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100 Altered Disney Princess Illustrations

1 100 Altered Disney Princess Illustrations

From Realistic Character Art to Dinosaur Interpretations • 10,660 views
Futuristic Levitating Drinkware

2 Futuristic Levitating Drinkware

This Flying Cup Defies Gravity • 2,019 views
Limited-Item Fashion Brands

3 Limited-Item Fashion Brands

This Quality Fashion Brand Runs on an Unusual Business Concept • 410 views
Carbon Fiber Cars

4 Carbon Fiber Cars

Lamborghini is Changing the Rules of Auto Manufacturing with Carbon Fiber • 316 views
Frozen S

5 Frozen S'more Snacks

This Dominique Ansel Creation Reverses the Traditional Campfire Snack • 254 views
Exploratory Handbag Photography

6 Exploratory Handbag Photography

Sergei Stroitelev Captures What's Inside Women's Purses • 213 views
Filmic Bee Hotels

7 Filmic Bee Hotels

This Bee Home is Designed After Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel • 180 views
Emoji Coloring Books

8 Emoji Coloring Books

'Kittens, Hearts, and Poo' is a Coloring Book for Emoji-Loving Millenials • 171 views
Zucchini Breakfast Bowls

9 Zucchini Breakfast Bowls

This Green Bowl of 'Zoats' is Made with Zucchini, Matcha and Oatmeal • 142 views
Gamified Anime Marathons

10 Gamified Anime Marathons

Runners Can Play 'Pokémon Go' at Virgin Active's 'Pokérun' • 126 views
Transportation Card Manicures

11 Transportation Card Manicures

These Acrylic Nails Double as Transportation Passes • 110 views
Visionary Conservation Campaigns

12 Visionary Conservation Campaigns

Conservationists are Drawing Eyes on Cattle to Scare Predators • 79 views
Dessert-Topped Corn Snacks

13 Dessert-Topped Corn Snacks

The Dominque Ansel Bakery Japan Serves a Corn and Ice Cream Treat • 63 views
Seasonal Maple Facials

14 Seasonal Maple Facials

Omni Hotels & Resorts' Food Facial is Powered by Maple Sap • 35 views
Outerspace Time Capsules

15 Outerspace Time Capsules

'Voices of Humanity' Gives Anyone the Chance to Send Something Into Space • 31 views


Photo-Finished Cube Furniture

1 Photo-Finished Cube Furniture

This Coated Foam Furniture Boasts Real-Life Images on its Designs • 4,916 views
Cat-Carrying Hoodies

2 Cat-Carrying Hoodies

These Cat Hoodies Were Made to Comfortably Carry Pets in the Summer Months • 2,839 views
Space-Saving Inflatable Bathtubs

3 Space-Saving Inflatable Bathtubs

This Tub Was Designed to Accommodate Growing Populations • 2,688 views
Marketing Street Performances

4 Marketing Street Performances

This Stunt Was Used to Engage Consumers One-on-One and Digitally • 2,592 views
Cat-Shaped Bread Loaves

5 Cat-Shaped Bread Loaves

Rato Kim is a Korean Toy Artist Who Makes 'Cat Bread' • 1,444 views
Divorce-Simplifying Home Designs

6 Divorce-Simplifying Home Designs

This Floating House Concept Was Designed To Make Divorces Easier • 1,400 views
Genesis Ark Buildings

7 Genesis Ark Buildings

'The Ark Encounter' is Inspired by the Noah's Ark Story • 765 views
Pop-Up Ice Cream Museums

8 Pop-Up Ice Cream Museums

The 'Museum of Ice Cream' is a Must-See for Dessert Enthusiasts • 718 views
Glowing Barware Accessories

9 Glowing Barware Accessories

Jakobsen Design's Glow-In-The-Dark Barware Accessory Embodies Elegance • 679 views
Phone-Charging Wallets

10 Phone-Charging Wallets

VoltNow's Smart Leather Wallet Doubles as a Charger • 668 views
Stock Market-Inspired Bars

11 Stock Market-Inspired Bars

Asia's 'Wolf Market' Lets Patrons Drive the Prices of Drinks Up or Down • 665 views
Intergalactic Theme Parks

12 Intergalactic Theme Parks

Star Wars Theme Parks are Becoming a Reality • 646 views
Cactus-Shaped Candles

13 Cactus-Shaped Candles

Light up a Room with These Plant-Inspired Candles • 594 views
Athletic Innovation Labs

14 Athletic Innovation Labs

Under Armour’s New Product Design Facility Uses Robots • 587 views
Sleeve Fan Attachments

15 Sleeve Fan Attachments

These Fan Attachments Help Combat Heat in The Summer • 578 views
Fresh Italian Food Trucks

16 Fresh Italian Food Trucks

This Fresh Food Truck is Run by a Real Italian Prince • 537 views
Wizardly Breakfast Experiences

17 Wizardly Breakfast Experiences

The 'Breakfast at Hogwarts' Experience Lets Fans Dine Like Wizards • 498 views
Artificial Memory Implants

18 Artificial Memory Implants

'Neurofeedback' Allows False Memories to Be Added to the Brain • 481 views
Fast Food Robot Chefs

19 Fast Food Robot Chefs

Momentum Machines is Opening a Robot Fast Food Joint in San Francisco • 461 views
VR Dining Experiments

20 VR Dining Experiments

'Project Nourished' Pairs 3D-Printed Food with Virtual Reality • 349 views


Top 65 Start-Up Innovations in May

1 Top 65 Start-Up Innovations in May

From Ethical Investing Tools to IoT Service Providers • 38,705 views
Minimalist Cork Wallets

2 Minimalist Cork Wallets

This Super Slim Minimalist Wallet is Surprisingly Made From Cork • 3,247 views
Useless Object Photography

3 Useless Object Photography

These Unusual Pictures Take Away an Object's Functionality • 2,995 views
Cloud-Making Machines

4 Cloud-Making Machines

This Service Makes Customized Clouds for Various Outdoor Events • 1,998 views
Round Beach Towels

5 Round Beach Towels

Roundie Towels Make for Stylish and Spacious Beach Accessories • 1,683 views
Mushroom-Based Leather

6 Mushroom-Based Leather

'Muskin' is a Plant-Based and Cruelty-Free Mushroom Leather • 1,494 views
Stargazing Envelope Gifts

7 Stargazing Envelope Gifts

These Unusual Gifts Will Show Friends or Family a Piece of the Night Sky • 1,060 views
Bamboo Towel Bags

8 Bamboo Towel Bags

These Beach Towels Can Easily Transform for a Variety of Uses • 1,037 views
Musically Enhanced Wines

9 Musically Enhanced Wines

A Georgian Wine Brand Uses Music in Its Wine-Making Process • 840 views
Protective Floating Swimwear

10 Protective Floating Swimwear

This Protective Swimwear Will Ensure That No One Drowns in Water • 834 views
Urban Thrill Ride Concepts

11 Urban Thrill Ride Concepts

This Thrill Ride Will Work to Generate Extra Revenue for New York City • 705 views
Sleep-Inducing Water

12 Sleep-Inducing Water

Glaceau's 'Sleep Water' is a Beverage for a Restful Sleep • 606 views
Functional Boombox Posters

13 Functional Boombox Posters

Case of Bass' 'Touch of Bass' Music Posters Feature Built-In Speakers • 592 views
Self-Serve Stomach Pumps (UPDATE)

14 Self-Serve Stomach Pumps (UPDATE)

AspireAssist Reversible Weight Loss Procedure is Approved by FDA • 553 views
Potato-Inspired Ice Cream

15 Potato-Inspired Ice Cream

This Ottotto Ice Cream Dessert Boasts a Salty Potato Flavor • 537 views
Magnetic Headphone Accessories

16 Magnetic Headphone Accessories

Nearbuds Allow You to Store Your Headphones Easily and Efficiently • 513 views
Medieval Show-Spoiling Apps

17 Medieval Show-Spoiling Apps

This App Works by Automatically Sending Game of Thrones Spoilers • 497 views
Musical Swing Installations

18 Musical Swing Installations

These Musical Swings Require Participant Cooperation to Play Music • 480 views
Hangover Remedy Ice Creams

19 Hangover Remedy Ice Creams

This South Korean Company Claims It Can Cure Your Hangover • 448 views
Chocolate Watermelon Cookies

20 Chocolate Watermelon Cookies

This Cookie Biscuit Flavor Comes in 'Salt Watermelon Chocolate Chip' • 359 views