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Novelty Macho Restaurants

1 Novelty Macho Restaurants

The 'Macho Meat Shop' in Tokyo Features Muscular Male Servers • 3,948 views
Surreal Body Portraits

2 Surreal Body Portraits

These Portraits by ÁNgela Burón Play with the Perception of the Human Body • 2,137 views
Art History Action Figures

3 Art History Action Figures

These Flexible Sculpture Figures are Modeled After Famous Works of Art • 1,616 views
Scented Holiday Dog Books

4 Scented Holiday Dog Books

This Scratch & Sniff Book for Dogs Gives Pets Their Own Reading Material • 1,604 views
Two-Piece Yoga Mats

5 Two-Piece Yoga Mats

The KangaMat is a Light and Flexible Travel Yoga Mat System • 1,589 views
Straw-Sucking Animal Planters

6 Straw-Sucking Animal Planters

These Self-Watering Mini Planters Hang Off the Edge of a Glass • 1,268 views
Rotating Water Wheel Hotels

7 Rotating Water Wheel Hotels

This Hotel Spins Like a Ferris Wheel With Glass-Walled Sleeping Pods • 1,229 views
Sagging Face Photography

8 Sagging Face Photography

This Series by Flora Borsi Shows Distorted Faces to Boast Surrealism • 1,220 views
Livestock Road Signs

9 Livestock Road Signs

This Ad Uses Farm Animals as Road Signs to Encourage Safe Driving • 1,170 views
Barrel Wave Surf Photography

10 Barrel Wave Surf Photography

Leroy Bellet's Surfing Photos are Shot While Riding a Board Himself • 1,126 views
Hand-Poured Paintings

11 Hand-Poured Paintings

Ian Davenport Creates Vibrant Art by Pouring Gloss Paint at an Angle • 1,060 views
Virtual Arm Keyboards

12 Virtual Arm Keyboards

The 'Armkeypad' is a Virtual Keyboard That Displays on Your Arm • 1,045 views
Holiday Outback Sweaters

13 Holiday Outback Sweaters

These Australian Christmas Jumpers Feature Holiday Kangaroos & Snowflakes • 951 views
Disney Princess Trial Photography

14 Disney Princess Trial Photography

These Photographs Re-Imagined Disney Princesses as War Criminals • 842 views
Raindrop Condom Installations

15 Raindrop Condom Installations

This Interactive Light Installation Has Hanging Water-Filled Condoms • 787 views
$55,000 HiFi Headphones

16 $55,000 HiFi Headphones

These Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones Are Made of Marble, Gold and Silver • 599 views
Death-Exploring Exhibitions

17 Death-Exploring Exhibitions

Death: The Human Experience Contains Skeletons, Mummies and Coffins • 570 views
Quirky Pen Glasses

18 Quirky Pen Glasses

These Novelty Pens Fold Into an Unusually Shaped Storage Case • 513 views
Food-Fighting Mustache Protectors

19 Food-Fighting Mustache Protectors

The 'Stache Shield' Protects Mustached Men from Food and Drinks • 437 views
Camera-Banning Museums

20 Camera-Banning Museums

'The Big Draw' Campaign Encourages Drawing at This Amsterdam Museum • 396 views


Top 100 Unique Ideas in October

1 Top 100 Unique Ideas in October

From Dream-Controlling Masks to Tech-Free Smartphone Replicas • 60,925 views
Top 50 Unique Trends in September

2 Top 50 Unique Trends in September

From Drumstick Fitness Workouts to Fat-Infused Water Beverages • 32,104 views
Top 45 Fashion Photography Trends in October

3 Top 45 Fashion Photography Trends in October

From Opulent Punk Portraits to Chic Rescue Dog Covers • 28,889 views
41 Fabulous 3D-Printed Accessories

4 41 Fabulous 3D-Printed Accessories

From Alternative Wedding Rings to Customized Earbud Apps • 13,203 views
Spherical Underground Fridges

5 Spherical Underground Fridges

The Ground Fridge is a Modern Version of the Traditional Root Cellar • 7,577 views
Amphibious Private Jets

6 Amphibious Private Jets

This Personal Airplane Can Fold into a Trailer and is Spin-Resistant • 7,525 views
Strangely Surreal Photography

7 Strangely Surreal Photography

This Collection of Eerie Photos by Bobby Becker are Oddly Peculiar • 4,030 views
Cheeky Tech-Free Smartphones

8 Cheeky Tech-Free Smartphones

The NoPhone Zero Humorously Helps Technology Addicts Disconnect • 3,219 views
Busty Anime Tea Bags

9 Busty Anime Tea Bags

The Muku Corporation Has Designed Tea Bags Resembling an Anime Character • 3,056 views
Skate Culture Hoverboards

10 Skate Culture Hoverboards

This New Hoverboard Was Designed in Consultation with Tony Hawk • 2,770 views
Drivable Cardboard Cars

11 Drivable Cardboard Cars

Lexus Created a Functional Sedan with 1,700 Pieces of Corrugated Cardboard • 2,389 views
Venetian Carnival Couture

12 Venetian Carnival Couture

The Vivienne Westwood Spring Collection Promotes Crazy Circus Looks • 2,249 views
Logo Painting Hybrids

13 Logo Painting Hybrids

This Collection Called 'Logo+art' Creates New Meanings with Logos and Art • 2,200 views
Blooming Abandoned Houses

14 Blooming Abandoned Houses

The 'Flower House' Exhibit Features a Vacant House Filled with Plants • 2,129 views
Delicate Pointillism Tattoos

15 Delicate Pointillism Tattoos

This Tattoo Artist Reduces Pain with Hand-Poked Dotted Tattoos • 2,038 views
Opulent Palatial Trucks

16 Opulent Palatial Trucks

This Luxury Truck Was Designed to Meet the Needs of a Member of Royalty • 1,886 views
38 Personal Identity Innovations

17 38 Personal Identity Innovations

From Biometric Smartphones to Face Recognition Payment Tools • 1,862 views
Morbid Delivery Coffins

18 Morbid Delivery Coffins Will Deliver Your Order in a Life-Sized Custom Coffin • 1,833 views
Rugged Mountainous Statues

19 Rugged Mountainous Statues

This Massive Statue in Tuscany Has Hidden Rooms Inside of It • 1,629 views
Dorm Room Restaurants

20 Dorm Room Restaurants

This Student is Revolutionizing University Dining with Shared Gourmet Meals • 1,519 views