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Multi-Sensory Workout Clubs

1 Multi-Sensory Workout Clubs

Nike's 'Unlimited You' Offers a Unique and Immersive Experience • 1,875 views
Pop-Up Shoe Store Trailers

2 Pop-Up Shoe Store Trailers

This Mobile Shoe Store Offers a Unique Shopping Experience • 1,652 views
Content Creator Shops

3 Content Creator Shops

The New YouTube Store in London is a Physical Place to Buy YouTuber Merch • 625 views
Experiential Luxury Car Showrooms

4 Experiential Luxury Car Showrooms

Dubai's Newest Bentley Showroom Embodies Opulence • 415 views
Multi-Sensory Liquor Shops

5 Multi-Sensory Liquor Shops

Pernod Ricard's Cruise Ship Store Educates and Inspires Consumers • 331 views
Collaborative Streetwear Pop-Ups

6 Collaborative Streetwear Pop-Ups

Anti Social Social Club and Period Correct are Planning an Event • 271 views
Content Creator Communities

7 Content Creator Communities

This Online Creative Community Lets Members Collaborate • 168 views
Hosting Preparation Services

8 Hosting Preparation Services

GuestReady Helps Airbnb Hosts Ready Homes for Short-Term Renters • 134 views
Tiny Phone Repair Booths

9 Tiny Phone Repair Booths

Lovefone's Repair Shops are Inside Iconic London Phone Booths • 130 views
Back-to-School Pop-Up Shops

10 Back-to-School Pop-Up Shops

The Kikkerland Pop-Up Showcases Whimsical School Supplies • 94 views
Future Festival 2016

11 Future Festival 2016

Trend Hunter's Future Festival is Unlike Any Other Innovation Conference • 85 views
Refurbished Phone Programs

12 Refurbished Phone Programs

Samsung Plans to Resell Refurbished Phones by 2017 • 80 views
Craft Beer Membership Clubs

13 Craft Beer Membership Clubs

This Club Helps Members Make and Sample Their Own Beers • 66 views
30 Talks About Sales

14 30 Talks About Sales

From Simple Job Focuses to the Importance of Friction in Persuasion • 57 views
Virtual Shoe-Fitting Services

15 Virtual Shoe-Fitting Services

Department Store Isetan Uses a Flickfit 3D Scanner to Measure Feet • 53 views
On-Demand Test Drives

16 On-Demand Test Drives

Amazon will Deliver the 2017 Hyundai Elantra for Consumers to Test Drive • 51 views
Dorm Room Shopping Assistants

17 Dorm Room Shopping Assistants

Dormify's NYC Showroom Has Personal Stylists on Hand for Assiatnce • 50 views
Back-to-School Retail Events

18 Back-to-School Retail Events

Macy's is Preparing Students for College with Special In-Store Events • 48 views
Rapid-Fire Discount Apps

19 Rapid-Fire Discount Apps

The Dropio App Helps You Find Deals Better Than the Lowest Online Prices • 47 views
E-Commerce Card Readers

20 E-Commerce Card Readers

This Payment Card Reader Helps Businesses Seamlessly Embrace Shopify • 41 views


Top 100 Business Trends in July

1 Top 100 Business Trends in July

From Counter Culture Hair Salons to Educational Jewelry Ventures • 85,326 views
Top 30 Retail Concepts in July

2 Top 30 Retail Concepts in July

From Halal Confectionery Stores to Slow-Drip Coffee Shops • 10,175 views
Top 35 Brand Activations in July

3 Top 35 Brand Activations in July

From Sensorial Snack Brand Events to Mechanical Taco Rides • 9,010 views
29 Creative Vending Machines

4 29 Creative Vending Machines

From Baguette Vending Machines to Multi-Sensory Coffee Dispensers • 4,072 views
48 Olympic-Inspired Ideas

5 48 Olympic-Inspired Ideas

From Rio-Navigating Chatbots to Olympian VR Experiences • 3,087 views
50 Disney Business Inspirations

6 50 Disney Business Inspirations

From Cartoon Dumplings to Movie Inspired Airplanes • 2,060 views
Gold-Dipped Business Cards

7 Gold-Dipped Business Cards

'Lyon and Lyon' Handcrafted These Luxurious Professional Cards • 1,570 views
Limited-Menu Burger Chains

8 Limited-Menu Burger Chains

Chipotle is Set to Open a New Burger Chain Called 'Tasty Made' • 1,056 views
VR Shopping Experiences

9 VR Shopping Experiences

The Kabuki-Pedir Shop is Launching 'VR Shopping with Voice Chat' • 862 views
Bespoke British Footwear

10 Bespoke British Footwear

John Lobb's New Made-To-Order Service Offers Customized Shoes • 858 views
Complexion-Matching Hosiery Retailers

11 Complexion-Matching Hosiery Retailers Provides Nude Hosiery in a Variety of Shades • 845 views
Smoothie Delivery Services

12 Smoothie Delivery Services

'Daily Harvest' Delivers Customized Ready-to-Blend Smoothies • 793 views
Celebrity Sneaker Pop-Ups

13 Celebrity Sneaker Pop-Ups

The Under Armour Curry Lux Will Be Featured at a Limited-Time NYC Shop • 793 views
Razor-Printing Pop-Ups

14 Razor-Printing Pop-Ups

Gillette's 'RZR MKR' Showcases the History and Future of Razors for Men • 731 views
Iconic Denim Pop-Ups

15 Iconic Denim Pop-Ups

Levi's English Pop-Up Store Offers a Customized Denim Experience • 724 views
40 Useful e-Banking Platforms

16 40 Useful e-Banking Platforms

From Personal Payment Apps to Smart Banking Bots • 697 views
Scooter-Sharing Programs

17 Scooter-Sharing Programs

Gogoro Scooters Will Be Available for Rent in Berlin Through an App • 688 views
Cost-Free Modern Homes

18 Cost-Free Modern Homes

This Free Home Can Be Won Through a Lottery Process • 672 views
Multipurpose High-End Restaurants

19 Multipurpose High-End Restaurants

'Potato Head' Serves Unparalleled Indonesian Food and Much More • 565 views
Supermarket Wine Pop-Ups

20 Supermarket Wine Pop-Ups

Tesco Launched the 'Finest' Pop-Up Wine Bar to Showcase Its Wines • 549 views


Top 60 Start-Up Trends in June

1 Top 60 Start-Up Trends in June

From On-Demand Messenger Apps to VR Soccer Broadcasts • 54,010 views
Top 95 Business Trends in June

2 Top 95 Business Trends in June

From Emotive Designer Retailers to Startup Incubator Partnerships • 48,326 views
Top 100 Branding Ideas in June

3 Top 100 Branding Ideas in June

From Sensual Perfume Packaging to Patriotic Beer Rebrandings • 46,529 views
Top 100 Marketing Ideas in June

4 Top 100 Marketing Ideas in June

From Snacking Slot Machines to Mangled Emoji Sculptures • 45,488 views
Top 45 Start-Up Trends in July

5 Top 45 Start-Up Trends in July

From Experiential Event Services to AI Government Robots • 34,909 views
Top 25 e-Commerce Ideas in June

6 Top 25 e-Commerce Ideas in June

From Swipeable Shopping Services to VR Convenience Stores • 25,515 views
Top 100 Branding Ideas in July

7 Top 100 Branding Ideas in July

From Product Use Flowcharts to Animated Cartoon Resumes • 20,941 views
Top 55 Retail Designs in June

8 Top 55 Retail Designs in June

From Designer Brownstone Boutiques to Curated Lifestyle Retail • 16,658 views
Top 100 Mobile Apps in June

9 Top 100 Mobile Apps in June

From Keg-Optimizing Apps to Interactive Canine Safety Apps • 14,725 views
Top 45 Sharing Economy Ideas in June

10 Top 45 Sharing Economy Ideas in June

From On-Demand Clothing Rentals to Scheduled Ridesharing Apps • 12,809 views
Top 30 Wearable Technology Innovations in July

11 Top 30 Wearable Technology Innovations in July

From Connected Smart Gloves to Paper Sun Sensors • 9,833 views
Top 30 Branded Pop-Ups in June

12 Top 30 Branded Pop-Ups in June

From Period Pop-Up Shops to Car Dealership Cafes • 9,123 views
28 Unique Office Designs

13 28 Unique Office Designs

These Uncommon Office Spaces Boost Creativity and Collaboration • 7,399 views
Counter Culture Hair Salons

14 Counter Culture Hair Salons

#BLOW is Europe's First Official 'Manic Panic Colour Asylum' • 4,827 views
Luxurious Co-Working Spaces

15 Luxurious Co-Working Spaces

This Co-Work Space Adapts to More Modern Work Practices • 4,594 views
20 Fragrance-Themed Retail Innovations

16 20 Fragrance-Themed Retail Innovations

From Luxe Perfume Shop Pop-Ups to Temporary Scent Galleries • 2,813 views
Eclectic Technology Offices

17 Eclectic Technology Offices

This Office Design Features a Multitude of Unusual Features • 2,345 views
American Anime Cafes

18 American Anime Cafes

The Hello Kitty Cafe is Now is Opening as a Semi-Permanent LA Cafe • 1,979 views
Mobile Cocktail Bars

19 Mobile Cocktail Bars

This Vintage Trailer Was Re-Purposed to Function as a Moving Bar • 1,658 views
Luxury Fast-Fashion Collaborations

20 Luxury Fast-Fashion Collaborations

KENZO X H & M Gives a Sneak Peek of Its New Collection • 1,553 views