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Top 100 Marketing Concepts in November

1 Top 100 Marketing Concepts in November

From Political Food Trucks to Zero-Gravity Dance Parties • 34,600 views
Top 30 Restaurant Branding Ideas in November

2 Top 30 Restaurant Branding Ideas in November

From TV Show-Themed Cafes to Hotel Cafes • 9,529 views
60 Gifts for Literature Lovers

3 60 Gifts for Literature Lovers

From Literary Tea Packets to E-Reader Smartphone Cases • 3,542 views
Top 30 Gaming Concepts in November

4 Top 30 Gaming Concepts in November

From Gentlemanly Insult Games to Portable Gaming Consoles • 3,510 views
100 Gifts for Music Lovers

5 100 Gifts for Music Lovers

From Small-Scale Synthesizers to Musical World Maps • 3,413 views
25 Game of Thrones Gifts

6 25 Game of Thrones Gifts

From Dragon Egg Candles to Giant-Honoring Door Stoppers • 1,839 views
35 Gifts for the Kanye West Fan

7 35 Gifts for the Kanye West Fan

From Cult Sneaker Masks to Rap Beef Coffee Mugs • 1,300 views
Top 20 Political Trends in November

8 Top 20 Political Trends in November

From Election Cookie Giveaways to Presidential Candidate Art • 1,172 views
Golden Presidential Smartphones

9 Golden Presidential Smartphones

The Caviar Supremo Trump Changeover iPhone 7 Design is Gold-Plated • 1,003 views
Cork Wine Bottle Concepts

10 Cork Wine Bottle Concepts

A Student Designer Re-Imagined Boxed Wines With Humorous Messaging • 975 views
Collaborative Korean Rapper Apparel

11 Collaborative Korean Rapper Apparel

G-Dragon's PEACEMINUSONE Label Joined with VERBAL and AMBUSH • 464 views
TV Shooting Space Rentals

12 TV Shooting Space Rentals

GETset Leverages the Sharing Economy for Scouting Film Locations • 409 views
Hooded Video Game Parkas

13 Hooded Video Game Parkas

The Legend of Zelda Link Hooded Coat Features Designs from the Franchise • 396 views
Galactic Japanese Smartphones

14 Galactic Japanese Smartphones

These Android Star Wars Phones Feature Franchise-Themed Apps & More • 378 views
Miniature Beauty Advent Calendars

15 Miniature Beauty Advent Calendars

Charlotte Tilbury's Cosmetics are Packaged in this Calendar • 303 views
Mystery Drama LEGO Characters

16 Mystery Drama LEGO Characters

These Twin Peaks LEGO Figures Were Created by Citizen Brick • 268 views
Anti-Bullying LGBTQ Campaigns

17 Anti-Bullying LGBTQ Campaigns

Connor Franta, Urban Outfitters and GLSEN Joined to Help Students • 246 views
Festive Chocolate Assortment Gifts

18 Festive Chocolate Assortment Gifts

'Compartes Chocolatier' is Providing Holiday Gift Collections • 205 views
Frayed Rap Group Shirts

19 Frayed Rap Group Shirts

These New VLONE Shirts Were Designed by A$AP Rocky and A$AP Bari • 193 views
Game-Themed Music Players

20 Game-Themed Music Players

Sony Created a 'Final Fantasy XV' Walkman, Headphones and Speaker • 154 views


Top 50 Sneaker Designs in November

1 Top 50 Sneaker Designs in November

From Safe Chef-Inspired Skate Shoes to Gucci Mane High-Tops • 17,085 views
Top 60 Streetwear Trends in November

2 Top 60 Streetwear Trends in November

From Rapper-Emulating Editorials to Futuristic Youth Apparel • 15,868 views
Hipster Holiday Decorations

3 Hipster Holiday Decorations

The Hipster Nativity Set Gives the First Christmas a Modern Makeover • 6,282 views
Post-Election Illustrations

4 Post-Election Illustrations

Artists are Expressing Their Stance on America's 45th President • 5,960 views
50 Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

5 50 Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

From Spellbinding Home Decor to Wizard School Acceptance Letters • 4,395 views
45 Political Marketing Stunts

6 45 Political Marketing Stunts

From Presidential Candidate Dolls to Political Food Trucks • 4,200 views
Top 30 Social Media Ideas in November

7 Top 30 Social Media Ideas in November

From Travel-Blogging Canines to Incognito Alcoholism PSAs • 4,082 views
Revived Retro Apparel

8 Revived Retro Apparel

This New Nautica Collection Was Made for Urban Outfitters with Lil Yachty • 2,229 views
Meme-Inspired Clothing

9 Meme-Inspired Clothing

This Clothing Collection Was Inspired by the 'Arthur Fist' Meme • 2,069 views
Branded Dubstep Streetwear

10 Branded Dubstep Streetwear

The New Owsla Collection Comes Imbued with Skrillex's Personal Style • 2,059 views
Reality Star Sneaker Editorials

11 Reality Star Sneaker Editorials

This Kylie Jenner Puma Campaign Promotes the Fierce KRM Trainer • 1,857 views
Unsightly Holiday Sweater Collections

12 Unsightly Holiday Sweater Collections

Whoopi Goldberg's Holiday Sweaters are Delightfully Garish • 1,838 views
Velvet Holiday Sneakers

13 Velvet Holiday Sneakers

Rihanna and Puma's Collaboration Will Launch Another Collection Next Month • 1,029 views
Vintage Movie-Inspired Apparel

14 Vintage Movie-Inspired Apparel

Hot Topic's Fantastic Beasts Clothing Line Feature 1920s Styling • 882 views
R&B Toronto Pop-Ups

15 R&B Toronto Pop-Ups

PARTYNEXTDOOR's Exclusive Merchandise Will Be Available for Two Days • 789 views
Fantasy Makeup Palettes

16 Fantasy Makeup Palettes

This Fan-Created Harry Potter Makeup Palette Features the Four Houses • 730 views
Comic-Themed Christmas Sweaters

17 Comic-Themed Christmas Sweaters

These Sweaters are Inspired by DC Comics' Characters • 648 views
Pop Diva Cosmetics Collections

18 Pop Diva Cosmetics Collections

The Mariah Carey x MAC Collection is Fit for the Holiday Season • 638 views
Old Age Emojis

19 Old Age Emojis

A Grandmother Created Her Own Emoji Designs to Reflect Elderly Life • 607 views
Body-Positive Barbie Dolls

20 Body-Positive Barbie Dolls

The Ashley Graham Barbie Was Designed with Thighs That Touch • 604 views


Top 40 Social Media Trends in October

1 Top 40 Social Media Trends in October

From Quick Model-Made Makeup Tutorials to Safe Social Realms • 50,320 views
Top 75 Entertainment Ideas in October

2 Top 75 Entertainment Ideas in October

From Beanbag Cinema Chairs to Gamified Rock Climbing • 37,597 views
Top 60 Art Ideas in October

3 Top 60 Art Ideas in October

From Kinetic Sand Tables to Painted Tapas Boards • 35,196 views
Top 50 Streetwear Trends in October

4 Top 50 Streetwear Trends in October

From Satanic Bomber Jackets to Chance the Rapper Endorsements • 25,065 views
Top 60 Gaming Ideas in October

5 Top 60 Gaming Ideas in October

From Interactive Golfing Videos to Single-Handed Gaming Keypads • 17,556 views
Seductive Socialite Editorials

6 Seductive Socialite Editorials

Complex Paired Its Kylie Jenner Interview with a Series of Images • 10,579 views
Youthful Punk Couture

7 Youthful Punk Couture

Enfants Riches Déprimés Spring/Summer Line Features Luxurious Cynical Styles • 5,376 views
Macabre Streetwear Collections

8 Macabre Streetwear Collections

KILLSTAR and Marilyn Manson are Launching a Clothing Collaboration • 4,257 views
Militaristic Rapper Fashion

9 Militaristic Rapper Fashion

Kanye West's Yeezy Season 4 Has Been Officially Revealed • 2,994 views
Pop Culture Wine Branding

10 Pop Culture Wine Branding

These Church & State Wines Target Millennials • 2,157 views
Socialite Denim Collections

11 Socialite Denim Collections

Khloé Kardashian's Good American Jeans are Made for All Body Types • 2,034 views
Integrated Concept Sneakers

12 Integrated Concept Sneakers

MR COMPLETELY Combined the adidas Gazelle with the Puma Creeper • 2,023 views
Instagram Star Editorials

13 Instagram Star Editorials

NASASEASONS' Fall/Winter Line is Modeled by Eileen Kelly & Naleye Junior • 2,010 views
Luxury Anime Watches

14 Luxury Anime Watches

The RJ X Pokemon Watch Features Fine Swiss Movement and a Pikachu • 1,973 views
Architectural Barrier Walls

15 Architectural Barrier Walls

Prison-Wal' Turns a Controversial Idea into a Celebration of Mexico • 1,954 views
Subdued Superhero Jackets

16 Subdued Superhero Jackets

Hero Within's Justice League Jackets Subtly Reference Superhero Logos • 1,804 views
Political Food Trucks

17 Political Food Trucks

An Oregon Food Truck Sells Baloney Sandwiches That Fact Check Trump Comments • 1,583 views
Dark Creature Drones

18 Dark Creature Drones

This Drone Prank Involved the Creation of a Flying Dementor • 1,556 views
Illusionary Toy Store Bags

19 Illusionary Toy Store Bags

The LEGO 'Playbox' Store Bag Transforms the Shopper's Hand into a Toy • 1,539 views
Charitable Fuchsia Sneakers

20 Charitable Fuchsia Sneakers

Victor Cruz Joined with the Sneaker Room for the 'Pink Fire' Release • 1,528 views