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Top 100 Art & Design Ideas in August

1 Top 100 Art & Design Ideas in August

From Fruity Fashion Sketches to Contoured Soda Bottles • 62,290 views
Full-Figured Disney Princesses

2 Full-Figured Disney Princesses

This Artist Reimagines Disney Heroines as Plus-Size Princesses • 13,442 views
38 Nerdy Kitchen Accessories

3 38 Nerdy Kitchen Accessories

From Galactic Kitchen Collections to Time Machine Spatulas • 8,081 views
73 Fabulous Manicure Ideas

4 73 Fabulous Manicure Ideas

From Extravagant Diamond Manicures to 3D-Printed Fingernails • 5,388 views
TV-Themed Anime Posters

5 TV-Themed Anime Posters

These Anime Art Pieces Remix Original Images of Popular Shows • 4,584 views
90 Back To School Accessories

6 90 Back To School Accessories

Source Back to School Inspiration from These Stylish Items • 4,580 views
53 Recreated Superhero Artworks

7 53 Recreated Superhero Artworks

From Superhero Dog Art to Heroic Childhood Portraits • 4,380 views
Pooch-Posing Movie Posters

8 Pooch-Posing Movie Posters

These Playful Dog Posters Feature Recreated Versions of Iconic Movies • 2,776 views
Superimposed Celebrity Mashups

9 Superimposed Celebrity Mashups

These Illustrations Show Celebs Dressed Up as Miley For the VMAs • 1,602 views
Intergalactic Samurai Toys

10 Intergalactic Samurai Toys

These Star Wars Samurai Figurines Are Based on Sci-Fi Characters • 1,323 views
Poolside Actress Covers

11 Poolside Actress Covers

Natalie Dormer Discuss Life After Game of Thrones with LA Confidential • 1,231 views
Comfortable Unisex Collections

12 Comfortable Unisex Collections

This Veritecouer Fall Line Appeals to Both Genders • 1,113 views
Galactic Soup Cans

13 Galactic Soup Cans

An Unexpected Collaboration Resulted in Star Wars Campbell's Soup Cans • 1,110 views
Superhero Desk Lamps

14 Superhero Desk Lamps

This Ironman Hulkbuster Helmet Provides a Superhero Light Source for Fans • 951 views
DIY Wood Stoves

15 DIY Wood Stoves

These Scary Star Wars Stoves are Made From Repurposed Gas Canisters • 851 views
Magic Kitchen Cakes

16 Magic Kitchen Cakes

This Accurate Hogwarts Cake Celebrated JK Rowling's Birthday on July 31st • 693 views
Fashion-Based Biopics

17 Fashion-Based Biopics

Kristen Stewart Plays Coco Chanel in Karl Lagerfeld's Short Film • 676 views
Disney Man Bun Feeds

18 Disney Man Bun Feeds

The Instagram Account Man Buns of Disneyland is Exactly What It Sounds Like • 659 views
Color-Swapped Brand Logos

19 Color-Swapped Brand Logos

Paula Rúpolo Swaps the Coloring of Competitive Brands • 632 views
Haute Songstress Covers

20 Haute Songstress Covers

Jennifer Lopez Debuts Her Status as Face of Balmain With Paper Magazine • 560 views


Makeup-Free Disney Princesses

1 Makeup-Free Disney Princesses

These Illustrations Depict the Iconic Princesses Without Any Makeup • 257,320 views
Parody Brand Logos

2 Parody Brand Logos

These Redesigned Logos Reflect the Reputation of Iconic Brands • 59,878 views
Elderly Disney Princesses

3 Elderly Disney Princesses

These Aged Disney Princesses are Recreated as Silver-Haired Elders • 29,702 views
Hilarious Wizard Cartoons

4 Hilarious Wizard Cartoons

These Harry Potter Cartoons Cast Dumbledore in a New (and Funny) Light • 27,993 views
Socialite Disney Princesses

5 Socialite Disney Princesses

This Series Depicts the Kardashian Family as Disney Divas • 25,730 views
Top 100 Marketing Trends in August

6 Top 100 Marketing Trends in August

From Gourmet Airplane Menus to Emotive Food Packaging • 22,922 views
Comedic Celebrity Selfies

7 Comedic Celebrity Selfies

Comedian Celeste Barber Puts a Hilarious Spin on Iconic Celebrity Photos • 21,911 views
LGBT Disney Couples

8 LGBT Disney Couples

These LGBT Disney Princess GIFs Challenge the Way the World Sees Romance • 18,056 views
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in August

9 Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in August

From Maternal Disney Princesses to Art History Barbie Dolls • 14,159 views
40 Inspirational Illustrations

10 40 Inspirational Illustrations

These Uplifting Drawings Remind You to Keep Your Head Up • 11,553 views
72 Re-Imagined Animated Characters

11 72 Re-Imagined Animated Characters

From Distorted 90s Cartoons to Dinosaur Disney Princesses • 9,937 views
85 Innovative Phone Cases

12 85 Innovative Phone Cases

From Battery-Free Phone Cases to E-Ink Phone Cases • 9,802 views
Superhero-Inspired Typography

13 Superhero-Inspired Typography

This Quirky Alphabet Series Draws on Popular Comic Book Characters • 9,678 views
52 Oddly Recreated Works of Art

14 52 Oddly Recreated Works of Art

From Classical Egg Shell Art to Digital Emoji Mosaics • 9,573 views
37 Disney Awareness Campaigns

15 37 Disney Awareness Campaigns

From Anorexia Awareness Ads to Make-Up Free Disney Princesses • 8,554 views
Amex Invites: Marvel Universe Live

16 Amex Invites: Marvel Universe Live

Heroes and Villains Battle in a Clash for the Ages • 8,262 views
Car Graveyard Photography

17 Car Graveyard Photography

David Goldman's Auto Photography Essay 'Old Car City' is for Car Junkies • 6,479 views
Uplifting Animal Illustrations

18 Uplifting Animal Illustrations

These Drawings Reaffirm Through Simple Inspirational Quotes • 6,445 views
Celebrity Gym Rat Editorials

19 Celebrity Gym Rat Editorials

Cosmopolitan Magazine's 'The Fighter' Story Features Justin Bieber • 5,273 views
40 Unique Cake Designs

20 40 Unique Cake Designs

From Morbid Monkey Desserts to Anatomical Cartoon Cakes • 4,822 views


Hairy Disney Princesses

1 Hairy Disney Princesses

These Illustrations Add Realistic Body Hair to Iconic Disney Princesses • 162,015 views
Glamorously Graphic Editorials

2 Glamorously Graphic Editorials

The Adriana Lima Vogue Mexico Cover Shoot is Full of Bold Fashion • 84,792 views
Pop Culture-Inspired Graffiti

3 Pop Culture-Inspired Graffiti

This French Artist Turns Pop Culture Icons into Amusing Street Art • 31,815 views
Disney Princess Hair Makeovers

4 Disney Princess Hair Makeovers

These Short-Haired Princess Shots Show Disney Stars with Short Cuts • 26,963 views
Stripper Disney Princes

5 Stripper Disney Princes

Isaiah Stephens Re-Imagines Wholesome Characters as Magic Mike Contenders • 19,978 views
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in July

6 Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in July

From Disney Princess Minions to Global LGBT Media Campaigns • 19,237 views
Life-Like Disney Princes

7 Life-Like Disney Princes

This Series Transforms the Iconic Disney Princes into Realistic Images • 15,129 views
Maternal Disney Princesses

8 Maternal Disney Princesses

This Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses as Moms in Realistic Scenarios • 14,750 views
Body-Positive Superheroes

9 Body-Positive Superheroes

This Campaign Recreates ESPN's Body-Positive Issue with Nude Superheroes • 13,759 views
100 Graphic Pop Culture Tees

10 100 Graphic Pop Culture Tees

From Emoji Tee Apparel to Mistaken Heartthrob Tees • 13,660 views
Hungover Disney Princesses

11 Hungover Disney Princesses

This Series Captures the Iconic Princesses After One Too Many Drinks • 10,504 views
50 Unisex Fashion Products

12 50 Unisex Fashion Products

From Graphic Unisex Undies to Gender-Neutral Kids Clothing • 9,699 views
29 Quirky Simpsons Illustrations

13 29 Quirky Simpsons Illustrations

From Cartoon Hybrid Pop Icons to Mosaic Cartoon Creations • 9,486 views
52 Crafting Activities for Tweens

14 52 Crafting Activities for Tweens

From Paperclip Doll Hangers to Meshed Mood Boards • 9,464 views
Romantic Park Editorials

15 Romantic Park Editorials

The Latest Issue of Harper’s Bazaar Netherlands is Summery and Sapphic • 9,266 views
28 Geometric Art Designs

16 28 Geometric Art Designs

From Geometric Nature Tattoos to Geometric Op-Art Posters • 9,143 views
Secret Agent-Inspired Swimwear

17 Secret Agent-Inspired Swimwear

These James Bond Girl Bikinis were Inspired by 007 Star Halle Barry • 8,873 views
44 Non-Traditional Barbie Dolls

18 44 Non-Traditional Barbie Dolls

From Collaborative Outdoorsy Dolls to Realistic Teen Dolls • 7,669 views
Realistic Video Game Heroines

19 Realistic Video Game Heroines

This Series Showcases Video Game Characters with Realistic Bodies • 6,066 views
Top 50 Media Innovations in July

20 Top 50 Media Innovations in July

From Transformation-Embracing Covers to 20-Second Podcasts • 5,359 views