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50 Unique Japanese Products

1 50 Unique Japanese Products

From Eel-Flavored Sodas to Bust-Toning Hand Massagers • 211,968 views
Bust-Toning Hand Massagers

2 Bust-Toning Hand Massagers

The Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager Helps Create a Perkier Bust • 20,971 views
72 Re-Imagined Animated Characters

3 72 Re-Imagined Animated Characters

From Distorted 90s Cartoons to Dinosaur Disney Princesses • 9,874 views
52 Oddly Recreated Works of Art

4 52 Oddly Recreated Works of Art

From Classical Egg Shell Art to Digital Emoji Mosaics • 9,470 views
Coffee Cup Logo Doodles

5 Coffee Cup Logo Doodles

This Collection Transforms the Starbucks Siren into Various Characters • 8,917 views
16 Colorful Fast Food Dishes

6 16 Colorful Fast Food Dishes

From Fruit-Flavored Fried Chicken to Squid Ink Cheeseburgers • 5,040 views
40 Unique Cake Designs

7 40 Unique Cake Designs

From Morbid Monkey Desserts to Anatomical Cartoon Cakes • 4,821 views
17 Beer-Transporting Devices

8 17 Beer-Transporting Devices

From Deceptive Beer Briefcases to Multifunctional Summer Coolers • 3,170 views
Sauce-Covered Burgers

9 Sauce-Covered Burgers

Mos Burger's Newest Menu Item is a Crazy Burger Drenched in Sauce • 1,541 views
Public Napping Chairs

10 Public Napping Chairs

This Modern Seat is Meant to be Placed in Cities for a Temporary Relief • 1,526 views
Female Urination Devices

11 Female Urination Devices

This Pee Funnel Helps Women Urinate in Public Places Without Toilets • 1,480 views
Curved Paper Sculptures

12 Curved Paper Sculptures

Sena Runa Created Mickey Mouse Art Using Twists of Colorful Paper • 1,463 views
22 Unconventional Soda Flavors

13 22 Unconventional Soda Flavors

From Garlic-Flavored Sodas to Chocolate-Infused Sodas • 969 views
Automotive Yoga Studios

14 Automotive Yoga Studios

Momo's Yoga in the Car Classes are Taught in the Back of an SUV • 859 views
Fermented Coffee Beans

15 Fermented Coffee Beans

Afineur Makes Its Premium Coffee Using Fermented Beans • 712 views
45 Savory Frozen Desserts

16 45 Savory Frozen Desserts

From Hot Sauce Ice Cream to Chocolate Jalapeno Milkshakes • 654 views
Cannabis Wine Pairings

17 Cannabis Wine Pairings

Cultivating Spirits Dinners Teach People How to Pair Wine and Weed • 651 views
Brightly Colored Burgers

18 Brightly Colored Burgers

KFC China is Generating Intrigue with Pink and Black Burger Buns • 592 views
50 Carnival-Themed Creations

19 50 Carnival-Themed Creations

From Meaty Cotton Candy Confections to Realistic Ballon Animals • 575 views
Beer-Chugging Park Admissions

20 Beer-Chugging Park Admissions

This Chinese Resort Holds Beer Chugging Races to Gain Free Entry • 573 views


Octopus-Inspired Stilettos

1 Octopus-Inspired Stilettos

These Unusual High Heels Feature Intricate Octopus Tentacles • 30,051 views
Top 50 Unique Trends in July

2 Top 50 Unique Trends in July

From Cricket-Laced Milkshakes to Patriotic Hamster Parties • 14,946 views
28 Geometric Art Designs

3 28 Geometric Art Designs

From Geometric Nature Tattoos to Geometric Op-Art Posters • 9,046 views
44 Non-Traditional Barbie Dolls

4 44 Non-Traditional Barbie Dolls

From Collaborative Outdoorsy Dolls to Realistic Teen Dolls • 7,669 views
Suspended Hot Tubs

5 Suspended Hot Tubs

The 'Hydro Hammock' is a Combination Between a Hammock and a Suspended Pool • 7,213 views
Produce-Based Leather

6 Produce-Based Leather

The Willem de Kooning Academie Turns Food Waste Into Usable Fruit Leather • 3,039 views
Digital Exploding Flowers

7 Digital Exploding Flowers

This Artist Creates Vibrant Abstract Flowers Using Digital Tools • 2,258 views
Overflowing Dessert Milkshakes

8 Overflowing Dessert Milkshakes

These Mason Jar Milkshakes are Topped Sky High and Ooze Ice Cream • 2,236 views
17 Quirky Watermelon Recipes

9 17 Quirky Watermelon Recipes

From Grilled Melon Pizzas to Deep-Fried Watermelons • 1,899 views
Stress-Reducing Coloring Books

10 Stress-Reducing Coloring Books

These Adult Coloring Books are Designed to Fight High Stress Levels • 1,834 views
Balloon-Roofed Courtyards

11 Balloon-Roofed Courtyards

This Courtyard in France is Filled with Pink Balloons That Act as a Roof • 1,739 views
29 Inventive Mosquito Repellents

12 29 Inventive Mosquito Repellents

From Sting-proof Mesh Wear to Chemical-Free Bug Sprays • 1,707 views
Drill-Powered Walking Aids

13 Drill-Powered Walking Aids

This Walking Machine Looks like a Mechanical Mystical Centaur • 1,396 views
Pet-Friendly Airport Terminals

14 Pet-Friendly Airport Terminals

New York's John F. Kennedy Airport is Adding a Luxury ARK Terminal • 1,277 views
22 Unusual Coffee Flavors

15 22 Unusual Coffee Flavors

From Cookie Dough Coffee to DIY Pumpkin Coffee • 1,244 views
Psychedelic Simulation Glasses

16 Psychedelic Simulation Glasses

Bence Agoston's Unique Glasses Mimic the Experience of a Drug Trip • 1,234 views
28 Insect-Infused Edibles

17 28 Insect-Infused Edibles

These Dishes and Drinks Make It Easy to Eat Insects • 1,210 views
Chocolate Coffee Potatoes

18 Chocolate Coffee Potatoes

This Recipe for Grilled Chocolate-Covered Potatoes is Highly Unusual • 1,147 views
Glow-In-The-Dark Yoga Classes

19 Glow-In-The-Dark Yoga Classes

Glow Flow Yoga Conducts its Classes Under Black Lights • 1,136 views
Manicure-Inspired Dresses

20 Manicure-Inspired Dresses

These Unconventional Dresses are Made from Plastic Fingernails • 1,073 views