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Top 60 Art Innovations in May

1 Top 60 Art Innovations in May

From Accessible Art Collections to Digital Algorithm Paintings • 4,548 views
Amazonian Beach Editorials

2 Amazonian Beach Editorials

The Latest Issue of ELLE France Stars Model Stella Maxwell • 1,700 views
Headless Women Blogs

3 Headless Women Blogs

Marcia Belsky's The Headless Women Project Archives Sexist Advertising Tropes • 1,175 views
Art Collector Pens

4 Art Collector Pens

The Montblanc Peggy Guggenheim Pen is Part of Its Patron of Art Edition • 1,150 views
Nude Latex Gowns

5 Nude Latex Gowns

The Beyonce Met Gala Dress Balances Between Racy and Dressy • 1,139 views
Film-Inspired Concept Cars

6 Film-Inspired Concept Cars

The Chevrolet Tron: Legacy Cruze Lights Up Blue Like in the Gamer Movie • 1,115 views
Video Game-Themed Sneakers

7 Video Game-Themed Sneakers

The Latest Vans Collaboration Features Playful Nintendo Characters • 884 views
Superstar Streetwear Collaborations

8 Superstar Streetwear Collaborations

The Pink Beach Line Features Pharrell's Signature Style • 614 views
Beach Coverup Editorials

9 Beach Coverup Editorials

The Glamour France Constance Jablonski Photoshoot is Laidback Chic • 612 views
Artful Fantasy Exhibits

10 Artful Fantasy Exhibits

This Game of Thrones Exhibition Marks the Show's Sixth Season • 425 views
Sexism-Fighting Playing Cards

11 Sexism-Fighting Playing Cards

The 'Woman Cards' Feature Notable Women Who Fought Against Sexism • 386 views
Country Chic Princesses

12 Country Chic Princesses

The Vogue Kate Middleton Cover Shoot is All About Natural Beauty • 381 views
Presidential Cereal Boxes

13 Presidential Cereal Boxes

These Collectible Cereal Boxes Feature Presidential Candidates • 316 views
Motivational Alarm Apps

14 Motivational Alarm Apps

The Rock Creates His Own Alarm Clock App with Personal Ringtones • 272 views
Cassette Crowdfunding Platforms

15 Cassette Crowdfunding Platforms

Japanese Startup QASSETTES Helps You Finance Your Cassette Tapes • 243 views
Sophisticated Retro Editorials

16 Sophisticated Retro Editorials

The Vogue Korea Carolyn Murphy Cover Shoot is Made for Power Women • 206 views
Attack-Countering Woman Cards

17 Attack-Countering Woman Cards

The Official Hillary for America Woman Card Can Be Bought Online • 192 views
Songstress Smartphone Games

18 Songstress Smartphone Games

The Demi Lovato Mobile Game Chronicles a User's Path to Stardom • 167 views
Collaborative Journalism Platforms

19 Collaborative Journalism Platforms

Montage Crowdsources War Reporting with Activist Footage • 166 views
Musical Genre-Recognizing Robots

20 Musical Genre-Recognizing Robots

This AI Music Research Reworks Classical Songs in New Styles • 160 views


Cartoonized Cult Classic Movies

1 Cartoonized Cult Classic Movies

Titanic Disney Princesses by Isaiah K. Stephens is a Clever Series • 53,895 views
Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in April

2 Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in April

From Presidential Beer Cans to TV Show-Inspired Wines • 28,534 views
Hilarious Honest Logos

3 Hilarious Honest Logos

Viktor Hertz is Back at It Again with a Series of Tweaked Branding • 14,841 views
Colorful Pop Tattoos

4 Colorful Pop Tattoos

Kim Michey Creates Playful Cartoonish Ink Designs for Youthful Clients • 13,004 views
32 Adventurous Beauty Looks

5 32 Adventurous Beauty Looks

From Sticker Makeup Editorials to Shimmering Freckle Makeup • 6,535 views
Glamorous Desert Fashion

6 Glamorous Desert Fashion

Model Luma Grothe Stars in the Latest Issue of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore • 2,987 views
Top 35 Commercial Ideas in April

7 Top 35 Commercial Ideas in April

From Costumed Adoption Campaigns to Hairy Pollution PSAs • 2,839 views
Summer Dress Editorials

8 Summer Dress Editorials

The Glamour Magazine Emilia Clarke Cover Shoot is Simple and Feminine • 2,586 views
Graphic Beach Editorials

9 Graphic Beach Editorials

The Vogue Thailand Summer Sensation Photoshoot Stars Behati Prinsloo • 2,514 views
Jungle-Themed Streetwear Collaborations

10 Jungle-Themed Streetwear Collaborations

The Kenzo Jungle Book Collection Celebrates the Film • 2,491 views
Animated Animal Posters

11 Animated Animal Posters

'The Secret Life of Pets' Poster Series Celebrates National Pet Day • 2,242 views
Colorful Rainbow Coffees

12 Colorful Rainbow Coffees

This Barista Uses Food Coloring to Make Rainbow-Colored Coffee • 2,191 views
Dreamy Lingerie Photoshoots

13 Dreamy Lingerie Photoshoots

Myself Magazine Imagines Spring Lingerie as Outwear in Desert Shoot • 2,064 views
Empowering Celebrity Lipsticks

14 Empowering Celebrity Lipsticks

MAC Cosmetics x Caitlyn Jenner Finally Free Lipstick is Altruistic • 1,857 views
Cinematic Predator Shoes

15 Cinematic Predator Shoes

These Sperry Boat Shoes Commemorate the 41st Anniversary of the Film Jaws • 1,687 views
Arcade-Game Inspired Suits

16 Arcade-Game Inspired Suits

This Nostalgia-Inducing Pac-Man Suit is Perfect for Gamers • 1,671 views
Raw Retro Editorials

17 Raw Retro Editorials

The Exit Magazine Spring Issue Stars Actress/Model Dylan Penn • 1,528 views
Top 60 Media Ideas in April

18 Top 60 Media Ideas in April

From Streaming Comedy Shows to Decadent Hotel Editorials • 1,523 views
Fairy Tale Cosmetics Collections

19 Fairy Tale Cosmetics Collections

The Urban Decay x Alice in Wonderland Line Features Colorful Hues • 1,404 views
Darkly Ornate Editorials

20 Darkly Ornate Editorials

EIKON by Elizaveta Porodina is a Photo Shoot for OE Magazine • 1,388 views


Thigh Gap Glamor

1 Thigh Gap Glamor

A Gold Jewelry Collection Guides the Eye to the Space Between Women's Legs • 30,109 views
Fierce Gown Photoshoots

2 Fierce Gown Photoshoots

The CR Fashion Book Gigi Hadid Editorial is Elegantly Edgy • 14,848 views
Inclusive Albino Editorials

3 Inclusive Albino Editorials

'The White Disease' Uses Albino Models to Challenge Beauty Standards • 13,838 views
Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in March

4 Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in March

From Political Action Figures to Rapper-Guided Training Videos • 13,726 views
Top 60 Commercial Ideas in March

5 Top 60 Commercial Ideas in March

From Outrageous Chip Ads to Animal Choir Commercials • 11,401 views
Renaissance Disney Princesses

6 Renaissance Disney Princesses

This Series Depicts the Disney Princesses as Renaissance Characters • 6,421 views
Silly Secret Menus

7 Silly Secret Menus

The Cartoon Carte du Jour Highlights Some Surprisingly Strange Take-Out Meals • 5,111 views
Fairy Girl Fashion

8 Fairy Girl Fashion

The Vogue Japan May Issue Stars Models Meredith Mickelson and Zoi • 4,795 views
26 Branded Wellness Ideas

9 26 Branded Wellness Ideas

From Zen Furniture Events to Margarine Culinary Pop-Ups • 4,661 views
Ultra-Cozy Wearable Duvets

10 Ultra-Cozy Wearable Duvets

This Hotel Chain is Making Bedding That Can Be Taken on the Go • 4,560 views
Tropical Floral Editorials

11 Tropical Floral Editorials

Anais Pouliot Takes a Hot Vacation for Some Fashion Inspiration • 4,497 views
Edgy Floral Fashion

12 Edgy Floral Fashion

Soo Joo Park Stars in the Latest Issue of FASHION Magazine • 3,456 views
Songstress Denim Footwear

13 Songstress Denim Footwear

Rihanna's Denim Dessert Collection is Full of Statement-Making Footwear • 3,289 views
Mod Actress Editorials

14 Mod Actress Editorials

The Lena Dunham Refinery 29 (un)Cover Story by JUCO is Playful • 3,115 views
Jungle Fever Beauty Looks

15 Jungle Fever Beauty Looks

The STYLE Book Exquisitely Exotic Editorial Stars Maja Brodin • 2,661 views
Quilted Superhero Jackets

16 Quilted Superhero Jackets

This Winter Coat is a Wearable Version of the Deadpool Costume • 2,410 views
Celebrity-Designed Activewear

17 Celebrity-Designed Activewear

'Ivy Park' is a New Athleisure Line Designed by BeyoncĂ© • 2,339 views
23 Celeb Cosmetic Products

18 23 Celeb Cosmetic Products

From Organic Celebrity Cosmetics to Synthpop Songstress Cosmetics • 2,193 views
Vibrant Vegan Hair Dyes

19 Vibrant Vegan Hair Dyes

'goodDYEyoung' is a Vegan Hair Color Line by Paramore's Lead Singer • 2,013 views
Unisex Fast Fashion Lines

20 Unisex Fast Fashion Lines

The Zara Ungendered Collection Offers Stylish Unisex Wears • 2,008 views