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Top 100 Social Media Trends in November

1 Top 100 Social Media Trends in November

From Interactive Social Photos to Short Stop-Motion Apps • 32,113 views
60 Magical Harry Potter Gifts

2 60 Magical Harry Potter Gifts

From Wizardly Coloring Books to Magical Potion Flasks • 25,301 views
Top 99 Pop Culture Trends in November

3 Top 99 Pop Culture Trends in November

From Sci-Fi Dessert Menus to Spicy Halloween Get-Ups • 20,836 views
Top 45 Internet Trends in November

4 Top 45 Internet Trends in November

From DIY Gif Makers to Controversial Dress Costumes • 11,243 views
Top 60 Gaming Ideas in November

5 Top 60 Gaming Ideas in November

From Horror Film Games to Gamer Reward Programs • 9,575 views
100 Gifts Ideas for Disney Fans

6 100 Gifts Ideas for Disney Fans

From Fairytale Playing Cards to Cartoon Princess Suitcases • 6,590 views
Top 40 Humor Trends in November

7 Top 40 Humor Trends in November

From Celebrity Sandwich Art to Sultry Rodent Costumes • 6,203 views
Human Rights Film Festivals

8 Human Rights Film Festivals

JAYU is a Toronto Organization Aiming to Empower Communities • 5,809 views
American Boxer Watches

9 American Boxer Watches

The Shinola Watches Muhammad Ali Watch Celebrates the Boxer and Detroit • 5,597 views
80 Gifts for the Social Media Fanatic

10 80 Gifts for the Social Media Fanatic

From Wristband Selfie Sticks to Custom Emoji Charm Bracelets • 5,245 views
Top 60 Publicity Stunt Ideas in November

11 Top 60 Publicity Stunt Ideas in November

From Cultural Cat Festivals to Burger Giveaway Stunts • 4,813 views
Villain Parody Portraits

12 Villain Parody Portraits

This Darth Vader Photoseries Imagines the Character Going About His Day • 1,686 views
33 Gifts for Drake Fans

13 33 Gifts for Drake Fans

From Rapper-Inspired Christmas Sweaters to Lyrical Rapper Hats • 1,641 views
Sci-Fi Character Cars

14 Sci-Fi Character Cars

These Sleek Sport Vehicles are Reimagined as Star Wars Movie Personalities • 1,570 views
Explicit Feminist Editorials

15 Explicit Feminist Editorials

Singer Miley Cyrus Promotes Body Self-Awareness for Candy Magazine • 936 views
30 Gifts for Donut Lovers

16 30 Gifts for Donut Lovers

From Cuisine-Inspired Tees to Soapy Glazed Pastries • 897 views
Superhero Shadow Art

17 Superhero Shadow Art

This Artist Transforms Children's Shadows Into Geometric Superhero Shadows • 867 views
Psychedelic Celebrity Portraits

18 Psychedelic Celebrity Portraits

This Artist Alters Celebrity Photographs with a Bold Retro Filters • 560 views
Fuzzy Soda Sweaters

19 Fuzzy Soda Sweaters

The Unique Collection of Coca-Cola Fashions Uses Fuzzy Fabrics & Brand Logos • 441 views
39 Gifts for Sriracha Lovers

20 39 Gifts for Sriracha Lovers

From Chile-Infused Maple Syrups to Spicy Subscription Services • 366 views


Realistic Disney Villains

1 Realistic Disney Villains

This Series Explores What Iconic Villains Would Look Like in Real Life • 35,652 views
Hilarious Cat Comics

2 Hilarious Cat Comics

This Graphic Compares the Joy of Having a Cat to the Horror of Having a Baby • 34,433 views
Aging Disney Princesses

3 Aging Disney Princesses

This Disney Illustrations Capture the Girls All Grown Up and Fully Aged • 28,226 views
Apocalyptic Disney Princesses

4 Apocalyptic Disney Princesses

Peter Slavik Imagines Fallout 4 Characters as Dark Disney Princesses • 10,576 views
80 Darth Vader Creations

5 80 Darth Vader Creations

From Co-Branded Sci-Fi Sculptures to Villainous Sith Lord Seating • 8,690 views
Warrior Disney Princesses

6 Warrior Disney Princesses

Jessica Madorran Remakes the Animated Princesses into Fighters • 6,813 views
Galactic Franchise Footwear

7 Galactic Franchise Footwear

The adidas Superstar 'Star Wars' Sneakers Can be Totally Customized • 6,465 views
Presidential Man Buns

8 Presidential Man Buns

These Photoshopped Illustrations Capture World Leaders With Long Hair • 5,275 views
Hilarious Adulthood Drawings

9 Hilarious Adulthood Drawings

These Graphs About the Realities of Adulthood are Simple and Direct • 5,230 views
Haute Sci-Fi Fashions

10 Haute Sci-Fi Fashions

The Her Universe Wearable Collection Features Couture Looks • 4,197 views
Playful Pregnancy Pictures

11 Playful Pregnancy Pictures

This Mom Created Webcomics of Everyday Life for Pregnant Women • 3,336 views
Conceptual Female Emojis

12 Conceptual Female Emojis

These Women Emoji Images Describe Millennial Female Struggles • 3,138 views
Concealed Emoji Classical Paintings

13 Concealed Emoji Classical Paintings

These Famous Works of Art Feature Hidden Smartphone Graphics • 3,106 views
33 Kanye West Creations

14 33 Kanye West Creations

From Candid Celebrity Couple Polaroids to Presidential Rapper Apparel • 2,955 views
Wizarding Luxury Apartments

15 Wizarding Luxury Apartments

Magical Hogwarts Houses from the Harry Potter Series are Now for Sale • 2,592 views
Sci-Fi Vacation Photos

16 Sci-Fi Vacation Photos

These Star Wars Vacation Art Prints Envision Characters Living it Up • 2,570 views
31-Day Costume Challenges

17 31-Day Costume Challenges

Makeup Artist Amanda Chapman Creates a Ton of Incredible Halloween Looks • 2,502 views
Hair-Dyed Disney Princesses

18 Hair-Dyed Disney Princesses

This Artist Re-Imagined Each Disney Princess with a Wild Hair Color • 2,366 views
Couture Sci-Fi Shoes

19 Couture Sci-Fi Shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood's 10th Anniversary Lineup Offers Star Wars High Heels • 2,170 views
10 Space-Themed Helmet Designs

20 10 Space-Themed Helmet Designs

From Sci-Fi Sports Helmets to Galactic Animal Star Wars Helmets • 2,116 views


Top 100 Design Trends in October

1 Top 100 Design Trends in October

From Interactive Litter Bins to Charming Micro-Apartments • 26,994 views
Evil Cartoon Pin-Ups

2 Evil Cartoon Pin-Ups

Artist Andrew Tarusov Created a Series of Disney Villian Pin-Up Posters • 25,907 views
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in September

3 Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in September

From Makeup-Free Disney Princesses to Top Model Lipsticks • 22,966 views
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in October

4 Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in October

From City-Inspired Emojis to Neutral Rapper Fashion Shows • 15,862 views
40 Internet-Inspired Halloween Costumes

5 40 Internet-Inspired Halloween Costumes

From Expressive Emoji Masks to Disney-Inspired Costumes • 12,771 views
Undead Disney Princesses

6 Undead Disney Princesses

These Makeup Looks Transform the Disney Characters into Zombies • 10,645 views
Top 100 Marketing Trends in October

7 Top 100 Marketing Trends in October

From Branded Farm Visits to Workout-Bartered Subway Fare • 10,325 views
Candid Family Seaside Editorials

8 Candid Family Seaside Editorials

Angelina Jolie Pitt Poses with Her Husband and Kids for Vogue • 8,151 views
Pierced Disney Princesses

9 Pierced Disney Princesses

This Series Depicts the Iconic Heroines with Septum Piercings • 7,501 views
Elegantly Picturesque Editorials

10 Elegantly Picturesque Editorials

The Lily Donaldson Harper Bazaar's UK Photoshoot is Like the Wind • 6,631 views
Anime Monster Hoodies

11 Anime Monster Hoodies

This Sweater Style is Inspired by the Electric Pikachu Pokemon • 6,383 views
Bold Bodysuit Editorials

12 Bold Bodysuit Editorials

The Ciara Vanity Fair Italia Photoshoot is Fashionably Body Conscious • 6,109 views
Anthropomorphic Disney Animals

13 Anthropomorphic Disney Animals

These Iconic Animated Characters are Re-Imagined in Human Forms • 6,092 views
Edgy Actress Transformations

14 Edgy Actress Transformations

Jessica Chastain Channels a Punk for W Magazine • 5,383 views
Accurate Disney Illustrations

15 Accurate Disney Illustrations

This Artist Draws the Dark Origins of Disney Princess Movies • 5,365 views
Faceless Disney Princesses

16 Faceless Disney Princesses

These Illustrations Depict the Iconic Princesses Without Faces • 4,705 views
Top 30 Publicity Stunt Trends in October

17 Top 30 Publicity Stunt Trends in October

From Futuristic Film Beverages to Brand Unity Burgers • 4,676 views
Wanderlust Fashion Ads

18 Wanderlust Fashion Ads

The Louis Vuitton FW15 Campaign Focuses on the 'Spirit of Travel' • 4,151 views
Controversial Dress Costumes

19 Controversial Dress Costumes

This 'The Dress' Halloween Costume Revives a Viral Debate • 3,954 views
Contrasting Cropped Images

20 Contrasting Cropped Images

'Broken India' Shows How Cropping Can Hide True Realities • 3,809 views