaky Victorian Portraits

17 Freaky Victorian Portraits

This Portrait Series Regally Depicts Real-Life Sideshow Freaks • 1,274 views
Stretchy Ice Cream Treats

18 Stretchy Ice Cream Treats

This Restaurateur Has Developed Ice Cream with an Elastic Texture • 1,264 views
Dry Ice Drink Coolers

19 Dry Ice Drink Coolers

The 'Rocket' is a Beer-Chilling Container That Cools Bottles and Cans • 1,168 views
Spooky Black Contacts

20 Spooky Black Contacts

These Eerie Blackout Contact Lenses are Perfect for Halloween • 1,153 views


50 Unique Japanese Products

1 50 Unique Japanese Products

From Eel-Flavored Sodas to Bust-Toning Hand Massagers • 239,853 views
Top 55 Unique Trends in August

2 Top 55 Unique Trends in August

From Canine Yoga Classes to Meaty Cotton Candy Snacks • 53,080 views
Bust-Toning Hand Massagers

3 Bust-Toning Hand Massagers

The Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager Helps Create a Perkier Bust • 22,655 views
Floating Survival Houses

4 Floating Survival Houses

This Device is Vital Survival Tool in Case of a Disaster • 22,080 views
52 Oddly Recreated Works of Art

5 52 Oddly Recreated Works of Art

From Classical Egg Shell Art to Digital Emoji Mosaics • 16,584 views
Coffee Cup Logo Doodles

6 Coffee Cup Logo Doodles

This Collection Transforms the Starbucks Siren into Various Characters • 13,785 views
72 Re-Imagined Animated Characters

7 72 Re-Imagined Animated Characters

From Distorted 90s Cartoons to Dinosaur Disney Princesses • 11,923 views
16 Colorful Fast Food Dishes

8 16 Colorful Fast Food Dishes

From Fruit-Flavored Fried Chicken to Squid Ink Cheeseburgers • 7,872 views
40 Unique Cake Designs

9 40 Unique Cake Designs

From Morbid Monkey Desserts to Anatomical Cartoon Cakes • 7,047 views
17 Beer-Transporting Devices

10 17 Beer-Transporting Devices

From Deceptive Beer Briefcases to Multifunctional Summer Coolers • 4,505 views
22 Innovative Spa Ideas

11 22 Innovative Spa Ideas

From Slimy Reptile Spas to Urbanized Spa Cabins • 3,566 views
Hybrid Flying Machines

12 Hybrid Flying Machines

This Helicopter-Jet Fusion Makes Luxe Travel More Efficient • 3,059 views
Public Napping Chairs

13 Public Napping Chairs

This Modern Seat is Meant to be Placed in Cities for a Temporary Relief • 3,026 views
Ocean-Purifying Drones

14 Ocean-Purifying Drones

This Smart Drone is Designed to Clean the Ocean Autonomously • 2,594 views
Half-Human Sculptures

15 Half-Human Sculptures

These Abstract Sculptures Represent Human Body Parts in Provoking Ways • 2,483 views
Female Urination Devices

16 Female Urination Devices

This Pee Funnel Helps Women Urinate in Public Places Without Toilets • 2,166 views
Curved Paper Sculptures

17 Curved Paper Sculptures

Sena Runa Created Mickey Mouse Art Using Twists of Colorful Paper • 1,998 views
24 Refugee Aid Innovations

18 24 Refugee Aid Innovations

From Asylum-Offering Apps to Inexpensive Inflatable Incubators • 1,754 views
22 Unconventional Soda Flavors

19 22 Unconventional Soda Flavors

From Garlic-Flavored Sodas to Chocolate-Infused Sodas • 1,638 views
Alien-Eyed Sunglasses

20 Alien-Eyed Sunglasses

Dolls Kill's Extraterrestrial Sunglasses are Out of This World • 1,577 views