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Top 75 Home Products in April

1 Top 75 Home Products in April

From Hyperconnected Ovens to Household Advisor Apps • 54,712 views
Top 100 Food Ideas in April

2 Top 100 Food Ideas in April

From Fresh Food Vending Machines to Easter-Themed Chocolate Bars • 46,584 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in April

3 Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in April

From Artisanal Japanese Cafes to Luxury Transit Services • 42,734 views
Top 30 Life Trends in April

4 Top 30 Life Trends in April

From Mindful Smartphone Wallpapers to Commemorative Cremation Jewelry • 15,503 views
Top 100 Drinking Trends in April

5 Top 100 Drinking Trends in April

From Virtual Vino Pop-Ups to 8-Hour Coffee Brewers • 12,909 views
43 Marvelous Cooking Gadgets

6 43 Marvelous Cooking Gadgets

From Multitasking Waffle Makers to Tutoring Frying Pans • 12,016 views
Top 35 Gaming Products in April

7 Top 35 Gaming Products in April

From Shapeshifting Gamepads to Gamer Subscription Services • 8,608 views
Posture-Perfecting Systems

8 Posture-Perfecting Systems

Low-Tech Wearable Device BetterBack is Designed to Improve Posture • 8,435 views
14 Infant Travel Solutions

9 14 Infant Travel Solutions

From Travel Baby Backpacks to Fashionable Baby Slings • 5,561 views
Quirky Beer Hotels

10 Quirky Beer Hotels

The Dogfish Inn is a Charming Beer Tourist Attraction in Delaware • 5,332 views
10 Interactive Digital Menus

11 10 Interactive Digital Menus

From Mind-Reading Menus to Tablet-Powered Bars • 4,792 views
Twenties Life Advice

12 Twenties Life Advice

Arpan Roy's Infographic Consists of His Top 20s Life Lessons to Consider • 4,355 views
Productivity-Enhancing Charts

13 Productivity-Enhancing Charts

Funders and Founders's Infogrpahic Lists 32 Productivity Principles • 3,776 views
25 Specialty Tea Houses

14 25 Specialty Tea Houses

From French Monarch Tea Experiences to Oxidization-Organized Tea Shops • 3,684 views
Spaghetti Meat Bowls

15 Spaghetti Meat Bowls

This Trashy Spin on a Classic Dish Reinterprets an Old Recipe in a New Way • 3,513 views
Interactive Pet Shops

16 Interactive Pet Shops

The BlueCollar Working Dog Store Has Space for Products and Play • 3,374 views
Nontraditional Bridal Dresses

17 Nontraditional Bridal Dresses

The Vera Wang Spring Collection is Sensually Sheer and Slim • 3,253 views
LEGO Bottle Caps

18 LEGO Bottle Caps

Clever Caps Link Up with LEGO for Useful Bottle Cap Recycling • 3,180 views
Complete Lunch Kits

19 Complete Lunch Kits

Al Parque's Portable Lunch Box Design Totes a Salad, Sandwich and Drink • 3,010 views
Branded Confectionery Kiosks

20 Branded Confectionery Kiosks

This Delicious Nutella Pop-Up in Brazil is the First of Its Kind • 2,841 views


Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in March

1 Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in March

From Aging Romance Portraits to Art Gallery Eateries • 56,833 views
Top 70 Sports Trends in March

2 Top 70 Sports Trends in March

From Healthy Post-Workout Drinks to Indoor Running Apps • 42,589 views
Top 100 Health Ideas in April

3 Top 100 Health Ideas in April

From Lung Exercise Horns to Biological Cell Printers • 25,579 views
20 Examples of Fashionable Flasks

4 20 Examples of Fashionable Flasks

From Sneaky Booze-Smuggling Ties to Fabulous Flask Bracelets • 25,422 views
Top 80 Drinking Trends in March

5 Top 80 Drinking Trends in March

From Stylist Filtration Systems to Frothy Absinthe Cocktails • 24,728 views
Futuristic Circular Skates

6 Futuristic Circular Skates

The Unattached Orbitwheel Platforms Let You Skateboard in a New Way • 22,424 views
Animal Friendship Portraits

7 Animal Friendship Portraits

Harper and Lola Pose in This Pet Photography Series by Rebeca Leimbach • 17,602 views
Wine Drinking Hacks

8 Wine Drinking Hacks

These Extremely Helpful Wine Tips are Here Just in Time for the Weekend • 15,638 views
62 Urban Placemaking Initiatives

9 62 Urban Placemaking Initiatives

From City Accessibility Projects to Therapeutic Public Art • 15,324 views
50 Artisanal Packaging Innovations

10 50 Artisanal Packaging Innovations

From Hand-Sketched Liquor Bottles to Sophisticated Scent Boxes • 14,815 views
Creating the Dream Island Experience

11 Creating the Dream Island Experience

Trend Hunter Goes Behind the Scenes of #TheDreamIsland • 12,089 views
Plus-Size Padding Portraits

12 Plus-Size Padding Portraits

Refinery29 Uncovers a Plus-Size Practice That's Bad for Body Image • 11,931 views
20 Bite-Sized Italian Recipes

13 20 Bite-Sized Italian Recipes

From Shareable Lasagna Cups to Scrumptious Spaghetti Muffins • 11,410 views
Pouring the Perfect Pint

14 Pouring the Perfect Pint

The Heineken Bartender Final 2015 Serves up a Winner with Star Factor • 11,353 views
Indy Welcomes All to March Madness

15 Indy Welcomes All to March Madness

#ExperienceBuick in Indianapolis • 10,427 views
Adorable Animation Cupcakes

16 Adorable Animation Cupcakes

Baker Fernanda Abarca Creates Pastries Inspired by DreamWorks Movies • 8,909 views
The Rock Star Experience

17 The Rock Star Experience

Trend Hunter Chats with German about Heineken's Dream Island Experience • 8,630 views
Mobile Eatery Concepts

18 Mobile Eatery Concepts

The Peugeot Food Truck Converts into a Pop-Up Restaurant • 8,029 views
Desert Water Makers

19 Desert Water Makers

This Innovative Concept Imagines Gathering H2O in the Driest Conditions • 6,987 views
Modular Designer Sportswear

20 Modular Designer Sportswear

The JFS x NikeLab Summer Line is Meant to be Layered for Versatility • 6,671 views


Top 100 Home Trends in March

1 Top 100 Home Trends in March

From Segmented Washing Machines to Filter-Free Vacuums • 56,845 views
Top 100 Food Ideas in March

2 Top 100 Food Ideas in March

From Citrusy Guacamole Recipes to Elegant Concept Restaurants • 43,381 views
60 Futuristic Food Innovations

3 60 Futuristic Food Innovations

From Edible Spray Paint to 3D-Printed Chocolate Snacks • 39,031 views
53 Hydroponic Gardening Innovations

4 53 Hydroponic Gardening Innovations

From Home Farming Boxes to Plug-In Planters • 38,930 views
75 Creative Cafe Concepts

5 75 Creative Cafe Concepts

From Nostalgic Cereal Cafes to Iconic Gaming Eateries • 32,088 views
Top 100 Health Ideas in March

6 Top 100 Health Ideas in March

From Wellness Rewards Programs to Portable Breakfast Packs • 31,983 views
50 Charming Mother

7 50 Charming Mother's Day Gifts

From Maternal Book Sculptures to Limited Edition Luxury Confections • 26,279 views
Efficient Folding Suitcases

8 Efficient Folding Suitcases

Nendo Kame Luggage Has a Flexible Fabric Cover That Simply Rolls Aside • 22,239 views
Cozy Backyard Bunkies

9 Cozy Backyard Bunkies

The Collingwood Shepherd Hut Offers Comfy Permit-Free Overflow Accommodation • 20,700 views
100 Rainbow-Inspired Products

10 100 Rainbow-Inspired Products

From Decadent-Rainbow Hued Tissues to Opalescent Rainbow Shoes • 20,394 views
Keychain Camping Elements

11 Keychain Camping Elements

This Portable Camping Stove Packs Up for Easy Carrying in One Hand • 19,983 views
90 Food Carrier Innovations

12 90 Food Carrier Innovations

From Self-Heating Lunch Boxes to Compartmentalized Food Containers • 18,057 views
Top 65 Drinking Products in February

13 Top 65 Drinking Products in February

From Romantic Sparkling Wines to Hot Chocolate Biscuits • 15,489 views
40 Flexible Packaging Innovations

14 40 Flexible Packaging Innovations

From Single Use Wine Pouches to Instant Herb Garden Containers • 14,195 views
30 Extravagant Wedding Innovations

15 30 Extravagant Wedding Innovations

From Parisian Candy Station to Luxe Farmhouse Ceremonies • 13,106 views
The Dream Island Experience

16 The Dream Island Experience

Heineken Encourages You to “Don’t Let Your Dreams Die” • 12,987 views
40 Personal Hygiene Innovations

17 40 Personal Hygiene Innovations

From Sanitation-Alerting Wristbands to Antibacterial Food Utensils • 12,918 views
40 Artisan Food Products

18 40 Artisan Food Products

From Custom-Churned Condiments to Craft Ice Cream • 12,457 views
Meal Delivery Startups

19 Meal Delivery Startups

Chowdy is a Healthy Meal Subscription Service in Toronto • 11,316 views
Cyclist-Protecting Campaigns

20 Cyclist-Protecting Campaigns

The Volvo Life Paint Makes Bikes and Helmets Much More Visible • 11,288 views