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Top 65 Art Ideas in July

1 Top 65 Art Ideas in July

From Gravity-Defying Street Art to Braille Art Exhibitions • 15,129 views
Celebrity Parody Cancer Campaigns

2 Celebrity Parody Cancer Campaigns

A Doctor is Recreating Celebrity Photos for 'Dry July Campaign' • 5,582 views
Minimalist Celebrity Posters

3 Minimalist Celebrity Posters

These Simple Graphics Take After the Appearance of Popular Singers • 3,412 views
Contorted Human Photography

4 Contorted Human Photography

The 'Hedonismo' Editorial is a Startling Perspective on Bodies • 2,012 views
Fake Memorial Murals

5 Fake Memorial Murals

'lushsux' Depicted the Internet's Response to the Recent Taylor Swift Feud • 669 views
Rejuvenating Gamer Care Packages

6 Rejuvenating Gamer Care Packages

The PokéMAN Care Package Helps Gamers Look and Feel Refreshed • 595 views
Mixed Media Photomontages

7 Mixed Media Photomontages

These Portraits by Veerle Symoens are Compiled from Magazine Clippings • 380 views
Platform Camouflage Sneakers

8 Platform Camouflage Sneakers

The PUMA x Rihanna Fenty Was Updated with a Patterned Orange Colorway • 360 views
Body-Positive Denim Ads

9 Body-Positive Denim Ads

'OITNB' Actress Adrienne C. Moore Stars in the Latest 'Torrid' Jeans Ad • 345 views
Gay Cartoon Couples

10 Gay Cartoon Couples

Nickelodeon is Introducing Its First Gay Couple in 'The Loud House' • 338 views
Political Disney Parodies

11 Political Disney Parodies

This Donald Trump Parody Targets the Candidate's Distrustfulness • 323 views
Pop Songstress Perfumes

12 Pop Songstress Perfumes

Ariana Grande's New 'Sweet Like Candy' Perfume Has a Sugary Sweet Scent • 292 views
Satirical Art Installations

13 Satirical Art Installations

A Mini Border Wall Was Erected Around Trump's Walk of Fame Star • 207 views
Fashionable Father Accounts

14 Fashionable Father Accounts

'Fashion Dads' is an Instagram Account That Shows the Best Dad Looks • 202 views
Makeup Artist-Designed Polishes

15 Makeup Artist-Designed Polishes

Lottie Tomlinson's New Spray-On Polish Comes in a Metallic Hue • 191 views
Collaborative Role-Playing Apps

16 Collaborative Role-Playing Apps

The 'ROLR' App Lets Users Act Out Their Favorite Film Scenes • 167 views
Anime Character Fragrances

17 Anime Character Fragrances

The Pokémon Eau de Toilette is a Fragrance for Pokémon Go Players • 151 views
Photo-Edited Music Videos

18 Photo-Edited Music Videos

Junk-E-Cat Has Produced a Prisma-Made Music Video • 135 views
First Lady Karaoke Videos

19 First Lady Karaoke Videos

Michelle Obama Belted it Out with James Corden on 'Carpool Karaoke' • 123 views
Anime Character Cafes

20 Anime Character Cafes

This Unique Cafe is Designed After a Nintendo Character • 102 views


Top 50 Sneaker Releases in June

1 Top 50 Sneaker Releases in June

From Lightweight Jade Sneakers to Transformative Running Shoes • 38,017 views
Desexualized Body Portraits

2 Desexualized Body Portraits

Lovis Osternrik's Photo Series Features Contorted Human Bodies • 36,211 views
Top 50 Viral Ideas in June

3 Top 50 Viral Ideas in June

From Snapchat Recruitment Campaigns to Intricate Face Collage Ads • 32,359 views
100 Altered Disney Princess Illustrations

4 100 Altered Disney Princess Illustrations

From Realistic Character Art to Dinosaur Interpretations • 11,493 views
85 Streetwear Style Innovations

5 85 Streetwear Style Innovations

From Disney Collaborations to Ultra Luxe Subculture Series • 10,465 views
Disney Tattoo Databases

6 Disney Tattoo Databases

'Inked Disney' Complies Disney Tattoos for the Inspiration of Fans • 5,980 views
Amorous Interracial Portraits

7 Amorous Interracial Portraits

Nude Photographs of This Elderly Interracial Couple Have Gone Viral • 5,818 views
Controversial Music Videos

8 Controversial Music Videos

Kanye West's New Music Video Features Naked Images of Celebrities • 4,981 views
Cartoon Coffee Cartoons

9 Cartoon Coffee Cartoons

Sam Milham Creates Exhausted Cartoon Renditions of Popular Figures • 2,316 views
Viral Instagram Campaigns

10 Viral Instagram Campaigns

This Selena Gomez Photo is the Most Liked Photo of All Time • 2,300 views
Urdu-Scripted Celebrity Streetwear

11 Urdu-Scripted Celebrity Streetwear

Zayn Malik and Mark Wilkinson Collaborated for a Clothing Line • 2,205 views
Anti-Paparazzi Scarves

12 Anti-Paparazzi Scarves

This Anti-Flash Scarf Protects the Wearer's Privacy • 2,174 views
Mother-Daughter Haute Couture

13 Mother-Daughter Haute Couture

Elie Saab Haute Couture Featured Mom & Daughter Gowns on the Runway • 1,704 views
Printed Musculoskeletal Masks

14 Printed Musculoskeletal Masks

Björk Created a 3D-Printed Mask Using Her Facial Structure • 1,403 views
Skater-Designed Sneakers

15 Skater-Designed Sneakers

adidas Skateboarding Collaborated with Na-kel Smith • 1,146 views
Unobtainable Body Parodies

16 Unobtainable Body Parodies

Buzzfeed Shows Men Trying to Fit into the Ideal Female Body Image • 1,142 views
Urban Anime Illustrations

17 Urban Anime Illustrations

Nss Magazine Portrayed Pokémon Sporting Fashionable Streetwear Brands • 1,088 views
64 Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

18 64 Celebrity Marketing Campaigns

From Candid Fashion Campaigns to Socially Conscious Ads • 1,084 views
Ghost-Themed Burger Menus

19 Ghost-Themed Burger Menus

J.S. BURGERS CAFE Created a Colorful Ghostbusters Menu for the Film • 1,041 views
Celebrity Breakup Insurance

20 Celebrity Breakup Insurance

Taobao is Offering Insurance Based on Taylor Swift's Love Life • 1,020 views


Top 30 Social Media Ideas in May

1 Top 30 Social Media Ideas in May

From Snapchat Television Revivals to Political Geofilter Ads • 12,724 views

2 Vibrant '60s Fashion

The Daily Summer Features Stella Maxwell in Jeremy Scott Designs • 7,465 views
Celebrity Sibling Swimwear

3 Celebrity Sibling Swimwear

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Teamed Up with Topshop for a Swimwear Line • 6,402 views
Superhero Bookshelves

4 Superhero Bookshelves

Burak Dogan Creates Furniture in the Shape of Famous Comic Book Branding • 6,336 views
50 Modern Americana Looks

5 50 Modern Americana Looks

From Patriotic Streetwear Lookbooks to Americana Beer Rebrands • 5,656 views
Costumed Cat Photography

6 Costumed Cat Photography

This Cat Photographer Captures His Pet with Humorous Edited Additions • 4,599 views
Glam Grunge Editorials

7 Glam Grunge Editorials

The Archetype Magazine Caroline Winberg Photshoot is Full of Attitude • 3,640 views
Moody Beach Editorials

8 Moody Beach Editorials

The Edit Josephine Skriver Cover Shoot is Quiet and Subdued • 3,395 views
Diverse Beauty Editorials

9 Diverse Beauty Editorials

The New York Times Style Magazine's Latest Issue Captures Individuality • 3,382 views
Fierce Oversized Fashion

10 Fierce Oversized Fashion

The Vogue UK Freja Beha Erichsen Editorial is Full of Fall Layers • 2,810 views
Print-Heavy Summer Fashion

11 Print-Heavy Summer Fashion

The Marie Claire Italy Marloes Horst Editorial is Full of Beachy Scenes • 2,734 views
Promotional Floating Apartments

12 Promotional Floating Apartments

This Airbnb Was Created with Disney Pixar for 'Finding Dory' • 2,619 views
Pop Star Emojis

13 Pop Star Emojis

Justin Bieber is the New Subject of a Series of Custom Emojis • 2,574 views
Inspirational Tribute Posters

14 Inspirational Tribute Posters

Duminda Perera Created Gradient Posters of Influential Celebrities • 2,574 views
Tennis-Themed Editorials

15 Tennis-Themed Editorials

GAME. SET. MATCH. by Igor Oussenko is Captured for Fashion Magazine • 2,302 views
Blood Dress Photo Shoots

16 Blood Dress Photo Shoots

An Artist Was Inspired by Milk Ads and Created This Grisly Photo Shoot • 2,245 views
Social Media-Requested Photos

17 Social Media-Requested Photos

James Fridman Takes Social Media Photo Editing Requests Literally • 2,144 views
Pared Down Fashion Photoshoots

18 Pared Down Fashion Photoshoots

The Unconditional Magazine Gemma Ward Editorial is Timeless • 2,047 views
Celebrity Anti-Poaching Campaigns

19 Celebrity Anti-Poaching Campaigns

Cara Delevingne Modeled Painted Photography for Animal Rights • 2,008 views
Moody Actress Editorials

20 Moody Actress Editorials

The Violet Grey Emilia Clarke Cover Shoot is Glamorously Dark • 1,993 views