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Top 100 Design Concepts in November

1 Top 100 Design Concepts in November

From Martian Show Homes to DIY Wooden Beehives • 41,923 views
Self-Balancing Motorcycles

2 Self-Balancing Motorcycles

The GyroCycle Stabilizes Itself with a Gyroscopic System • 4,062 views
Curious Hairstyle Editorials

3 Curious Hairstyle Editorials

Man About Town Magazine Collaborated with Gary Gill and Johnny Dufort • 1,189 views
Ergonomic Standing Desk Mats

4 Ergonomic Standing Desk Mats

The CubeFit TerraMat is Designed to Keep You Healthy and Productive • 665 views
Atheism-Touting Sneakers

5 Atheism-Touting Sneakers

'Atheist' Shoes Sport Pro-Atheism Logos on Their Soles • 376 views
Santa Claus Conventions

6 Santa Claus Conventions

Dina Litovsky Photographed the Discover Santa 2016 Convention • 371 views
Modular Restaurant Franchise Buildings

7 Modular Restaurant Franchise Buildings

The New Checkers Building is Cost-Effective for Franchisees • 353 views
Miniature Phone Beds

8 Miniature Phone Beds

'The Phone Bed' is a Bed Frame and Mattress for Storing Smartphones • 352 views
Decadent Meringue Coffees

9 Decadent Meringue Coffees

'Paul's Meringue Factory' Coffee Features a Dollop of the Confection • 247 views
Pet-Friendly Advent Calendars

10 Pet-Friendly Advent Calendars

Lily's Kitchen Makes Holiday Advent Calendars Filled with Pet Treats • 171 views
Self-Making Duvets

11 Self-Making Duvets

The SMARTDUVET Automatically Makes Beds • 166 views
Small-Scale Synthesizers

12 Small-Scale Synthesizers

The Tiny TS Synthesizer is the Size of a Credit Card • 150 views
Acutely Angled Houses

13 Acutely Angled Houses

'The Acute House' is Narrow and Sharply Angled • 124 views
Verisimilar Chocolate Shoes

14 Verisimilar Chocolate Shoes

The 'Gentleman's Radiance' Chocolate Shoes Look Like Brown Leather • 116 views
Malleable Cotton Clocks

15 Malleable Cotton Clocks

Veronica Szalai's 'NEW TIME' Clocks Can Be Crumbled into New Shapes • 109 views
Strawberry Shortcake Instant Noodles

16 Strawberry Shortcake Instant Noodles

Ippei-chan's Instant Fried Noodles are Dessert-Flavored • 71 views
Spa-Themed Amusement Parks

17 Spa-Themed Amusement Parks

Beppu's 'Spamusement Park Project' Will Use the Town's Hot Springs • 50 views


Hipster Holiday Decorations

1 Hipster Holiday Decorations

The Hipster Nativity Set Gives the First Christmas a Modern Makeover • 6,288 views
Terrifying Reflective Car Decals

2 Terrifying Reflective Car Decals

Taobao's Decals Deter Drivers from Shining Their High Beams • 5,103 views
Hot Sauce-Covered Cars

3 Hot Sauce-Covered Cars

The 2017 Lexus Sriracha IS Is a Food-Themed Car with Hot Sauce in the Paint • 2,370 views
Pink Face Highlighters

4 Pink Face Highlighters

Jeffree Star's Regina George is a Mean Girls-Inspired Highlighter • 1,894 views
High-Tech Exercise Water Bottles

5 High-Tech Exercise Water Bottles

Crio Uses Cryogel to Keep Liquids Hot or Cold Longer • 915 views
20 Hybrid Dairy Products

6 20 Hybrid Dairy Products

From Gourmet Mascarpone Yogurts to Meat-Filled Cheese Sticks • 912 views
Autonomous Rescue Aircraft

7 Autonomous Rescue Aircraft

Urban Aeronautics' Cormorant Aircraft Will Operate in Dangerous Areas • 869 views
Empathy-Building Playsets

8 Empathy-Building Playsets

'The Empathy Toy' Set for Kids is a Unique Family Puzzle Game • 861 views
Artisan Leather Body Accessories

9 Artisan Leather Body Accessories

'Sampedro Accesories' Offers Luxurious Handmade Jewelry and More • 752 views
International Office Art Exhibitions

10 International Office Art Exhibitions

The 'International Office Art Biennale' Features Employee Art • 738 views
Paradoxically Puzzling Auditoria

11 Paradoxically Puzzling Auditoria

This Auditorium by Penda Uses Mirrors to Discombobulate Viewers • 729 views
Popped Cheese Snacks

12 Popped Cheese Snacks

'Cheesepop' is an Innovative Snack Cheese That's Like Popcorn • 604 views
Breakfast Pancake Burgers

13 Breakfast Pancake Burgers

Eggs ‘N Things is Sharing Unusual In-House Recipes with the Public • 591 views
Self-Referential Clocks

14 Self-Referential Clocks

This Meta Clock's Design Features Several Clocks Within It • 540 views
Reindeer Pizza Deliveries

15 Reindeer Pizza Deliveries

In Japan, Domino's Pizza Delivery is Being Offered with Santa's Fleet • 526 views
Waste-Made 3D Printers

16 Waste-Made 3D Printers

This 3D Printer is Made Entirely from Repurposed Electronic Waste • 513 views
Ultra-Realistic T-Rex Costumes

17 Ultra-Realistic T-Rex Costumes

ON-ART Corporation's 'Dino-a-Live' Costumes Require Just One Actor • 470 views
Chirping Prank Cards

18 Chirping Prank Cards

This Product Allows People to Confuse Their Friends and Family • 421 views
Thai Pumpkin Ice Creams

19 Thai Pumpkin Ice Creams

This Jeni's Ice Cream Flavor Tastes of Thai Curry and a Seasonal Gourd • 398 views
Perception-Altering Clocks

20 Perception-Altering Clocks

The Rubato Clock Alters Time in Order to Make the User More Productive • 378 views


Robotic Body Paintings

1 Robotic Body Paintings

Hikaru Cho's 'Intimate Illusions' Series Features Futuristic Human Subjects • 3,361 views
Refashioned Ancient Jewelry

2 Refashioned Ancient Jewelry

Arsaeus Creates Intricate Handmade Accessories Inspired by Antiquity • 2,951 views
Reactive Mirror Fragments

3 Reactive Mirror Fragments

This Mirror Responds to People as They Look into It • 2,768 views
Animal-Human Hybrid Portraits

4 Animal-Human Hybrid Portraits

This Photography Collection by Flora Borsi Reinterprets the Selfie • 2,234 views
Denim Suit Jackets

5 Denim Suit Jackets

Ralph Lauren is Taking the "Canadian Tuxedo" to a New Level • 1,800 views
Whipped Chocolate Butter

6 Whipped Chocolate Butter

Lewis Road Creamery's 'Chocolate Butter' Blends a Sweet Spread and Dairy • 1,669 views
Embroidered Bread Art

7 Embroidered Bread Art

Terézia Krnáčová's 'Everyday Bread' Project Utilizes Intricate Stitching • 1,590 views
Dark Creature Drones

8 Dark Creature Drones

This Drone Prank Involved the Creation of a Flying Dementor • 1,556 views
Ultra-Slim Smartphones

9 Ultra-Slim Smartphones

Motorola's Moto Z is the World's Thinnest Premium Phone • 1,376 views
Modular Phone Cases

10 Modular Phone Cases

The iMod iPhone Case Offers Wireless Charging, LED Notifications and More • 1,368 views
High-Fashion Foam Clogs

11 High-Fashion Foam Clogs

Crocs Made a High-Fashion Debut at London Fashion Week • 1,085 views
Cocktail-Mixing Dresses

12 Cocktail-Mixing Dresses

Anouk Wipprecht's 'Drinkbot' Dress Pours Cocktail Shooters • 1,055 views
18-Karat Gold Toilets

13 18-Karat Gold Toilets

This Golden Toilet is on Display at a Museum in New York City • 950 views
Outsourced Metallic Menswear

14 Outsourced Metallic Menswear

AWAYTOMARS Implemented the Input of a Global Community for Its Series • 930 views
Office Smoking Pods

15 Office Smoking Pods

Ryonetsu Has Developed a Single-Occupant Smoking Booth for Office Workers • 889 views
$80,000 Celebrity Milk Glasses

16 $80,000 Celebrity Milk Glasses

This Odd Justin Bieber Product is Being Sold by Restaurant Staff • 846 views
Kite-Based Power Sources

17 Kite-Based Power Sources

Kite Power Solutions Offers an Innovative and Cost-Effective Alternative • 825 views
Deceptive Concrete Sofas

18 Deceptive Concrete Sofas

Four Eight Eight's Concrete Sofa Perfectly Mimics Leather Upholstery • 822 views
Driverless Rideshare Fleets

19 Driverless Rideshare Fleets

Cars from Uber's ATC are Launching in Pittsburg • 776 views
Hands-Free Magnetic Zippers

20 Hands-Free Magnetic Zippers

Evolve Enclosures' Magnetic Zipper Makes Fastening Clothing Automatic • 669 views