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Dual Transportation Auto Concepts

1 Dual Transportation Auto Concepts

The Audi Connected Mobility Comes with an Electric Longboard • 6,113 views
Top 30 Robot Ideas in April

2 Top 30 Robot Ideas in April

From Kitchen-Cleaning Robots to High-Five Robots • 4,372 views
29 Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

3 29 Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day with These Recipes • 3,851 views
Two-In-One Swimwear Designs

4 Two-In-One Swimwear Designs

Syndicut Makes Reversible Swimsuit Designs for Men and Women • 1,504 views
Ice Cream Capsules

5 Ice Cream Capsules

This Convenient Ice Cream Concept Boasts Brain-Boosting Properties • 1,362 views
Clothing-Optional Pop-Ups

6 Clothing-Optional Pop-Ups

'The Bunyadi' Pop-Up Will Allow Patrons to Dine in the Nude • 840 views
Knitting Rocking Chairs

7 Knitting Rocking Chairs

Rocking Knit Creates a Hat as a Person Rocks in the Chair • 732 views
Fictional Beauty Brands

8 Fictional Beauty Brands

The Timeless Pop-Up Brings Attention to Elective Egg Freezing in London • 679 views
Treasure Hunt Warehouses

9 Treasure Hunt Warehouses

Kouraku Kiln Created a Fun Service to Alleviate Unsold Goods • 609 views
Aromatic Cat Litter

10 Aromatic Cat Litter

'Aromaticat' Makes Scented Silica Gel to Improve Household Pet Odours • 596 views
Two-In-One Shooters

11 Two-In-One Shooters

Twisted Shotz Combines Two Liqueurs in a Single Ready-to-Drink Shot • 248 views
Pee-Powered Batteries

12 Pee-Powered Batteries

This Microbial Fuel Cell is Powered By Bacteria From Human Urine • 211 views
Savory Mousse Dressings

13 Savory Mousse Dressings

Terra Del Tuono Turns Balsamic Vinegar and Soy Sauce into Mousse • 145 views
Rainbow Crayon Vases

14 Rainbow Crayon Vases

This Unique Vase Was Carved Out of Nothing but Crayons • 143 views
Mobile Work Pods

15 Mobile Work Pods

'WorkonWheels' Uses Autonomous Driving for Workspace Pods • 121 views
Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

16 Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

PopSugar Food Helps People Make Their Own Colorful Meals • 120 views
Chainsaw-Armed Drones

17 Chainsaw-Armed Drones

The Killer Drone is Equipped With a Remote-Controlled Chainsaw • 101 views
Brain-Controlled Drone Races

18 Brain-Controlled Drone Races

The University of Florida Creates the First Race of Its Kind • 91 views
Top Hat Hairstyles

19 Top Hat Hairstyles

This Unique Hair Art Prevents Hats from Ever Falling Off • 68 views


Communal Living Experiments

1 Communal Living Experiments

The WeWork WeLive Space is a Converted 20 Storey office Building • 7,638 views
Parking Lot Shops

2 Parking Lot Shops

'The Park-Ing' Transforms an Underground Parking Lot into a Retail Space • 3,351 views
27 Prank Marketing Stunts

3 27 Prank Marketing Stunts

From Actual Reality Headsets to Fictional Hipster Airlines • 2,457 views
Candy Floss Hairstyles

4 Candy Floss Hairstyles

The Rick Owens Fall Show Has Inspired a Cotton Candy Hair Movement • 1,987 views
Glass Art Urns

5 Glass Art Urns

These Artful Ashes Urns Turn the Deceased Into Beautiful Glasswork • 1,914 views
Match-Sized Flashlights

6 Match-Sized Flashlights

The 'MBI Matchlight' is the World's Smallest Flashlight • 1,692 views
Fictional Hipster Airlines

7 Fictional Hipster Airlines

This Website Celebrated April Fool's 2016 with a Hipster-Themed Prank • 1,459 views
Bread-Bursting Busts

8 Bread-Bursting Busts

The Oneirophrenia Sculpture Series Features Surrealist Explosions of Faces • 1,276 views
Bicycle Brake Mugs

9 Bicycle Brake Mugs

This Unique Coffee Mug Features a Handle Made from a Bicycle Brake • 1,089 views
Binge-Watching Headsets

10 Binge-Watching Headsets

The Binge On Up Headset Allow Users to Watch Their Favorite Shows Anywhere • 1,073 views
Driverless Racing Cars

11 Driverless Racing Cars

Roborace Reveals the Daniel Simon's Designs for the Big Event • 956 views
Crustless Ramen Sandwiches

12 Crustless Ramen Sandwiches

This Japanese Company is Now Selling Sandwiches Filled with Ramen • 785 views
Humorous Eggplant Deliveries

13 Humorous Eggplant Deliveries

This Website Allows Users to Mail an Eggplant with a Personal Message • 632 views
Dog-Powered Delivery Services

14 Dog-Powered Delivery Services

The New DoggyDash Service Uses Dogs to Deliver Packages • 608 views
Rude-Surcharge Restaurants

15 Rude-Surcharge Restaurants

Two French Cafes Raise the Prices for "Barbaric" Customers • 553 views
GPS Dog Hats

16 GPS Dog Hats

Volkswagen's 'Connected Dog' Concept Helps Pets Become Autonomous, Safely • 553 views
Quirky ePayment Commercials

17 Quirky ePayment Commercials

Klarna's Offbeat Ads Communicate How Smooth Payments Can Be • 477 views
Bioluminescent Algae Jewelry

18 Bioluminescent Algae Jewelry

Bompas & Parr and Goldie Rox Made Glow-in-the-Dark Mermaid Jewelry • 343 views
Impact-Absorbing Shin Pads

19 Impact-Absorbing Shin Pads

The KPS600 Hockey Socks Provide Next-Generation Protection • 194 views
Smart Cycling Jackets

20 Smart Cycling Jackets

This Vodafone Holland Jacket Creates a Safer World for Cyclists • 177 views