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Top 55 Unique Ideas in March

1 Top 55 Unique Ideas in March

From Pop-Up Animal Cafes to Kinky Character Cakes • 42,716 views
20 Examples of Fashionable Flasks

2 20 Examples of Fashionable Flasks

From Sneaky Booze-Smuggling Ties to Fabulous Flask Bracelets • 24,904 views
Top 64 Unique Ideas in April

3 Top 64 Unique Ideas in April

From Baby Booze Bottles to Bone-Building Technology • 7,487 views
Intergalactic Runway Collections

4 Intergalactic Runway Collections

The Anrealage AW15 Collection Boasts Alien Brains and Silhouettes • 5,249 views
Super Speedy Bicycles

5 Super Speedy Bicycles

The Raht Racer Can Travel as Fast as a Car • 5,015 views
Metropolitan Cat Cafes

6 Metropolitan Cat Cafes

The Recently Opened Meow Parlour is the First NYC Cat Cafe • 4,633 views
18 Edible April Fool

7 18 Edible April Fool's Jokes

From Candied Onion Apples to Laxative-Laden Donuts • 4,094 views
Shaggy Heeled Footwear

8 Shaggy Heeled Footwear

The Maison Margiela Furry Heels Channel 'Cousin It' From the Adams Family • 4,089 views
Booze-Concealing Tampons

9 Booze-Concealing Tampons

These Booze Tubes Help Conceal Alcohol in the Form of a Tampon • 3,027 views
15 Examples of Social Clubs

10 15 Examples of Social Clubs

From Member-Only Gamer Communities to Global Run Clubs • 2,985 views
Wristworn Waterbottles

11 Wristworn Waterbottles

The Wrist Drink Band Offers Hands-Free Hydration • 2,897 views
Garden-to-Table Cafes

12 Garden-to-Table Cafes

This Kreuzberg Garden Project is an Organic Food Hub with a Quaint Cafe • 2,389 views
Gummy Bear Lightboxes

13 Gummy Bear Lightboxes

The Mayice Presentation Box is Made from Colorful Melted Candies • 2,200 views
Driverless Pizza Delivery

14 Driverless Pizza Delivery

Domino's Presents an Autonomous Bike That's Too Delicious to Be True • 1,882 views
Retro Sitcom Toys

15 Retro Sitcom Toys

Samuel Hatmaker Pitches a Golden Girls LEGO Set to Be Produced • 1,854 views
Interactive Street Theatrics

16 Interactive Street Theatrics

This Astounding Theater Project by Xtnt Mirrors Google Street View • 1,697 views
Chocolate Bar Sandwiches

17 Chocolate Bar Sandwiches

First Kitchen's Kit Kat Sandwich Turns a Snack into a Meal • 1,627 views
Lung Exercise Horns

18 Lung Exercise Horns

Disguised as a Party Blower, This Japanese Device Improves Lung Capacity • 1,391 views
Foam Brick Bags

19 Foam Brick Bags

The Mary Katrantzou Foam Clutches Capture Innocence and Youth • 1,385 views
Female-Replicating Handbags

20 Female-Replicating Handbags

The Lemaire Boob Bag Features the Female Form Made Out of Leather • 1,344 views


15 Examples of Futuristic 3D-Printed Products

1 15 Examples of Futuristic 3D-Printed Products

From Virtual Weapons to 3D-Printed Shark Skin • 15,218 views
20 Essential Selfie Accessories

2 20 Essential Selfie Accessories

From Mirrored Smartphone Stands to Extended Phone Cases • 6,477 views
Rain-Activated Street Art

3 Rain-Activated Street Art

Rainworks Are Eco-Friendly Sidewalk Installations That Appear When Wet • 6,160 views
Shipping Container Gardens

4 Shipping Container Gardens

Cropbox Blends Greenhouses and Hydroponics for Mobile Farming • 5,905 views
Sliding Sliced Houses

5 Sliding Sliced Houses

An Installation by Michael Jantzen Invites You to Play with Space as Frames • 5,703 views
Wristworn Ant Farms

6 Wristworn Ant Farms

The Ant Watch Creates a Small Ecosystem for You to Flaunt on Your Arm • 5,613 views
Futuristic Funeral Carriages

7 Futuristic Funeral Carriages

This Modern Coffin Carriage is an Avant-Garde Take on Antique Designs • 5,212 views
Bizarre Pom Pom Gowns

8 Bizarre Pom Pom Gowns

The Dyspnea Mutha Fluffa Feather Dress is Strangely Revealing • 5,052 views
25 Multi-Sensory Marketing Campaigns

9 25 Multi-Sensory Marketing Campaigns

From Sound-Producing Posters to Scent-Emitting Bus Stops • 4,880 views
Fresh Food Vending Machines

10 Fresh Food Vending Machines

Let's Pizza Makes 100 Different Variations from Scratch • 4,629 views
90 Oral Hygiene Products

11 90 Oral Hygiene Products

From Hi-Tech Toothbrushes to Innovative Toothpaste Tubes • 3,728 views
Mobile Barber Shops

12 Mobile Barber Shops

Salon Le Barber Brings Men's Grooming Services on the Road • 3,424 views
Record-Breaking Tiny Drills

13 Record-Breaking Tiny Drills

Lance Abernethy 3D-Prints the World's Smallest Working Drill • 3,118 views
Crowdfunded Urban Forests

14 Crowdfunded Urban Forests

The PopUP Forest Project Wants to Transform Times Square into Greenery • 3,057 views
Hybrid Lightbulb-Speakers

15 Hybrid Lightbulb-Speakers

Sengled's PULSE LED Speaker Reinvents Lighting with Sound • 2,539 views
False Bloody Bandages

16 False Bloody Bandages

These Boo-Boos Band-Aids Make Your Injuries Look a Lot More Intense • 2,496 views
Minimalist Reading Devices

17 Minimalist Reading Devices

The Transparent Book Holder Design Ingeniously Holds Pages in Place • 2,435 views
Hidden Artist Exhibits

18 Hidden Artist Exhibits

Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-perera Explores Absence by Living Inside a Wall • 2,427 views
Secluding Dome Pillows

19 Secluding Dome Pillows

Head Tent Muffles Sound and Keeps Out Light for Optimal Sleeping Conditions • 2,412 views
Aurora Borealis Airplanes

20 Aurora Borealis Airplanes

Icelandair's Hekla Aurora Recreates a Northern Lights Experience Inside • 2,150 views