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Single-Seat Cars

1 Single-Seat Cars

The Vector May Be a Solution to Traffic Congestion • 4,193 views
Standing Pool Sculptures

2 Standing Pool Sculptures

This Van Gogh-Inspired Sculpture Looks Like It is Defying Gravity • 1,948 views
38 Uber Service Ideas

3 38 Uber Service Ideas

From Long-Distance Rideshares to Ride-Ordering Speakers • 1,848 views
Psychedelic Digital Artists

4 Psychedelic Digital Artists

'jmckeehen' Creates Mind-Bending and Colorful Digital Art • 1,665 views
Otherworldly Bonsai Sculptures

5 Otherworldly Bonsai Sculptures

This Bonsai Art Series Imagines Alien-Like Species and Planters • 1,074 views
Comically Insulting Card Games

6 Comically Insulting Card Games

This New Cards Against Humanity Game Mocks Donald Trump • 591 views
Cheesy Wine Candies

7 Cheesy Wine Candies

Puccho's 'Ajiyui' Series of Japanese Candies Includes a Wine and Cheese Flavor • 573 views
Portable Urinal Bags

8 Portable Urinal Bags

The 'TravelJohn' Disposable Urine Bags Turn Liquid into Gel • 550 views
Milk-Flavored Potato Chips

9 Milk-Flavored Potato Chips

This Koikeya Snack Tastes Like Dairy and is Fortified with Calcium • 241 views
Canned Air Deliveries

10 Canned Air Deliveries

Green and Clean Air Sells Australian Air in a Can to People in China • 240 views
Chivalrous Playing Cards

11 Chivalrous Playing Cards

These Themed Cards Celebrate the Renowned Story of Don Quixote • 220 views
Quirky Brass Furniture

12 Quirky Brass Furniture

Ghidini's Metal Furniture Collection Enlarges Miniature Objects • 216 views
Life-Size 3D-Printed Models

13 Life-Size 3D-Printed Models

Groupon is Offering to Print a '3DU' Replica for Mother's Day • 197 views
Unshelled Cashew Snacks

14 Unshelled Cashew Snacks

KARMA'S 'Wrapped Cashews' Can Be Eaten with Their Original Shell • 193 views
Portable Wind Tunnels

15 Portable Wind Tunnels

Ford is Conducting Its Wind Tunnel Tests in Mobile Shipping Container Units • 150 views
Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish

16 Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish

This Edible KFC Nail Polish Comes in Two Flavors • 122 views
Late-Night Snack Bars

17 Late-Night Snack Bars

'NightFood' Snack Bars are Formulated to Curb Evening Cravings • 114 views
Toast-Flavored Chips

18 Toast-Flavored Chips

This Flavored Snack from Koikeya is Meant to Taste Like Toasted Bread • 112 views
DNA-Based Branding

19 DNA-Based Branding

The 'lifeblood' Brand Identity is Made from the Partners' Genetic Instructions • 111 views
Underwater Music Performances

20 Underwater Music Performances

AquaSonic is a Water Band That Performs in Aquariums • 110 views


Dual Transportation Auto Concepts

1 Dual Transportation Auto Concepts

The Audi Connected Mobility Comes with an Electric Longboard • 7,282 views
Top 30 Robot Ideas in April

2 Top 30 Robot Ideas in April

From Kitchen-Cleaning Robots to High-Five Robots • 5,615 views
29 Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

3 29 Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day with These Recipes • 4,238 views
27 Prank Marketing Stunts

4 27 Prank Marketing Stunts

From Actual Reality Headsets to Fictional Hipster Airlines • 2,847 views
Ice Cream Capsules

5 Ice Cream Capsules

This Convenient Ice Cream Concept Boasts Brain-Boosting Properties • 2,291 views
Fictional Hipster Airlines

6 Fictional Hipster Airlines

This Website Celebrated April Fool's 2016 with a Hipster-Themed Prank • 1,761 views
Two-In-One Swimwear Designs

7 Two-In-One Swimwear Designs

Syndicut Makes Reversible Swimsuit Designs for Men and Women • 1,631 views
Driverless Racing Cars

8 Driverless Racing Cars

Roborace Reveals the Daniel Simon's Designs for the Big Event • 1,220 views
Binge-Watching Headsets

9 Binge-Watching Headsets

The Binge On Up Headset Allow Users to Watch Their Favorite Shows Anywhere • 1,145 views
Treasure Hunt Warehouses

10 Treasure Hunt Warehouses

Kouraku Kiln Created a Fun Service to Alleviate Unsold Goods • 1,109 views
Clothing-Optional Pop-Ups

11 Clothing-Optional Pop-Ups

'The Bunyadi' Pop-Up Will Allow Patrons to Dine in the Nude • 1,035 views
Fictional Beauty Brands

12 Fictional Beauty Brands

The Timeless Pop-Up Brings Attention to Elective Egg Freezing in London • 844 views
Knitting Rocking Chairs

13 Knitting Rocking Chairs

Rocking Knit Creates a Hat as a Person Rocks in the Chair • 797 views
Dog-Powered Delivery Services

14 Dog-Powered Delivery Services

The New DoggyDash Service Uses Dogs to Deliver Packages • 743 views
Aromatic Cat Litter

15 Aromatic Cat Litter

'Aromaticat' Makes Scented Silica Gel to Improve Household Pet Odours • 622 views
Two-In-One Shooters

16 Two-In-One Shooters

Twisted Shotz Combines Two Liqueurs in a Single Ready-to-Drink Shot • 605 views
Pee-Powered Batteries

17 Pee-Powered Batteries

This Microbial Fuel Cell is Powered By Bacteria From Human Urine • 342 views
Savory Mousse Dressings

18 Savory Mousse Dressings

Terra Del Tuono Turns Balsamic Vinegar and Soy Sauce into Mousse • 225 views
Intuitive Robotic Chefs

19 Intuitive Robotic Chefs

Moley Robotics's Latest Invention si a Robot That Makes Dinner • 175 views
Coffee Jelly Drinks

20 Coffee Jelly Drinks

The TINI Cafe + Bar Turns a Popular Japanese Dessert into a Beverage • 173 views