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Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in 2016

1 Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in 2016

From Male Makeup Brand Ambassadors to Snapchat Filter Fashion • 82,451 views
Top 100 Marketing Trends of 2016

2 Top 100 Marketing Trends of 2016

From Celebrity Instagram Campaigns to Provocative Clothing Ads • 72,323 views
Top 40 Viral Trends in 2016

3 Top 40 Viral Trends in 2016

From Travelling Canine Food Bloggers to Politically Aimed Fight Songs • 35,611 views
Top 100 Activism Trends of 2016

4 Top 100 Activism Trends of 2016

From Satirical Anti-Gun Campaigns to Social Activism T-Shirts • 17,434 views
Top 100 Humor Trends in 2016

5 Top 100 Humor Trends in 2016

From Humorous Political Promotions to Excrement-Themed Cafes • 12,864 views
Top 100 Celebrity Fashion Trends in 2016

6 Top 100 Celebrity Fashion Trends in 2016

From Songstress Sneakers to Obscure Heartthrob Editorials • 12,327 views
Top 100 Media Trends in 2016

7 Top 100 Media Trends in 2016

From Body Positive Magazine Covers to Universal Parody Ads • 8,954 views
Top 100 Celebrity Trends in 2016

8 Top 100 Celebrity Trends in 2016

From Rapper-Led Cooking Shows to Black Lives Matter Activism • 6,983 views
Top 100 Commercial Trends in 2016

9 Top 100 Commercial Trends in 2016

From Criminal Car Rental Ads to Parody Pop Ads • 6,442 views
Top 100 Political Trends in 2016

10 Top 100 Political Trends in 2016

From Emotive Democrat Photography to Nominee-Themed Pizza Art • 4,380 views
90s Film-Inspired Fashion

11 90s Film-Inspired Fashion

The New Collection from Kirsh Features Looks from Clueless and More • 2,425 views
Unrequited Love Valentine

12 Unrequited Love Valentine's Cards

These Funny Valentine's Day Cards Have Cynical Messages Inside • 2,104 views
Emoji Brand Logos

13 Emoji Brand Logos

These Emoji Logos Were Created by an Instagram User Known as @logoji_ • 1,572 views
American Identity-Inspired Apparel

14 American Identity-Inspired Apparel

This New Opening Ceremony Collection Features Powerful Messages • 1,378 views
Millennial Model Barbies

15 Millennial Model Barbies

The Newest Supermodel Barbie from Mattel is Styled After Gigi Hadid • 1,241 views
Superpowered Bar Staff

16 Superpowered Bar Staff

'The Mutant Lounge' is a Promotional Cocktail Bar for FOX's 'Legion' • 1,152 views
All Electric G-Wagons

17 All Electric G-Wagons

The Arnold Schwarzenegger x Kreisel Electric G-Class is an Eco Luxury SUV • 1,132 views
Automated Film Shopping Apps

18 Automated Film Shopping Apps

TheTake AI's Machine Learning Recognizes and Marks Brands in Films • 845 views
Aviation Pioneer Editorials

19 Aviation Pioneer Editorials

The Rihanna Harper’s Bazaar Shoot Reflects Amelia Earhart • 762 views
Tennis Legend Sneakers

20 Tennis Legend Sneakers

These Limited-Edition Jordans Honor Serena Williams' 23rd Title Win • 633 views


Top 100 Internet Trends in 2016

1 Top 100 Internet Trends in 2016

From Reality Show Fantasy Leagues to Strategic Marketing Platforms • 38,860 views
25 Multicultural Brand Initiatives

2 25 Multicultural Brand Initiatives

From Racially Diverse Coding Programs to Inclusive Nude Fashion • 4,755 views
Seductive Mechanic Editorials

3 Seductive Mechanic Editorials

Hailey Baldwin Wears Branded Denim Ensembles This New GUESS Campaign • 2,845 views
Surreal Mixed-Media Plants

4 Surreal Mixed-Media Plants

Noreen Loh Hui Miun's Work is Inspired by the Real and Surreal • 1,984 views
Magic Minimalist Cookie Shapes

5 Magic Minimalist Cookie Shapes

These Harry Potter Cookie Cutters are an Ode to the Boy Who Lived • 1,973 views
DJ-Designed Work Boots

6 DJ-Designed Work Boots

These DJ Khaled Timberlands Have a Bold Military Green Colorway • 1,949 views
12 Experiential Cinema Innovations

7 12 Experiential Cinema Innovations

For Interactive Children's Theaters to In-Flight Film Premieres • 1,690 views
Celebrity Popcorn Shops

8 Celebrity Popcorn Shops

‘Yummy Pop’ is a New Venture from Scarlett Johansson and Her Husband • 1,567 views
Ultra-HD Science Fiction Restorations

9 Ultra-HD Science Fiction Restorations

Lucasfilm is Releasing a 4K Star Wars: A New Hope • 1,420 views
Imaginary Smartphone Designs

10 Imaginary Smartphone Designs

The 'NoPhone Air' Pokes Fun at Smartphone Releases • 1,333 views
Enchanting Movie Popups

11 Enchanting Movie Popups

Toronto's Alice Through The Looking Glass Activation is Whimsical • 1,253 views
Celebrity Shoe Brand Stores

12 Celebrity Shoe Brand Stores

The Brand 'SJP' Has Opened Its First Standalone Store in Washington • 1,208 views
Wizard-Themed Italian Restaurants

13 Wizard-Themed Italian Restaurants

'Pasta Wiz' References Scenes and Decor from 'Harry Potter' • 1,183 views
Self-Satirizing Shirts

14 Self-Satirizing Shirts

Buzzfeed's 'Failing Pile of Garbage' Tees Reference a High-Profile Insult • 1,135 views
Affordable Online Fitness Training

15 Affordable Online Fitness Training

British Startup Today Fit Provides Personal Training Online • 1,020 views
Magical Blazing Beverages

16 Magical Blazing Beverages

This Harry Potter Cafe in Singapore Serves an Alcoholic Goblet of Fire • 1,014 views
Hispanic Content Creation Collaborations

17 Hispanic Content Creation Collaborations

This Pop-Up Was Created by YouTube and Telemundo • 940 views
Exclusive Retro Rapper Merchandise

18 Exclusive Retro Rapper Merchandise

These New 21 Savage Shirts and Hoodies Feature Bold Graphics • 929 views
Medieval Series-Themed Bars

19 Medieval Series-Themed Bars

The Pop-Up Geeks Created a Game of Thrones Bar in Edinburgh, Scotland • 927 views
Supermodel-Themed Messaging Stickers

20 Supermodel-Themed Messaging Stickers

'Tytymoji by Tyra Banks' is a Set of Stickers from the Model • 920 views