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25 Ways to Sneak Alcohol into Festivals

1 25 Ways to Sneak Alcohol into Festivals

From Beer-Filled Bras to Booze-Concealing Sandals • 29,852 views
86 Bike Add-On Accessories

2 86 Bike Add-On Accessories

From Collapsible Bike Helmets to Snack-Themed Bike Bells • 20,186 views
Lava-Charred Steaks

3 Lava-Charred Steaks

The Syracuse University Lava Project Experiments by Cooking Steak with Lava • 9,852 views
40 Creative Ways to Clean

4 40 Creative Ways to Clean

From Wall-Crawling Robotic Cleaners to Microber-Based Vacuums • 7,836 views
Taunting Interactive Illustrations

5 Taunting Interactive Illustrations

Inkteraction Art by Alex Solis Brings 2D Drawings Off the Page • 6,687 views
18 Unique Party Events

6 18 Unique Party Events

From Pre-Work Dance Parties to Virtual Masquerade Experiences • 4,885 views
Majestic Mountain Chairs

7 Majestic Mountain Chairs

Gaetano Pesce Pays Tribute to Nature Through a Surreal Furniture Piece • 4,684 views
Multi-Surface Styluses

8 Multi-Surface Styluses

The Phree Digital Pen Lets You Make a Notepad or a Canvas of Anything • 3,137 views
Eccentric Door Designs

9 Eccentric Door Designs

Nendo's Seven Doors Become Hybrid Home Features with Whimsical Charm • 2,465 views
Terrifying Japanese Desserts

10 Terrifying Japanese Desserts

Panapp is a Treat That Will Really Make You Scream for Ice Cream • 1,854 views
Floating Fiji Bars

11 Floating Fiji Bars

The Cloud 9 Bar Offers an Incredible Escape Surrounded by Turquoise Waters • 1,786 views
Waste-Reducing Bottle Caps

12 Waste-Reducing Bottle Caps

Use Every Last Drop of Lotion with the Zero Waste Cap • 1,760 views
63 Deliciously Portable Desserts

13 63 Deliciously Portable Desserts

From Cream Puff Sticks to Rainbow Cookie Lollipops • 1,610 views
Oil Tanker Villages

14 Oil Tanker Villages

Chris Collaris' The Black Gold is a Concept for Shops, Housing and More • 1,531 views
Child Fashion Designers

15 Child Fashion Designers

J.Crew's Little Mayhem Collection is Designed by a 5-Year-Old Girl • 1,182 views
Rain-Resistant Purse Covers

16 Rain-Resistant Purse Covers

The Handbag Raincoat Can Help Keep Any Purse Dry • 1,118 views
Pizza Emoji Deliveries

17 Pizza Emoji Deliveries

Domino's is Allowing Customers to Order Pizza Using a Beloved Emoticon • 1,081 views
Bagless Travel Services

18 Bagless Travel Services

DUFL Cleans Clothes, Packs and Ships a Traveler's Suitcase • 1,027 views
Draped Roof Residences

19 Draped Roof Residences

The Clover House by MAD Architects Will be a Whimsical Kindergarten School • 967 views
Handwritten Postal Garments

20 Handwritten Postal Garments

fukutegami Sends Clothing in the Mail with Messages • 965 views


20 Examples of Fashionable Flasks

1 20 Examples of Fashionable Flasks

From Sneaky Booze-Smuggling Ties to Fabulous Flask Bracelets • 29,749 views
Top 64 Unique Ideas in April

2 Top 64 Unique Ideas in April

From Baby Booze Bottles to Bone-Building Technology • 13,326 views
Super Speedy Bicycles

3 Super Speedy Bicycles

The Raht Racer Can Travel as Fast as a Car • 8,086 views
Metropolitan Cat Cafes

4 Metropolitan Cat Cafes

The Recently Opened Meow Parlour is the First NYC Cat Cafe • 6,380 views
Wristworn Water Bottles

5 Wristworn Water Bottles

The Wrist Drink Band Offers Hands-Free Hydration • 5,637 views
Garden-to-Table Cafes

6 Garden-to-Table Cafes

This Kreuzberg Garden Project is an Organic Food Hub with a Quaint Cafe • 3,706 views
Gummy Bear Lightboxes

7 Gummy Bear Lightboxes

The Mayice Presentation Box is Made from Colorful Melted Candies • 3,275 views
Driverless Pizza Delivery

8 Driverless Pizza Delivery

Domino's Presents an Autonomous Bike That's Too Delicious to Be True • 3,273 views
Retro Sitcom Toys

9 Retro Sitcom Toys

Samuel Hatmaker Pitches a Golden Girls LEGO Set to Be Produced • 2,512 views
Limb-Like Selfie Sticks

10 Limb-Like Selfie Sticks

The Selfie Arm is Handy for Reaching Your Most Photogenic Angle • 2,148 views
20 Examples of Savory Artisanal Dining

11 20 Examples of Savory Artisanal Dining

From Mustard-Tasting Bars to Specialty Fries Restaurants • 1,850 views
Holographic Political Protests

12 Holographic Political Protests

A Recent Madrid Protest Was High-Tech and Featured No Humans • 1,375 views
Cat Food Cooking Schools

13 Cat Food Cooking Schools

'Cooking School for My Cat and Me' Teaches How to Cook Pet Food • 1,210 views
Origata Membership Clubs

14 Origata Membership Clubs

MIWA is a Japanese Cultural Club in Paris Founded by Fumihiko Sano • 1,092 views
Cat-Inspired Cosmetics

15 Cat-Inspired Cosmetics

Felissimo's Fragrant Hand Cream for Humans Smells Like a Cat's Paw • 1,063 views
Gourmet Mayo Shops

16 Gourmet Mayo Shops

The Brooklyn Empire Mayonnaise Store is Definitely Niche • 1,048 views
Adoptive Cat Cinemas

17 Adoptive Cat Cinemas

Great Kittens' Cat Cinema is a Place to Watch a Movie with a Feline Friend • 958 views
Purple Potato Lattes

18 Purple Potato Lattes

Subspace Coffee Specializes in Making Colorful Taro Lattes • 918 views
Luxurious Shaggy Slippers

19 Luxurious Shaggy Slippers

These Gucci Furry Slippers are the Epitome of 70s Shaggy Chic • 899 views
Eco-Conscious Country Initiatives

20 Eco-Conscious Country Initiatives

Costa Rica Is the First to Run On 100% Renewable Electricity • 811 views