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Tipsy Task Chairs

1 Tipsy Task Chairs

This Spring-Framed Chair Offsets the Drunken Sway of the Sitter • 4,391 views
87 Convergent Tablet Technologies

2 87 Convergent Tablet Technologies

From Digital Drafting Tables to Flexible Projected Computers • 3,725 views
Tub Smartphone Holders

3 Tub Smartphone Holders

This Inflatable Bath Accessory Helps You Relax on Your Phone in the Tub • 2,755 views
Flexible Projected Computers

4 Flexible Projected Computers

All-in-One Apple Concept is Convenient as iPad and Powerful as iMac • 2,435 views
44 Innovative Allergy Solutions

5 44 Innovative Allergy Solutions

From Scented Nasal Filters to Smartphone-Paired Syringes • 1,684 views
Crab-Legged Steampunk Clocks

6 Crab-Legged Steampunk Clocks

Nixie Machine Fuses Vintage Digital Tubes with Modern Manufacturing • 1,665 views
Multifunctional 3D-Printed Flashlights

7 Multifunctional 3D-Printed Flashlights

Hi-Tech Multitool is Made from Stainless Steel and Tritium • 1,664 views
Leg-Illuminating Skirts

8 Leg-Illuminating Skirts

The Hemline of the Hikaru Skirt is Dotted with LED Lights • 1,657 views
Washing Machine Wardrobes

9 Washing Machine Wardrobes

A Laundering Closet Cleans Delicate Clothes Conveniently While They Hang • 1,414 views
3D-Printed Auto Opportunities

10 3D-Printed Auto Opportunities

Researchers Point the Way to Innovative Applications in Car Making • 963 views
Frog Juice Concoctions

11 Frog Juice Concoctions

Frog Juice is Being Used in the Andean Mountains to Alleviate Illness • 859 views
DNA 3d-Printing Technologies

12 DNA 3d-Printing Technologies

Cambrian Genomics Could Generate Creatures That Never Existed • 401 views
Touchable 3D Holograms

13 Touchable 3D Holograms

This Sound Sculpting Technology Lets One Feel a Moving Image • 379 views
Futuristic Desert Cities

14 Futuristic Desert Cities

Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City is Designed for Self-Sufficient Communal Living • 281 views
Cookie-Based Mascaras

15 Cookie-Based Mascaras

This DIY Mascara is Made from the Crumbs of Oreos • 205 views
Pageant Hockey Costumes

16 Pageant Hockey Costumes

Miss Universe Canada's National Outfit Boasts a Corset and Scoreboard • 136 views


Top 100 Bizarre Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Bizarre Trends of 2014

From Taxidermy-Themed Weddings to Inflatable Fish Fashions • 382,794 views
Top 100 Gadget Trends of 2014

2 Top 100 Gadget Trends of 2014

From Smart Toilet Paper Holders to Phone-Charging Wallets • 159,405 views
Top 100 Inventions Trends of 2014

3 Top 100 Inventions Trends of 2014

From LED Keyhole Inserts to Hanging Tablet Holders • 128,126 views
Top 100 Unique Trends of 2014

4 Top 100 Unique Trends of 2014

From Decapitated Doll Shoes to 3D-Printed Fingernails • 53,943 views
100 Top CES 2015 Innovations

5 100 Top CES 2015 Innovations

From Augmented Reality Drumsticks to Interactive 3D Displays • 34,477 views
Life Drawing Parties

6 Life Drawing Parties

Toronto's Graphic Stallion Hosts Bachelorette, Retirement & Divorce Parties • 27,637 views
44 Examples of Flat Pack Products

7 44 Examples of Flat Pack Products

From Snap-Together Desk Lighting to Flat Packed Sunglasses • 11,927 views
Distorted Fashion Photography

8 Distorted Fashion Photography

Asger Carlsen Puts His Own Spin on Resort Fashion for The Cut • 11,217 views
Mermaid Swimming Schools

9 Mermaid Swimming Schools

L'académie Aquasirène Offers Canada's First Mermaid Lessons • 6,454 views
Roller Coaster Restaurants

10 Roller Coaster Restaurants

This Abu Dhabi Restaurant Delivers Food Like Theme Park Rides • 5,792 views
Inside-Out Homes

11 Inside-Out Homes

This Andrew Maynard Architects Design is Intentionally Incomplete • 5,288 views
Fantastic Masquerading Furnishings

12 Fantastic Masquerading Furnishings

A Series of Hybrid Sculptural Seating Assumes Everyday Objects • 4,897 views
Conceptual Armor Jewelry

13 Conceptual Armor Jewelry

Japanese Designer Fangophilia Creates Unusual Accessories • 4,535 views
16 3D-Printed Transportation Innovations

14 16 3D-Printed Transportation Innovations

From Self-Assembling Autos to Printable Concept Cars • 4,332 views
Elegant Airplane Desks

15 Elegant Airplane Desks

This Amazing Workstation is Made from the Wing of a 737-800 Boeing Aircraft • 4,150 views
Humanized Leather Accessories

16 Humanized Leather Accessories

Konstantin Kofta's Unique Backpacks Resemble Human Skin and Limbs • 3,613 views
3D-Printed Mansions

17 3D-Printed Mansions

This House Created by Winsun Shows Off Design, 3D-Printed Materials • 3,418 views
Box-Delivered Beds

18 Box-Delivered Beds

This Mattress in a Box Expands to Full-Size with Its Innovative Memory Foam • 2,647 views
Unphotographable Clothing

19 Unphotographable Clothing

The Anti-Paparazzi Collection by Chris Holmes Ensures Privacy • 2,485 views
14 Cases of Maglev Transportation

20 14 Cases of Maglev Transportation

From Sideways Speeding Autos to Supersonic Levitating Trains • 2,312 views


Top 100 Marketing Ideas in December

1 Top 100 Marketing Ideas in December

From Nostalgic Storytelling Ads to Sultry Tropical Campaigns • 72,086 views
47 Examples of Shocking Publicity Stunts

2 47 Examples of Shocking Publicity Stunts

From Lava-Based BBQs to Life-Sized Hot Rod Toys • 37,834 views
Top 80 Unique Ideas in December

3 Top 80 Unique Ideas in December

From Brain-Covered Biscuits to LEGO Strip Club Sets • 33,134 views
30 Gifts for Stoners

4 30 Gifts for Stoners

From Cannabis Cookie Cutters to Drinkable Marijuana • 32,865 views
Top 30 Bizarre Trends in December

5 Top 30 Bizarre Trends in December

From Fruit-Flavored Wieners to Bottled Celebrity Souls • 30,086 views
Top 65 World Ideas in December

6 Top 65 World Ideas in December

from Seasonal Travel Apps to holiday Selfie Suggestions • 26,212 views
100 Examples of Christmas Tree Decorations

7 100 Examples of Christmas Tree Decorations

From Social Media Ornaments to Adhesive Holiday Decor • 16,286 views
Wheel-Encased Superbikes

8 Wheel-Encased Superbikes

The Full Moon Concept Motorcycle is Sleek and Futuristic • 9,446 views
Reinvented Wheel Prototypes

9 Reinvented Wheel Prototypes

The Transformative GeoOrbital Electric Bike Wheel is Battery-Powered • 8,210 views
35 Gingerbread House Innovations

10 35 Gingerbread House Innovations

From Elaborate Cookie Castles to Modernist Edible Architecture • 3,995 views
Stylish Spacesuit Jackets

11 Stylish Spacesuit Jackets

The Look of This SPACELIFE Jacket is Out of This World • 3,980 views
Anime Christmas Trees

12 Anime Christmas Trees

Singapore’s One Raffles Place Hosts a Tree Made from Doraemon Plushies • 2,898 views
Urban Park Airports

13 Urban Park Airports

The Singapore Changi Airport to Offer Greenery and Fresh Air for Travelers • 2,252 views
Smoke-Created Portraits

14 Smoke-Created Portraits

These Creative Smoke Portraits Highlight Iconic Personalities • 2,033 views
Liquor-Loaded Dress Shoes

15 Liquor-Loaded Dress Shoes

The Johnnie Walker Oliver Sweeney Brogue Comes with a Hollow Compartment • 1,603 views
Airplane Armrest Extensions

16 Airplane Armrest Extensions

The Inventive Soarigami Offers Air Travel Passengers More Elbow Room • 1,544 views
Candle-Powered Heating Devices

17 Candle-Powered Heating Devices

The Egloo Cheap Heater is a Terracotta Alternative to Room Warming • 1,416 views
Nostalgic Cereal Cafes

18 Nostalgic Cereal Cafes

London's Cereal Killer Cafe Serves Over 60 Types of Cereal • 1,387 views
RFID-Blocking Denim

19 RFID-Blocking Denim

Betabrand's Anti-Theft Clothes Are 'Protected by Norton' • 1,298 views
Practical Party Jackets

20 Practical Party Jackets

The Drinking Jacket is Equipped for the Ultimate Party Experience • 1,146 views