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100 Innovative Asian Beauty Products

1 100 Innovative Asian Beauty Products

From Repairing Snail Serums to Anti-Aging Face Wraps • 41,975 views
Wearable Feline Headpieces

2 Wearable Feline Headpieces

Artist Housetu Sato Makes Photo-Realistic Fantasy Cat Heads • 22,276 views
100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

3 100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

From Serene Underwater Ads to Upcycled Ocean Trash Sneakers • 8,802 views
56 Underwater-Inspired Mermaid Creations

4 56 Underwater-Inspired Mermaid Creations

From Sea-Themed Shooters to Surreal Fashion Editorials • 7,459 views
DIY Flying Chairs

5 DIY Flying Chairs

The 'Manned Multicopter' Flies with the Use of Homemade Multirotors • 2,687 views
Disguised Shoebox Strongboxes

6 Disguised Shoebox Strongboxes

The 'Mandem Safe' Protects Valuables While Looking Like a Nike Box • 2,577 views
Artistic Maze Lofts

7 Artistic Maze Lofts

This Quirky Loft Apartment Features Secret Nooks and Long Tunnels • 2,005 views
Unconventional Love Portraiture

8 Unconventional Love Portraiture

This Unusual Photography Series Depicts a Life-Like Doll • 1,954 views
Crocheted Coral Sculptures

9 Crocheted Coral Sculptures

This Intricate Coral Museum Display Looks Like a Real Coral Reef • 1,502 views
Small Circular Tattoos

10 Small Circular Tattoos

These Small Tattoos Beautifully Display Scenes and Portraits • 1,279 views
Handcrafted Artisan Lollipops

11 Handcrafted Artisan Lollipops

This Fun Candy Features the Mona Lisa and Zombies • 1,201 views
Uncanny Organic Tech Devices

12 Uncanny Organic Tech Devices

Mio Izawa's Art Pieces Merge Technology with Organs • 1,044 views
Excrement-Themed Cafes

13 Excrement-Themed Cafes

This Toronto Dessert Restaurant is Looking to Change Peoples' Ideas of Poop • 1,043 views
Bizarre Food-Themed Shirts

14 Bizarre Food-Themed Shirts

The 'Psychic Curry T-shirt' is a Realistic Print of Japanese Curry • 1,034 views
Satirical Fashion Posters

15 Satirical Fashion Posters

Jeff Wysaski Put Up Posters in a Mall That Featured Fake Fashion Advice • 1,027 views
Lifelike Chain Sculptures

16 Lifelike Chain Sculptures

Young Deok Seo's Stunning Artwork Speaks to the Human Condition • 1,022 views
Artist-Inspired Socks

17 Artist-Inspired Socks

These Themed Socks Include Names Like Vincent Van Toe and Feetasso • 997 views
17 Alternative Animal Milk Products

18 17 Alternative Animal Milk Products

From Camel Milk Chocolates to Gorilla Milk Beverages • 804 views
High-End Canine Wines

19 High-End Canine Wines

Apollo Peak Recently Debuted a Line of Dog-friendly Wines • 794 views
Blossoming Flower Livestreams

20 Blossoming Flower Livestreams

This Broadcast Captures the Corpse Flower's Once-in-a-Decade Bloom • 718 views


100 Altered Disney Princess Illustrations

1 100 Altered Disney Princess Illustrations

From Realistic Character Art to Dinosaur Interpretations • 18,477 views
Photo-Finished Cube Furniture

2 Photo-Finished Cube Furniture

This Coated Foam Furniture Boasts Real-Life Images on its Designs • 8,167 views
Futuristic Levitating Drinkware

3 Futuristic Levitating Drinkware

This Flying Cup Defies Gravity • 5,550 views
Marketing Street Performances

4 Marketing Street Performances

This Stunt Was Used to Engage Consumers One-on-One and Digitally • 3,637 views
Cat-Carrying Hoodies

5 Cat-Carrying Hoodies

These Cat Hoodies Were Made to Comfortably Carry Pets in the Summer Months • 3,362 views
Divorce-Simplifying Home Designs

6 Divorce-Simplifying Home Designs

This Floating House Concept Was Designed To Make Divorces Easier • 3,325 views
Space-Saving Inflatable Bathtubs

7 Space-Saving Inflatable Bathtubs

This Tub Was Designed to Accommodate Growing Populations • 3,205 views
Food-Made Portraits

8 Food-Made Portraits

These Edible Portraits Highlight Humanity's Diversity • 2,063 views
Cat-Shaped Bread Loaves

9 Cat-Shaped Bread Loaves

Rato Kim is a Korean Toy Artist Who Makes 'Cat Bread' • 1,604 views
Pop-Up Ice Cream Museums

10 Pop-Up Ice Cream Museums

The 'Museum of Ice Cream' is a Must-See for Dessert Enthusiasts • 1,526 views
Phone-Charging Wallets

11 Phone-Charging Wallets

VoltNow's Smart Leather Wallet Doubles as a Charger • 1,351 views
Stock Market-Inspired Bars

12 Stock Market-Inspired Bars

Asia's 'Wolf Market' Lets Patrons Drive the Prices of Drinks Up or Down • 1,115 views
Athletic Innovation Labs

13 Athletic Innovation Labs

Under Armour’s New Product Design Facility Uses Robots • 974 views
Intergalactic Theme Parks

14 Intergalactic Theme Parks

Star Wars Theme Parks are Becoming a Reality • 953 views
Sleeve Fan Attachments

15 Sleeve Fan Attachments

These Fan Attachments Help Combat Heat in The Summer • 934 views
Wizardly Breakfast Experiences

16 Wizardly Breakfast Experiences

The 'Breakfast at Hogwarts' Experience Lets Fans Dine Like Wizards • 877 views
Fast Food Robot Chefs

17 Fast Food Robot Chefs

Momentum Machines is Opening a Robot Fast Food Joint in San Francisco • 871 views
Fresh Italian Food Trucks

18 Fresh Italian Food Trucks

This Fresh Food Truck is Run by a Real Italian Prince • 870 views
Gravity-Defying Street Art

19 Gravity-Defying Street Art

These Installations Put a Twist on Commonly Seen Street Clutter • 837 views
Genesis Ark Buildings

20 Genesis Ark Buildings

'The Ark Encounter' is Inspired by the Noah's Ark Story • 791 views