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Top 100 Internet Trends in 2016

1 Top 100 Internet Trends in 2016

From Reality Show Fantasy Leagues to Strategic Marketing Platforms • 23,398 views
25 Examples of Innovative Coffee Merchandising

2 25 Examples of Innovative Coffee Merchandising

From Translucent Coffee Kiosks to Minimalist Cafes • 3,417 views
Open-Concept Coffee Shops

3 Open-Concept Coffee Shops

'Capriole Café' Features Roastery Equipment Out in the Open • 2,650 views
Graphic Design Tablet Apps

4 Graphic Design Tablet Apps

Astropad Studio is a Design Tool for Digital Designers on the iPad Pro • 1,200 views
Yoga Store Coffee Bars

5 Yoga Store Coffee Bars

The Neat Café is Located Inside lululemon’s European Flagship Store • 1,014 views
Rustic Jazz Bars

6 Rustic Jazz Bars

This Bar Combines Classic Greek Designs With More Contemporary Ones • 994 views
Airport Coffee Bars

7 Airport Coffee Bars

The Sydney Airport is Now Home to a Joe & the Juice Cafe • 948 views
Concrete Home Decor Collections

8 Concrete Home Decor Collections

The Brand Croque Beton Provides a Series of Minimalist Decor Items • 859 views
Grocery Store Coffee Kiosks

9 Grocery Store Coffee Kiosks

This Publix Supermarket Now Boasts a Starbucks Kiosk • 819 views
Flexible Millennial Offices

10 Flexible Millennial Offices

The WFP Innovation Accelerator Office Adapts to Changing Schedules • 818 views
Vault-Themed Shoe Stores

11 Vault-Themed Shoe Stores

The 24 Kilates Store Offers a Design Centered Around a Security Theme • 533 views
Medieval Series-Themed Bars

12 Medieval Series-Themed Bars

The Pop-Up Geeks Created a Game of Thrones Bar in Edinburgh, Scotland • 469 views
Flat Wine Bottles

13 Flat Wine Bottles

Garcon Wines Offers Slim Wine Bottles That Fit Through Letterboxes • 331 views
In-Mall VR Theme Parks

14 In-Mall VR Theme Parks

Landmark Entertainment is Releasing Its 'LIVE Centers' Across China • 329 views
Rerouting Retail Solutions

15 Rerouting Retail Solutions

ZigZag Global Offers Retailers a Sustainable System for Global Returns • 285 views
Circular Minimal Chandeliers

16 Circular Minimal Chandeliers

This Chandelier Design Suits Most Contemporary Homes • 259 views
Workforce Productivity Apps

17 Workforce Productivity Apps

The 'WorkSphere' Mobile Management Solution Keeps Employees on Task • 250 views
Interactive Chocolate-Making Kiosks

18 Interactive Chocolate-Making Kiosks

Chocolate Moonshine Co. Lets Consumers Create Their Own Treats • 224 views
Vegetation-Covered Hotels

19 Vegetation-Covered Hotels

The Atlas Hotel Is Almost Completely Covered in Plant Life • 182 views
Pop-Up VR Cinemas

20 Pop-Up VR Cinemas

This Temporary Activation Was Set Up at Milk Glass Co. in Toronto • 167 views


100 Millennial Gift Ideas

1 100 Millennial Gift Ideas

From Millennial-Targeting Skincare Lines to Canned Wine Beverages • 50,281 views
Fragmented Office Designs

2 Fragmented Office Designs

This Information Management Office Fuses Industrial and Quirky Designs • 3,432 views
Plus-Sized Lingerie Collections

3 Plus-Sized Lingerie Collections

Viva Voluptuous Offers an Array of Sizes for Consumers • 2,318 views
Luxurious Co-Working Spaces

4 Luxurious Co-Working Spaces

Fosbury & Sons is Reimagining Communal Workspaces in Antwerp • 2,147 views
Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Stores

5 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Stores

Toronto's 'EcoExistence' Sells Products That are Good for the Planet • 1,635 views
Minimalist Japanese Hostels

6 Minimalist Japanese Hostels

Drop Inn & Cafe is a Luxurious Space for Affordable Accommodation • 1,520 views
Transformative Tea Bars

7 Transformative Tea Bars

Toronto's 'Plentea' Has Tea Sommeliers on Staff to Craft Custom Beverages • 1,414 views
Male Cosmetic Ambassadors

8 Male Cosmetic Ambassadors

Manny Gutierrez Will Be Maybelline's First Male Beauty Representative • 1,387 views
Experimental Urban Brewpubs

9 Experimental Urban Brewpubs

Toronto's 'Halo Brewery' Specializes in Unique Flavor Combinations • 1,246 views
Bespoke Furniture Showrooms

10 Bespoke Furniture Showrooms

The 'Kroft' Furniture Showroom is Only Accessible by Appointment • 1,050 views
Infrastructure-Altering Rail Startups

11 Infrastructure-Altering Rail Startups

Eco-Friendly Locomore Offers Cheap Train Tickets in Germany • 990 views
Contemporary Filipino Eateries

12 Contemporary Filipino Eateries

Toronto's 'Platito' Filipino Soul Food with a Western Twist • 979 views
Online Beauty Boutiques

13 Online Beauty Boutiques

The Online Retailer Madison Reed Opened Its First Physical Store in NYC • 945 views
In-Store Yoga Lofts

14 In-Store Yoga Lofts

The Attic at Lululemon Combines the Brand's Products with Yoga Classes • 809 views
Glowing Wedding Bands

15 Glowing Wedding Bands

Raw Light is a Ring That Was Designed with Strength in Mind • 804 views
Quirky Candian Retail Concepts

16 Quirky Candian Retail Concepts

The Drake General Store Sells Lovingly Curated Curiosities • 797 views
Modular Industrial Workspaces

17 Modular Industrial Workspaces

This Software Company's Office Features a Contemporary Aesthetic • 724 views
Stacked Deli Takeaway Boxes

18 Stacked Deli Takeaway Boxes

This Deli Takeaway Packaging is Able to Fit a Four Course Meal • 715 views
Modernized Street Vendor Kiosks

19 Modernized Street Vendor Kiosks

The 'MŪV' Retail Cart is Contemporary and Functional • 701 views
Obstacle Course Gyms

20 Obstacle Course Gyms

Tough Mudder's Boutique Studio Gyms Will Prepare People for Its Courses • 698 views


Free 2017 Trend Report

1 Free 2017 Trend Report

Top 20 Trends in 2017 Forecast Video • 102,049 views
Top 100 Business Trends in November

2 Top 100 Business Trends in November

From Anti-Fraud Banking Apps to Experiential Car Dealership • 80,397 views
50 Start-Up Concepts in November

3 50 Start-Up Concepts in November

From Restorative Hangover Bars to On-Demand Stylist Services • 60,692 views
Top 70 Internet of Things Ideas in November

4 Top 70 Internet of Things Ideas in November

From Corrected Aromatherapy to Smart Baby Cribs • 55,269 views
Top 100 Marketing Concepts in November

5 Top 100 Marketing Concepts in November

From Political Food Trucks to Zero-Gravity Dance Parties • 43,362 views
100 Subscription Gift Ideas

6 100 Subscription Gift Ideas

From Muslim Beauty Subscription Boxes to Organic Supplement Kits • 33,011 views
Top 100 Branding Concepts in November

7 Top 100 Branding Concepts in November

From Global Streetwear Partnerships to Wooden Tea Chests • 23,692 views
Top 55 Entertainment Ideas in November

8 Top 55 Entertainment Ideas in November

From Virtual Reality Music Venues to Protest Games • 14,443 views
Future Festival New York

9 Future Festival New York

This New York Trend Research Conference Reveals Future Industry Trends • 6,893 views
Future Festival Las Vegas

10 Future Festival Las Vegas

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Future Festival London

11 Future Festival London

Attendees Learn Tactics for Success at This London Innovation Conference • 5,754 views
Future Festival Orlando

12 Future Festival Orlando

Attendees Compare Their Skillsets at This Orlando Innovation Conference • 5,749 views
Future Festival Chicago

13 Future Festival Chicago

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Future Festival Los Angeles

14 Future Festival Los Angeles

This Los Angeles Innovation Conference Includes Personal Assessments • 5,523 views
Future Festival Los Angeles

15 Future Festival Los Angeles

Explore the Future at This Los Angeles Trend Research Conference • 5,428 views
Future Festival London

16 Future Festival London

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17 Future Festival Orlando

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18 Future Festival Chicago

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19 Future Festival Las Vegas

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Future Festival Toronto

20 Future Festival Toronto

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