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42 Necessities for the Metro Male

1 42 Necessities for the Metro Male

From Viral Dutch Beauty Ads to Metrosexual MakeUp • 13,633 views
80 Wacky Ice Cream Flavors

2 80 Wacky Ice Cream Flavors

From Spicy Sorbets and Pizza Treats to Vegetable-Flavored Desserts • 10,659 views
Surf-Like Office Decks

3 Surf-Like Office Decks

The Level Encourages Better Physical Health and More Movement at Work • 5,130 views
Tub Smartphone Holders

4 Tub Smartphone Holders

This Inflatable Bath Accessory Helps You Relax on Your Phone in the Tub • 3,825 views
17 Inventive Betabrand Designs

5 17 Inventive Betabrand Designs

From Patterned Poop Attire to Business Suit Onesies • 3,480 views
Gorgeous Garbage Gowns

6 Gorgeous Garbage Gowns

Garbage Gone Glam Hopes You Choose a Garbage Dress for Your Next Function • 2,917 views
Drought-Conscious Shower Systems

7 Drought-Conscious Shower Systems

The Shower of the Future Recycles 90 Percent of the Water It Uses • 2,212 views
Chalkboard Art Lockets

8 Chalkboard Art Lockets

Etsy Shop DearestMine's Creative Pendent Encourages Personal Messages • 2,129 views
Majestic Russian Photography

9 Majestic Russian Photography

Photography Elena Shumilova Captures the Unspoiled Beauty of Russia • 2,081 views
43 Damien Hirst Art Creations

10 43 Damien Hirst Art Creations

From Gilded Mammoth Statues to Fast Food Art Galleries • 2,045 views
Hologram Tablet Technology

11 Hologram Tablet Technology

This Holocube Case Creates 3D Projections of On-Screen Animations • 1,985 views
Human Colonization Expeditions

12 Human Colonization Expeditions

The Mars One Settlement is a Step Closer with 100 People Signed Up • 1,735 views
Futuristic Sustainable Offices

13 Futuristic Sustainable Offices

This Workplace Concept Creates a Symbiotic Man-Nature Relationship • 1,719 views
Extreme Secret Agent Tourism

14 Extreme Secret Agent Tourism

James Bond Operation Involves Civilians in Boat Chases and Shootouts • 1,718 views
Child-Locating Sunscreen Ads

15 Child-Locating Sunscreen Ads

The Protection Ad by Nivea Uses iBeacons to Keep Track of Kids • 1,347 views
Bizarre Fetus Pendants

16 Bizarre Fetus Pendants

Paul Duddy Creates Jewelry That Acts as a Symbol of Life • 1,204 views
Autonomous Hospital Robots

17 Autonomous Hospital Robots

Aethon Developed Smart Tech to Enhance UCSF Medical Centers • 1,199 views
Bizarre Chocolate Eggs

18 Bizarre Chocolate Eggs

Unilever Introduces Different Flavors to "Broaden the Appeal of Easter" • 1,170 views
Sushi Snow Globes

19 Sushi Snow Globes

Eri Nami's Novelty Snow Globe Designs Take Cues from Japanese Cuisine • 1,155 views
Members-Only Airlines

20 Members-Only Airlines

Beacon Service Introduces Subscription-Based Travel for Frequent Fliers • 969 views


Top 100 Bizarre Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Bizarre Trends of 2014

From Taxidermy-Themed Weddings to Inflatable Fish Fashions • 394,147 views
Top 100 Gadget Trends of 2014

2 Top 100 Gadget Trends of 2014

From Smart Toilet Paper Holders to Phone-Charging Wallets • 164,502 views
Top 100 Inventions Trends of 2014

3 Top 100 Inventions Trends of 2014

From LED Keyhole Inserts to Hanging Tablet Holders • 139,217 views
Top 100 Unique Trends of 2014

4 Top 100 Unique Trends of 2014

From Decapitated Doll Shoes to 3D-Printed Fingernails • 61,864 views
100 Top CES 2015 Innovations

5 100 Top CES 2015 Innovations

From Augmented Reality Drumsticks to Interactive 3D Displays • 39,533 views
Life Drawing Parties

6 Life Drawing Parties

Toronto's Graphic Stallion Hosts Bachelorette, Retirement & Divorce Parties • 29,946 views
Distorted Fashion Photography

7 Distorted Fashion Photography

Asger Carlsen Puts His Own Spin on Resort Fashion for The Cut • 19,617 views
44 Examples of Flat Pack Products

8 44 Examples of Flat Pack Products

From Snap-Together Desk Lighting to Flat Packed Sunglasses • 17,127 views
Fantastic Masquerading Furnishings

9 Fantastic Masquerading Furnishings

A Series of Hybrid Sculptural Seating Assumes Everyday Objects • 12,247 views
87 Convergent Tablet Technologies

10 87 Convergent Tablet Technologies

From Digital Drafting Tables to Flexible Projected Computers • 8,828 views
Mermaid Swimming Schools

11 Mermaid Swimming Schools

L'académie Aquasirène Offers Canada's First Mermaid Lessons • 8,700 views
Roller Coaster Restaurants

12 Roller Coaster Restaurants

This Abu Dhabi Restaurant Delivers Food Like Theme Park Rides • 7,316 views
Tipsy Task Chairs

13 Tipsy Task Chairs

This Spring-Framed Chair Offsets the Drunken Sway of the Sitter • 6,609 views
Conceptual Armor Jewelry

14 Conceptual Armor Jewelry

Japanese Designer Fangophilia Creates Unusual Accessories • 6,321 views
Inside-Out Homes

15 Inside-Out Homes

This Andrew Maynard Architects Design is Intentionally Incomplete • 6,240 views
Elegant Airplane Desks

16 Elegant Airplane Desks

This Amazing Workstation is Made from the Wing of a 737-800 Boeing Aircraft • 5,385 views
15 3D-Printed Transportation Innovations

17 15 3D-Printed Transportation Innovations

From Self-Assembling Autos to Printable Concept Cars • 5,323 views
3D-Printed Mansions

18 3D-Printed Mansions

This House Created by Winsun Shows Off Design, 3D-Printed Materials • 5,278 views
Flexible Projected Computers

19 Flexible Projected Computers

All-in-One Apple Concept is Convenient as iPad and Powerful as iMac • 4,693 views
3D-Printed Auto Opportunities

20 3D-Printed Auto Opportunities

Researchers Point the Way to Innovative Applications in Car Making • 4,303 views