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Top 30 Social Media Ideas in May

1 Top 30 Social Media Ideas in May

From Snapchat Television Revivals to Political Geofilter Ads • 7,466 views
100 Father-Friendly Gift Ideas

2 100 Father-Friendly Gift Ideas

These Father's Day Presents Include Novelty Colognes to Watches • 5,132 views
Parody Red Carpet Looks

3 Parody Red Carpet Looks

Tom Lenk Recreated Red Carpet Looks with Hilarious Low Cost Alternatives • 4,143 views
Exotic Freehand Tattoos

4 Exotic Freehand Tattoos

Gakkin Creates Intricate Designs Inspired by Japanese Techniques • 1,873 views
45 Branded Emoji Ideas

5 45 Branded Emoji Ideas

From Arboreal Emoji Donations to Pizza-Ordering Emoji Texts • 1,731 views
Popular Emoji Sculptures

6 Popular Emoji Sculptures

This Artist Replicates Popular Emoticons in His Emoji Art Sculptures • 1,022 views
Movie Scene Color Palettes

7 Movie Scene Color Palettes

This Twitter Account Creates Color Palettes for Film Scenes • 886 views
Artist-Inspired Sunglasses

8 Artist-Inspired Sunglasses

These Sunglasses Incorporate the Iconic Work of J.M. Basquiat • 444 views
Colorful Cinematic Burgers

9 Colorful Cinematic Burgers

The Red and Green Burger Offerings From McDonalds Advertise Angry Birds • 390 views
Simple Sunny Cover Shoots

10 Simple Sunny Cover Shoots

The Latest Marie Claire Hungary Issue Stars Model Barbara Palvin • 364 views
3D-Printed Cosplays

11 3D-Printed Cosplays

This DIY Cosplay Costume Took Over 1,700 Print Hours to Create • 326 views
Satrical Selfie Sticks

12 Satrical Selfie Sticks

The UnREAL Conceptual Smartphone Accessory Uses Lights to Amplify Photos • 282 views
45 Niche Media Innovations

13 45 Niche Media Innovations

From Curated App News Channels to Journalism Crowdfunding Platforms • 251 views
Comedian Bedding Collections

14 Comedian Bedding Collections

Ellen DeGeneres' Patners With Bed Bath & Beyond to Create Cozy Duvets • 234 views
Rapper-Designed Streetwear Pop-Ups

15 Rapper-Designed Streetwear Pop-Ups

The Golf Wang Seoul Pop-Up Featured a Tyler the Creator Cameo • 225 views
Heart-Shaped Fashion

16 Heart-Shaped Fashion

Cara Delevingne Strikingly Covers the W Magazine Summer of Love Issue • 201 views
Cartoon Cat Airport Cafes

17 Cartoon Cat Airport Cafes

The Hello Kitty Orchid Garden is at the Changi Airport in Singapore • 139 views
Multi-Character Snapchat Lenses

18 Multi-Character Snapchat Lenses

The 20th Century Fox Snapchat Ads Let Users Picks from Nine X-Men • 86 views
Pop Princess Mobile Games

19 Pop Princess Mobile Games

This Game Gives Fans an Opportunity to Play the Role of Britney Spears • 62 views
TV Drama VR Experiences

20 TV Drama VR Experiences

Nashville Will Have a Scene Making Viewers Feel Like Their in the Audience • 61 views


Cartoonized Cult Classic Movies

1 Cartoonized Cult Classic Movies

Titanic Disney Princesses by Isaiah K. Stephens is a Clever Series • 56,511 views
Expecting Disney Characters

2 Expecting Disney Characters

These Maternal Disney Princesses Are Rendered as Moms-to-Be • 32,857 views
Top 60 Art Innovations in May

3 Top 60 Art Innovations in May

From Accessible Art Collections to Digital Algorithm Paintings • 7,531 views
100 Intergalactic Star Wars Products

4 100 Intergalactic Star Wars Products

These Star Wars Products Take Fandom to the Next Level • 5,855 views
Corsetted Celebrity Covers

5 Corsetted Celebrity Covers

The Kim Kardashian Vogue Australia Photo Shoot Features Yeezy Season 3 • 3,524 views
Amazonian Beach Editorials

6 Amazonian Beach Editorials

The Latest Issue of ELLE France Stars Model Stella Maxwell • 3,469 views
Glamorous Desert Fashion

7 Glamorous Desert Fashion

Model Luma Grothe Stars in the Latest Issue of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore • 3,075 views
Enchanting Glowing Gowns

8 Enchanting Glowing Gowns

Claire Danes' Met Gala Dress Features Delicate Fiber Optics Lights • 2,568 views
Blogger-Curated Home Collections

9 Blogger-Curated Home Collections

This Home Decor Company Teamed Up with Blogger Arielle Charnas • 2,223 views
21 Nostalgic Editorials

10 21 Nostalgic Editorials

These Retro Pictures Stir Up Both Good and Bad Memories of the Past • 2,211 views
Edgy Button-Up Fashion

11 Edgy Button-Up Fashion

Top Model Ruth Bell Covers the Latest Vogue Korea Issue • 2,073 views
Hipster Girl Illustrations

12 Hipster Girl Illustrations

Laura Callaghan Captures the Colorful Narcissism of Modern Girls • 2,020 views
Latin-Inspired Editorials

13 Latin-Inspired Editorials

The ELLE Canada Heat Wave Photoshoot Stars Pamela Bernier • 2,003 views
60 Female-Centric Media Innovations

14 60 Female-Centric Media Innovations

From Female-Focused Streaming Services to Model-Hosted Vlogs • 1,876 views
Superstar Streetwear Collaborations

15 Superstar Streetwear Collaborations

The Pink Beach Line Features Pharrell's Signature Style • 1,722 views
Futuristic Photo Booths

16 Futuristic Photo Booths

This Year's Met Gala Attendees Walk Away with Video Portraits • 1,645 views
Headless Women Blogs

17 Headless Women Blogs

Marcia Belsky's The Headless Women Project Archives Sexist Advertising Tropes • 1,640 views
Art Collector Pens

18 Art Collector Pens

The Montblanc Peggy Guggenheim Pen is Part of Its Patron of Art Edition • 1,551 views
Nude Latex Gowns

19 Nude Latex Gowns

The Beyonce Met Gala Dress Balances Between Racy and Dressy • 1,489 views
Football Star Cookbooks

20 Football Star Cookbooks

The TB12 Nutrition Manual is Authored by NFL Player Tom Brady • 1,444 views


Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in April

1 Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in April

From Presidential Beer Cans to TV Show-Inspired Wines • 32,434 views
Hilarious Honest Logos

2 Hilarious Honest Logos

Viktor Hertz is Back at It Again with a Series of Tweaked Branding • 15,607 views
Inclusive Albino Editorials

3 Inclusive Albino Editorials

'The White Disease' Uses Albino Models to Challenge Beauty Standards • 14,402 views
Colorful Pop Tattoos

4 Colorful Pop Tattoos

Kim Michey Creates Playful Cartoonish Ink Designs for Youthful Clients • 13,361 views
32 Adventurous Beauty Looks

5 32 Adventurous Beauty Looks

From Sticker Makeup Editorials to Shimmering Freckle Makeup • 8,648 views
Tropical Floral Editorials

6 Tropical Floral Editorials

Anais Pouliot Takes a Hot Vacation for Some Fashion Inspiration • 5,472 views
Silly Secret Menus

7 Silly Secret Menus

The Cartoon Carte du Jour Highlights Some Surprisingly Strange Take-Out Meals • 5,200 views
Fairy Girl Fashion

8 Fairy Girl Fashion

The Vogue Japan May Issue Stars Models Meredith Mickelson and Zoi • 5,071 views
Animated Animal Posters

9 Animated Animal Posters

'The Secret Life of Pets' Poster Series Celebrates National Pet Day • 3,123 views
Top 35 Commercial Ideas in April

10 Top 35 Commercial Ideas in April

From Costumed Adoption Campaigns to Hairy Pollution PSAs • 3,056 views
Graphic Beach Editorials

11 Graphic Beach Editorials

The Vogue Thailand Summer Sensation Photoshoot Stars Behati Prinsloo • 2,679 views
Summer Dress Editorials

12 Summer Dress Editorials

The Glamour Magazine Emilia Clarke Cover Shoot is Simple and Feminine • 2,654 views
23 Celeb Cosmetic Products

13 23 Celeb Cosmetic Products

From Organic Celebrity Cosmetics to Synthpop Songstress Cosmetics • 2,603 views
Jungle-Themed Streetwear Collaborations

14 Jungle-Themed Streetwear Collaborations

The Kenzo Jungle Book Collection Celebrates the Film • 2,591 views
Celebrity-Designed Activewear

15 Celebrity-Designed Activewear

'Ivy Park' is a New Athleisure Line Designed by BeyoncĂ© • 2,561 views
Dreamy Lingerie Photoshoots

16 Dreamy Lingerie Photoshoots

Myself Magazine Imagines Spring Lingerie as Outwear in Desert Shoot • 2,487 views
Colorful Rainbow Coffees

17 Colorful Rainbow Coffees

This Barista Uses Food Coloring to Make Rainbow-Colored Coffee • 2,421 views
Empowering Celebrity Lipsticks

18 Empowering Celebrity Lipsticks

MAC Cosmetics x Caitlyn Jenner Finally Free Lipstick is Altruistic • 2,091 views
Cinematic Predator Shoes

19 Cinematic Predator Shoes

These Sperry Boat Shoes Commemorate the 41st Anniversary of the Film Jaws • 1,837 views
Arcade-Game Inspired Suits

20 Arcade-Game Inspired Suits

This Nostalgia-Inducing Pac-Man Suit is Perfect for Gamers • 1,824 views