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15 Examples of Futuristic 3D-Printed Products

1 15 Examples of Futuristic 3D-Printed Products

From Virtual Weapons to 3D-Printed Shark Skin • 10,281 views
20 Essential Selfie Accessories

2 20 Essential Selfie Accessories

From Mirrored Smartphone Stands to Extended Phone Cases • 5,501 views
Sliding Sliced Houses

3 Sliding Sliced Houses

An Installation by Michael Jantzen Invites You to Play with Space as Frames • 4,598 views
25 Multi-Sensory Marketing Campaigns

4 25 Multi-Sensory Marketing Campaigns

From Sound-Producing Posters to Scent-Emitting Bus Stops • 4,533 views
Shipping Container Gardens

5 Shipping Container Gardens

Cropbox Blends Greenhouses and Hydroponics for Mobile Farming • 4,319 views
Futuristic Funeral Carriages

6 Futuristic Funeral Carriages

This Modern Coffin Carriage is an Avant-Garde Take on Antique Designs • 4,041 views
Bizarre Pom Pom Gowns

7 Bizarre Pom Pom Gowns

The Dyspnea Mutha Fluffa Feather Dress is Strangely Revealing • 3,868 views
90 Oral Hygiene Products

8 90 Oral Hygiene Products

From Hi-Tech Toothbrushes to Innovative Toothpaste Tubes • 3,557 views
Fresh Food Vending Machines

9 Fresh Food Vending Machines

Let's Pizza Makes 100 Different Variations from Scratch • 2,548 views
Record-Breaking Tiny Drills

10 Record-Breaking Tiny Drills

Lance Abernethy 3D-Prints the World's Smallest Working Drill • 2,505 views
Hidden Artist Exhibits

11 Hidden Artist Exhibits

Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-perera Explores Absence by Living Inside a Wall • 2,355 views
False Bloody Bandages

12 False Bloody Bandages

These Boo-Boos Band-Aids Make Your Injuries Look a Lot More Intense • 2,163 views
Hybrid Lightbulb-Speakers

13 Hybrid Lightbulb-Speakers

Sengled's PULSE LED Speaker Reinvents Lighting with Sound • 1,995 views
Baby Booze Bottles

14 Baby Booze Bottles

The Chill Baby Lil’ Lager Looks Like a Beer But is Just Another Baby Bottle • 1,630 views
Minimalist Reading Devices

15 Minimalist Reading Devices

The Transparent Book Holder Design Ingeniously Holds Pages in Place • 1,429 views
Pillow Business Cards

16 Pillow Business Cards

Martin Norgaard Furze Applies for a Job Via a Clever 'No Sleep' Alias • 1,414 views
Remixed Stadium Foods

17 Remixed Stadium Foods

The Krispy Kreme Donut Hot Dog Blends Sweet and Savory Unexpectedly • 1,293 views
Ultrasonic Wearable Technology

18 Ultrasonic Wearable Technology

The NEO Neurophone Induces Calm Brain Waves Through the Skin • 1,231 views
Experimental Interface Tools

19 Experimental Interface Tools

Henri by Method Helps Designers Make User Interfaces Without Screens • 1,119 views
Secluding Dome Pillows

20 Secluding Dome Pillows

Head Tent Muffles Sound and Keeps Out Light for Optimal Sleeping Conditions • 1,082 views


Top 75 Unique Trends in February

1 Top 75 Unique Trends in February

From 4D Printed Frocks to Bizarre Birthing Apps • 49,540 views
42 Necessities for the Metro Male

2 42 Necessities for the Metro Male

From Viral Dutch Beauty Ads to Metrosexual MakeUp • 16,405 views
77 Wacky Ice Cream Flavors

3 77 Wacky Ice Cream Flavors

From Spicy Sorbets and Pizza Treats to Vegetable-Flavored Desserts • 13,237 views
Surf-Like Office Decks

4 Surf-Like Office Decks

The Level Encourages Better Physical Health and More Movement at Work • 7,602 views
Hologram Tablet Technology

5 Hologram Tablet Technology

This Holocube Case Creates 3D Projections of On-Screen Animations • 5,645 views
Tub Smartphone Holders

6 Tub Smartphone Holders

This Inflatable Bath Accessory Helps You Relax on Your Phone in the Tub • 5,414 views
Gorgeous Garbage Gowns

7 Gorgeous Garbage Gowns

Garbage Gone Glam Hopes You Choose a Garbage Dress for Your Next Function • 4,045 views
17 Inventive Betabrand Designs

8 17 Inventive Betabrand Designs

From Patterned Poop Attire to Business Suit Onesies • 3,999 views
Extreme Secret Agent Tourism

9 Extreme Secret Agent Tourism

James Bond Operation Involves Civilians in Boat Chases and Shootouts • 3,214 views
43 Damien Hirst Art Creations

10 43 Damien Hirst Art Creations

From Gilded Mammoth Statues to Fast Food Art Galleries • 3,168 views
Majestic Russian Photography

11 Majestic Russian Photography

Photography Elena Shumilova Captures the Unspoiled Beauty of Russia • 3,111 views
Drought-Conscious Shower Systems

12 Drought-Conscious Shower Systems

The Shower of the Future Recycles 90 Percent of the Water It Uses • 3,064 views
Mobile Barber Shops

13 Mobile Barber Shops

Salon Le Barber Brings Men's Grooming Services on the Road • 3,015 views
Child-Locating Sunscreen Ads

14 Child-Locating Sunscreen Ads

The Protection Ad by Nivea Uses iBeacons to Keep Track of Kids • 2,709 views
Chalkboard Art Lockets

15 Chalkboard Art Lockets

Etsy Shop DearestMine's Creative Pendent Encourages Personal Messages • 2,416 views
Futuristic Sustainable Offices

16 Futuristic Sustainable Offices

This Workplace Concept Creates a Symbiotic Man-Nature Relationship • 2,166 views
Human Colonization Expeditions

17 Human Colonization Expeditions

The Mars One Settlement is a Step Closer with 100 People Signed Up • 2,133 views
Cloud-Connected Liquor Bottles

18 Cloud-Connected Liquor Bottles

Johnnie Walker Whisky Tech-Savvily Confirms Age Authenticity • 1,786 views
Aurora Borealis Airplanes

19 Aurora Borealis Airplanes

Icelandair's Hekla Aurora Recreates a Northern Lights Experience Inside • 1,779 views
Autonomous Hospital Robots

20 Autonomous Hospital Robots

Aethon Developed Smart Tech to Enhance UCSF Medical Centers • 1,569 views