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20. Literal Half-Off Campaigns

Yahoo! Japan's Half-Off Discount Halves Products & Prices (GALLERY)
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FEI Toronto 2014

1 FEI Toronto 2014

The Front End of Innovation Kicks Off in Toronto on September 29th • 13,885 views
Ideal Career Charts

2 Ideal Career Charts

This Infographic Explores Career and Personality Type Based on MTBI Results • 2,137 views
10 Festive Pop-Up Shops

3 10 Festive Pop-Up Shops

From Creepy Halloween Pop-Ups to Luxe Christmas Retailers • 2,066 views
Hunting Culture Photography

4 Hunting Culture Photography

Travis Dewitz Captures Wisconsin's Hunters in His New Book • 1,773 views
17 Food-Based Subscriptions

5 17 Food-Based Subscriptions

These Food Subscription Services Promote Meals to Niche Consumers • 1,326 views
Non-Refundable Restaurant Reservations

6 Non-Refundable Restaurant Reservations

Coi's Daniel Patterson Instituted a Flat Fee Dining System • 1,324 views
Suburban Japanese Architecture Photography

7 Suburban Japanese Architecture Photography

Jeremie Souteyrat's Tokyo No Ie Compiles These Pictures • 991 views
Pioneering Car Auctions

8 Pioneering Car Auctions

The Range Rover 001 Sold For $213,000. • 876 views
Time Capsule Libraries

9 Time Capsule Libraries

Katie Paterson's Future Library Will be Accessed in 2114 • 796 views
Interactive Floral Walls

10 Interactive Floral Walls

Gucci's Infinity of Flowers Lets Shoppers Interact with Digital Petals • 725 views
Creative Community Co-ops

11 Creative Community Co-ops

The Roco is an Innovative and Collaborative Space for Both Work and Play • 683 views
Task-Outsourcing Sites

12 Task-Outsourcing Sites

Tech Job Site 199Jobs Helps You Complete Tasks for Just a Few Dollars • 683 views
High Speed Clothing Deliveries

13 High Speed Clothing Deliveries

This Fashion Label is Launching 1 Hour Delivery in San Francisco • 652 views
Female Taxi Services

14 Female Taxi Services

The SheRides Service Allows You to Choose a Lady Driver • 580 views
Sample Perfume Subscriptions

15 Sample Perfume Subscriptions

The Scentbird Cosmetic Service Lets You Try Out Popular Scents • 577 views
Branded Innovation Labs

16 Branded Innovation Labs

Cole Haan Collaborated with Flavorpill to Inspire Idea Generation • 574 views
Literal Half-Off Campaigns

17 Literal Half-Off Campaigns

Yahoo! Japan's Half-Off Discount Halves Products & Prices • 540 views
Comedic CV Cartoons

18 Comedic CV Cartoons

Almagreta Arranged Funny Resume Quotes in this Illustrated Infographic • 509 views
Bottomless Pasta Passes

19 Bottomless Pasta Passes

Olive Garden's All You Can Eat Pasta Pass Will Feed You Through the Fall • 489 views
Fashion-Hunting Platforms

20 Fashion-Hunting Platforms

The Hunt App Aims to Help Fashion Lovers Find their Desired Pieces • 460 views


Top 85 Business Ideas in August

1 Top 85 Business Ideas in August

From Grilled Cheese Deliveries to Toy Rental Services • 179,637 views
Top 100 Marketing Ideas in August

2 Top 100 Marketing Ideas in August

From Ridiculous Rebranding Spoofs to One Star Motel Ads • 168,849 views
Top 100 Unique Ideas in August

3 Top 100 Unique Ideas in August

From Octopus Coffee Stands to Root Vegetable Ice Creams • 158,520 views
Top 100 Tech Ideas in August

4 Top 100 Tech Ideas in August

From Wireless Smart Headphones to Wearable Banking Apps • 126,836 views
68 Innovative Startup Companies

5 68 Innovative Startup Companies

From Bodybuilding Exercise Sensors to Multitasking 3D Printers • 33,517 views
30 Asian Marketing Examples

6 30 Asian Marketing Examples

From Cross-Cultural Snack Ads to Anime-Inspired Singer Ads • 15,651 views
60 Biometric Technology Innovations

7 60 Biometric Technology Innovations

From Epilepsy-Tracking Shirts to Fitness Tracking Earbuds • 11,548 views
18 Custom Fashion Finds

8 18 Custom Fashion Finds

From Custom Shirt Builders to Custom 3D-Printed Shoes • 8,352 views
22 Point-of-Sale Innovations

9 22 Point-of-Sale Innovations

From Digital Tip Jars to Biometric Buying Systems • 8,001 views
Can Currency Campaigns

10 Can Currency Campaigns

McDonald's Stockholm Lets Youth Trade in Bags of Recycled Cans For Burgers • 6,521 views
46 Department Store Innovations

11 46 Department Store Innovations

From Simulated Shop Assistants to Pop-Up Beauty Boutiques • 6,395 views
28 Custom Shopping Experiences

12 28 Custom Shopping Experiences

From Bespoke Bag Platforms to Futuristic Shopping Beacons • 5,182 views
Cold-Press Juice Bars

13 Cold-Press Juice Bars

The 'Off the Vine' Juice Bar Will Offer Nutritious Cold-Pressed Juices • 4,609 views
100 Independent Alcohol Brands

14 100 Independent Alcohol Brands

From Spiked Ginger Beers to Rocky Mountain Whiskey • 4,371 views
100 Hello Kitty Products

15 100 Hello Kitty Products

From Cartoonized Cat Headsets to Fashionable Feline Eywear • 4,137 views
3D Printing Cafes

16 3D Printing Cafes

The MakersCafe Coffee Shop Design Offers Customers a 3D Dining Experience • 4,025 views
Makeup Trial Apps

17 Makeup Trial Apps

LX Studio's Virtual Makeover Studio Lets You Experiment with Real Products • 3,556 views
Sarcastic Apparel Projects

18 Sarcastic Apparel Projects

A Kickstarter Project that Promises Lousy Shirt Rewards • 3,024 views
Bespoke Bag Platforms

19 Bespoke Bag Platforms

The Kate Spade Saturday Website Lets Users Design Their Own Weekender Bag • 2,847 views
Cardboard-Tubed Retail Stores

20 Cardboard-Tubed Retail Stores

Brooks + Scarpa Design the Interior of Aesop Shop • 2,666 views


37 Fresh Product Packaging Designs

1 37 Fresh Product Packaging Designs

From Delectable Juicery Branding to Artful Seafood Branding • 119,335 views
Top 55 Business Trends in July

2 Top 55 Business Trends in July

From Medieval Home Securities to Web Shopping Stylist Services • 76,645 views
50 Retail Technology Innovations

3 50 Retail Technology Innovations

From Interactive Shopping Signs to Futuristic Shopping Beacons • 22,553 views
Celebrity Self-Portrait Books

4 Celebrity Self-Portrait Books

The Kim Kardashian Selfie Book Boasts 352 Pages of Her Face • 20,780 views
Beach Library Installations

5 Beach Library Installations

Herman Kompernas Promotes Reading by the Bulgarian Black Sea • 14,677 views
25 Examples of Interactive Retail

6 25 Examples of Interactive Retail

From Immersive Sports Stores to Personalized Virtual Boutiques • 12,738 views
51 Summer Subscription Boxes

7 51 Summer Subscription Boxes

From Monthly Manicure Subscriptions to Camping Gear Sharing Platforms • 7,396 views
25 Social Media Retail Innovations

8 25 Social Media Retail Innovations

From Crowdsourced Fashion Retail to Social Media-Based Shops • 7,302 views
15 Ways to Become an Entrepreneur

9 15 Ways to Become an Entrepreneur

From Entrepreneurial Career Tips to Crowdfunding Mobile Apps • 6,966 views
Books on T-Shirts

10 Books on T-Shirts

Litographs Creates Stunning Graphic Designs Using Only Text and Color • 6,632 views
10 Shipping Technology Innovations

11 10 Shipping Technology Innovations

From Reusable E-Retail Packaging to Public Transit Shipping • 5,905 views
14 Interactive Coffee Shops

12 14 Interactive Coffee Shops

From Feline-Focused Coffee Shops to Anime Character Cafes • 5,876 views
Food-Inspired Fashion Shops

13 Food-Inspired Fashion Shops

Anya Hindmarch's Fashion Pop Up Presents Luxury Goods Like Groceries • 5,806 views
Marriage Proposal Resumes

14 Marriage Proposal Resumes

Catherine Pelletier Likens Applying to the Right Job to Engagements • 4,852 views
Mysterious Crowdfunding Campaigns

15 Mysterious Crowdfunding Campaigns

Jordan Bishop's Product Launch on Crowdtilt is for the Unknown • 4,672 views
13 Examples of Food-Focused Retail Locations

16 13 Examples of Food-Focused Retail Locations

From Artisan Meat Markets to Boutique Cafe Hybrids • 4,485 views
Sweet Selfie Deliveries

17 Sweet Selfie Deliveries

Founder James Middleton Says Boomf's Next Step is Tricycle Delivery • 4,473 views
Open-Concept Food Stores

18 Open-Concept Food Stores

This Specialty Food Store in Toronto Offers Quality Products & Guidance • 4,094 views
34 Colognes for Guys

19 34 Colognes for Guys

From Piquant Men’s Perfumes to Bold Meaty Colognes • 4,091 views
Men-Only Shopping Services

20 Men-Only Shopping Services

Selfridges' Personal Shopping Service Caters Specifically to Men • 4,000 views