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Octopus-Inspired Stilettos

1 Octopus-Inspired Stilettos

These Unusual High Heels Feature Intricate Octopus Tentacles • 20,220 views
28 Geometric Art Designs

2 28 Geometric Art Designs

From Geometric Nature Tattoos to Geometric Op-Art Posters • 6,764 views
Hooked Ice Cream Cones

3 Hooked Ice Cream Cones

New York Food Truck Play J Ice Cream Offers Phallic-Looking J Cone Treats • 6,334 views
Suspended Hot Tubs

4 Suspended Hot Tubs

The 'Hydro Hammock' is a Combination Between a Hammock and a Suspended Pool • 4,487 views
44 Non-Traditional Barbie Dolls

5 44 Non-Traditional Barbie Dolls

From Collaborative Outdoorsy Dolls to Realistic Teen Dolls • 3,910 views
17 Quirky Watermelon Recipes

6 17 Quirky Watermelon Recipes

From Grilled Melon Pizzas to Deep-Fried Watermelons • 1,676 views
Produce-Based Leather

7 Produce-Based Leather

The Willem de Kooning Academie Turns Food Waste Into Usable Fruit Leather • 1,668 views
Digital Exploding Flowers

8 Digital Exploding Flowers

This Artist Creates Vibrant Abstract Flowers Using Digital Tools • 1,522 views
Overflowing Dessert Milkshakes

9 Overflowing Dessert Milkshakes

These Mason Jar Milkshakes are Topped Sky High and Ooze Ice Cream • 1,411 views
Balloon-Roofed Courtyards

10 Balloon-Roofed Courtyards

This Courtyard in France is Filled with Pink Balloons That Act as a Roof • 1,075 views
29 Inventive Mosquito Repellents

11 29 Inventive Mosquito Repellents

From Sting-proof Mesh Wear to Chemical-Free Bug Sprays • 1,026 views
Manicure-Inspired Dresses

12 Manicure-Inspired Dresses

These Unconventional Dresses are Made from Plastic Fingernails • 914 views
Psychedelic Simulation Glasses

13 Psychedelic Simulation Glasses

Bence Agoston's Unique Glasses Mimic the Experience of a Drug Trip • 847 views
22 Unusual Coffee Flavors

14 22 Unusual Coffee Flavors

From Cookie Dough Coffee to DIY Pumpkin Coffee • 819 views
Stress-Reducing Coloring Books

15 Stress-Reducing Coloring Books

These Adult Coloring Books are Designed to Fight High Stress Levels • 802 views
Drill-Powered Walking Aids

16 Drill-Powered Walking Aids

This Walking Machine Looks like a Mechanical Mystical Centaur • 734 views
Rainbow Rope Pavilions

17 Rainbow Rope Pavilions

This Rainbow Pavilion Sits in Ecuador for Milan's Universal Exposition • 706 views
28 Insect-Infused Edibles

18 28 Insect-Infused Edibles

These Dishes and Drinks Make It Easy to Eat Insects • 696 views
Alpaca Wedding Rentals

19 Alpaca Wedding Rentals

This Hotel Allows Couples to Rent an Alpaca for Their Wedding Service • 614 views
Stuffed Pocket Pizzas

20 Stuffed Pocket Pizzas

Nya Gul & Bla's Vulkan Pizza Provides Sections for Fries, Meat and Sauces • 583 views


50 Peculiar Ice Pop Flavors

1 50 Peculiar Ice Pop Flavors

From Bloody Mary Popsicles to Boozy Cucumber Ice Pops • 8,896 views
40 Examples of Modern Military Gear

2 40 Examples of Modern Military Gear

From Space Age Rain Jackets to Speed-Enhancing Jet Packs • 8,106 views
40 Macaroni Mash-Ups

3 40 Macaroni Mash-Ups

From Mac & Cheese Burger Buns to Cheesy Macaroni Waffles • 8,019 views
Gripping Gang Portraits

4 Gripping Gang Portraits

Jono Rotman Photographed Haunting Portraits of Mob Members • 5,303 views
Virtual Reality Home Gyms

5 Virtual Reality Home Gyms

Icaros by HYVE Provides a Stimulating and Entertaining Way to Work Out • 3,988 views
95 Portable Music Players

6 95 Portable Music Players

From Jellybean Bluetooth Speakers to Wooden Speaker Boxes • 3,757 views
43 Examples of Unusual Candy Bars

7 43 Examples of Unusual Candy Bars

From Chip-Infused Chocolates to Bean-Flavored Chocolate Bars • 2,969 views
Intergalactic Meal Replacements

8 Intergalactic Meal Replacements

The '100%FOOD' Beverages are Astronut-Approved Foods for Earth • 2,879 views
20 Alternative Water Beverages

9 20 Alternative Water Beverages

From Prickly Pear Water to Energizing Matcha Water • 2,826 views
Kaleidoscopic Origami Domes

10 Kaleidoscopic Origami Domes

'Light Origami' by Masakazu Shirane & Saya Miyazaki is Illuminating • 2,761 views
Floating Fitness Studios (UPDATE)

11 Floating Fitness Studios (UPDATE)

The Nike Crystal Coliseum was a Pop-Up for Training Classes • 2,707 views
Projection Mapped Jewelry

12 Projection Mapped Jewelry

Tactum by MadLab Uses Interactive Projections to Design Bracelets • 2,661 views
2,590-Horsepower Hypercars

13 2,590-Horsepower Hypercars

The SRT Tomahawk is a Concept Car Envisioned for 2035 • 2,394 views
27 Military Training Innovations

14 27 Military Training Innovations

From Modern Warfare Simulators to Precision-Monitoring Weapons • 2,382 views
Bacon-Wrapped Sandwiches

15 Bacon-Wrapped Sandwiches

'BuzzFeed Food' Has Whipped Up the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Recipe • 2,174 views
Upcycled Umbrella Art

16 Upcycled Umbrella Art

Izaskun Chinchilla Designed This Colorful Umbrella Canopy in NYC • 2,015 views
Cannabis-Inspired Restaurants

17 Cannabis-Inspired Restaurants

'Cannabistro' is a Pop-Up Diner Serving Gourmet Herb Dishes • 1,884 views
All-Weather Umbrellas

18 All-Weather Umbrellas

The 'Blue Jean Umbrella' Will Protect Against Rain and Harmful UV Rays • 1,774 views
Unique Cascading Saunas

19 Unique Cascading Saunas

The Bands is a Spa Experience Designed by a Group of Design Students • 1,500 views
Quirky Language Illustrations

20 Quirky Language Illustrations

These Australian Idiom Graphics Teach You to Speak 'Strayan' • 1,388 views