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Realistic Octopus Backpacks

1 Realistic Octopus Backpacks

The 'Octopus George' Bag Looks Like an Octopus Hanging Off Its Wearer • 1,717 views
Duvet-Covered Couches

2 Duvet-Covered Couches

The Inchworm Shezlong Uses a Duvet as Its Cushions • 1,476 views
Feline-Inspired Footwear

3 Feline-Inspired Footwear

This Cat Footwear Collection by Randa Celebrates a Popular Instagram Pet • 1,162 views
Humanized Footwear Editorials

4 Humanized Footwear Editorials

This Camper Shoe Campaign Brings Footwear to Life • 1,146 views
Vintage Patchwork Sneakers

5 Vintage Patchwork Sneakers

mythography and BONUM Joined to Create a Strange Denim Series • 1,143 views
Soap-Dispensing Urinals

6 Soap-Dispensing Urinals

This Multi-Functional Urinal is Much More Hygienic Than Most • 972 views
TV-Friendly Beer Mugs

7 TV-Friendly Beer Mugs

The 'Better TV Viewing Beer Mug' Leaves Views to the Screen Unobstructed • 913 views
Weather Barrier Jackets

8 Weather Barrier Jackets

This Tyvek Jacket from Fyber Forma is Made from a Construction Material • 609 views
Snake-Accessorized Editorials

9 Snake-Accessorized Editorials

Smagina Margarita Lensed the 'Strange Fruit' Editorial for MMScene • 516 views
Circus-Inspired Nutcrackers

10 Circus-Inspired Nutcrackers

Mikko Senna's 'Strongman Nutcracker' Design Was Made for 'OOKY' • 498 views
Beer-Inspired Whisky

11 Beer-Inspired Whisky

Glenfiddich's Experimental Single Malt Whiskey Takes Cues from an IPA • 462 views
Multi-Tool Bottle Openers

12 Multi-Tool Bottle Openers

'The Claw' Bottle Opener Includes 18 Other Functions • 395 views
Out-of-Body Experience Paintings

13 Out-of-Body Experience Paintings

Netanel Morhan's Artwork Was Inspired by His Childhood Dreams • 379 views
Arcade Button Testers

14 Arcade Button Testers

The Sole Purpose of Mike Sannikov's 'Button Factory' is to Test Buttons • 370 views
Meditative Co-Working Studios

15 Meditative Co-Working Studios

Flow Yoga Center Offers a Unique Take on the Co-Working Space • 334 views
Copper Face Masks

16 Copper Face Masks

This Mask Features Ingredients That Could Be Part of the Next Beauty Craze • 270 views
Sound-Amplifying Cylindrical Towers

17 Sound-Amplifying Cylindrical Towers

'An Occupation of Loss' is a Study in Mourning • 239 views
Savory Fish-Shaped Desserts

18 Savory Fish-Shaped Desserts

This Unique State Fair Food is Served in an Edible Fish-Shaped Cone • 148 views
Artisanal Sea Salts

19 Artisanal Sea Salts

These Salts Add Dynamic Flavors to Savory Dishes • 142 views
High-Flying Culinary Events

20 High-Flying Culinary Events

Ottawa's 'Sky Lounge' Celebrates Canada's 150th Anniversary • 132 views


100 Innovative Asian Beauty Products

1 100 Innovative Asian Beauty Products

From Repairing Snail Serums to Anti-Aging Face Wraps • 58,050 views
Top 45 Start-Up Trends in August

2 Top 45 Start-Up Trends in August

From 3D Printing Restaurants to Book Delivery Platforms • 48,408 views
Wearable Feline Headpieces

3 Wearable Feline Headpieces

Artist Housetu Sato Makes Photo-Realistic Fantasy Cat Heads • 23,464 views
100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

4 100 Aquatic-Based Inspirations

From Serene Underwater Ads to Upcycled Ocean Trash Sneakers • 13,721 views
Lifelike Chain Sculptures

5 Lifelike Chain Sculptures

Young Deok Seo's Stunning Artwork Speaks to the Human Condition • 5,050 views
Hazardous Adventure Photography

6 Hazardous Adventure Photography

This Adventure Photo Series Features Stomach-Churning Images • 4,889 views
Unconventional Love Portraiture

7 Unconventional Love Portraiture

This Unusual Photography Series Depicts a Life-Like Doll • 3,300 views
Artistic Maze Lofts

8 Artistic Maze Lofts

This Quirky Loft Apartment Features Secret Nooks and Long Tunnels • 3,286 views
Small Circular Tattoos

9 Small Circular Tattoos

These Small Tattoos Beautifully Display Scenes and Portraits • 1,770 views
Cost-Free Modern Homes

10 Cost-Free Modern Homes

This Free Home Can Be Won Through a Lottery Process • 1,669 views
Bizarre Food-Themed Shirts

11 Bizarre Food-Themed Shirts

The 'Psychic Curry T-shirt' is a Realistic Print of Japanese Curry • 1,487 views
Handcrafted Artisan Lollipops

12 Handcrafted Artisan Lollipops

This Fun Candy Features the Mona Lisa and Zombies • 1,434 views
Extravagant Mermaid Crowns

13 Extravagant Mermaid Crowns

Chelsea Shiels' Accessories are Perfect for Beach Weddings • 1,417 views
Uncanny Organic Tech Devices

14 Uncanny Organic Tech Devices

Mio Izawa's Art Pieces Merge Technology with Organs • 1,366 views
17 Alternative Animal Milk Products

15 17 Alternative Animal Milk Products

From Camel Milk Chocolates to Gorilla Milk Beverages • 1,195 views
Artist-Inspired Socks

16 Artist-Inspired Socks

These Themed Socks Include Names Like Vincent Van Toe and Feetasso • 1,113 views
Era-Blending Portraits

17 Era-Blending Portraits

The 'Gold Rush' Series Features 19th Century Figures Holding Modern Tech • 973 views
Anime-Infused Contact Lenses

18 Anime-Infused Contact Lenses

These Smart Custom Contact Lenses Could Help Pok√©mon Go Players • 933 views
Bikini-Clad Promotional Stunts

19 Bikini-Clad Promotional Stunts

This Russian Gas Station is Giving Away Fuel to Anyone in a Bikini • 917 views
Cooperative Dining Tables

20 Cooperative Dining Tables

'Sati Tala' is a Dining Table for Two with a Balancing Tabletop • 910 views