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Robotic Body Paintings

1 Robotic Body Paintings

Hikaru Cho's 'Intimate Illusions' Series Features Futuristic Human Subjects • 2,613 views
Animal-Human Hybrid Portraits

2 Animal-Human Hybrid Portraits

This Photography Collection by Flora Borsi Reinterprets the Selfie • 1,430 views
Reactive Mirror Fragments

3 Reactive Mirror Fragments

This Mirror Responds to People as They Look into It • 1,423 views
Refashioned Ancient Jewelry

4 Refashioned Ancient Jewelry

Arsaeus Creates Intricate Handmade Accessories Inspired by Antiquity • 1,190 views
Denim Suit Jackets

5 Denim Suit Jackets

Ralph Lauren is Taking the "Canadian Tuxedo" to a New Level • 1,057 views
Embroidered Bread Art

6 Embroidered Bread Art

Terézia Krnáčová's 'Everyday Bread' Project Utilizes Intricate Stitching • 862 views
High-Fashion Foam Clogs

7 High-Fashion Foam Clogs

Crocs Made a High-Fashion Debut at London Fashion Week • 713 views
Office Smoking Pods

8 Office Smoking Pods

Ryonetsu Has Developed a Single-Occupant Smoking Booth for Office Workers • 694 views
18-Karat Gold Toilets

9 18-Karat Gold Toilets

This Golden Toilet is on Display at a Museum in New York City • 650 views
Cocktail-Mixing Dresses

10 Cocktail-Mixing Dresses

Anouk Wipprecht's 'Drinkbot' Dress Pours Cocktail Shooters • 577 views
Outsourced Metallic Menswear

11 Outsourced Metallic Menswear

AWAYTOMARS Implemented the Input of a Global Community for Its Series • 435 views
Hands-Free Magnetic Zippers

12 Hands-Free Magnetic Zippers

Evolve Enclosures' Magnetic Zipper Makes Fastening Clothing Automatic • 359 views
Deceptive Concrete Sofas

13 Deceptive Concrete Sofas

Four Eight Eight's Concrete Sofa Perfectly Mimics Leather Upholstery • 310 views
Liquid Instant Teas

14 Liquid Instant Teas

'No More Tea Bags' Helps Consumers Make Tea with Just Hot Water • 225 views
Instant Craft Beers

15 Instant Craft Beers

'To Øl' Developed a Powdered Alcohol Beer for Consumption Anywhere • 221 views
Branded Streetwear Bricks

16 Branded Streetwear Bricks

Supreme's Newest Accessory is a Designer Brick in Red Clay • 215 views
Two-Color Curry Dishes

17 Two-Color Curry Dishes

This Translucent Curry Meal from Village Vanguard Combines Unusual Colors • 155 views
Laptop-Scented Candles

18 Laptop-Scented Candles

The 'New Mac Candle' Smells Like a Freshly Unboxed Mac Laptop • 140 views
Punny Wordplay Competitions

19 Punny Wordplay Competitions

The 'O Henry Pun-Off World Championships' are for a Wordy Cause • 108 views
Gelatinous Noodle Desserts

20 Gelatinous Noodle Desserts

This Unique Dessert from The Dessert Kitchen Boasts an Unusual Form • 106 views


Top 45 Start-Up Ideas in September

1 Top 45 Start-Up Ideas in September

From Automotive Gin Bars to Online Hay Retailers • 81,255 views
Crystalized Lip Looks

2 Crystalized Lip Looks

Johanna Adams Creates Mesmerizing Art on Lips Inspired by Crystal Formations • 7,028 views
Duvet-Covered Couches

3 Duvet-Covered Couches

The Inchworm Shezlong Uses a Duvet as Its Cushions • 2,605 views
Eccentric Surrealist Photography

4 Eccentric Surrealist Photography

This Photography Series Takes Mundane Objects and Transforms Them • 2,226 views
Realistic Octopus Backpacks

5 Realistic Octopus Backpacks

The 'Octopus George' Bag Looks Like an Octopus Hanging Off Its Wearer • 2,127 views
Humanized Footwear Editorials

6 Humanized Footwear Editorials

This Camper Shoe Campaign Brings Footwear to Life • 1,814 views
TV-Friendly Beer Mugs

7 TV-Friendly Beer Mugs

The 'Better TV Viewing Beer Mug' Leaves Views to the Screen Unobstructed • 1,748 views
Vintage Patchwork Sneakers

8 Vintage Patchwork Sneakers

mythography and BONUM Joined to Create a Strange Denim Series • 1,545 views
Feline-Inspired Footwear

9 Feline-Inspired Footwear

This Cat Footwear Collection by Randa Celebrates a Popular Instagram Pet • 1,508 views
Soap-Dispensing Urinals

10 Soap-Dispensing Urinals

This Multi-Functional Urinal is Much More Hygienic Than Most • 1,112 views
Weather Barrier Jackets

11 Weather Barrier Jackets

This Tyvek Jacket from Fyber Forma is Made from a Construction Material • 888 views
Meditative Co-Working Studios

12 Meditative Co-Working Studios

Flow Yoga Center Offers a Unique Take on the Co-Working Space • 751 views
Out-of-Body Experience Paintings

13 Out-of-Body Experience Paintings

Netanel Morhan's Artwork Was Inspired by His Childhood Dreams • 694 views
Voice-Analyzing Health Platforms

14 Voice-Analyzing Health Platforms

'Beyond Verbal' Hopes to Assess Medical Conditions Through Voices • 642 views
Beer-Inspired Whisky

15 Beer-Inspired Whisky

Glenfiddich's Experimental Single Malt Whiskey Takes Cues from an IPA • 618 views
Snake-Accessorized Editorials

16 Snake-Accessorized Editorials

Smagina Margarita Lensed the 'Strange Fruit' Editorial for MMScene • 587 views
Multi-Sensory Wellness Centers

17 Multi-Sensory Wellness Centers

'Woom' Introduces Healing Through Sights, Sounds and Movement • 553 views
Circus-Inspired Nutcrackers

18 Circus-Inspired Nutcrackers

Mikko Senna's 'Strongman Nutcracker' Design Was Made for 'OOKY' • 529 views
Sound-Amplifying Cylindrical Towers

19 Sound-Amplifying Cylindrical Towers

'An Occupation of Loss' is a Study in Mourning • 523 views
Multi-Tool Bottle Openers

20 Multi-Tool Bottle Openers

'The Claw' Bottle Opener Includes 18 Other Functions • 488 views