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28 Unique Office Designs

1 28 Unique Office Designs

These Uncommon Office Spaces Boost Creativity and Collaboration • 3,314 views
Plant-Based Meal Planners

2 Plant-Based Meal Planners

Lighter's Personalized Meal Plans Reject the Standard American Diet • 568 views
Limited-Item Fashion Brands

3 Limited-Item Fashion Brands

This Quality Fashion Brand Runs on an Unusual Business Concept • 408 views
One-Click Logo Creators

4 One-Click Logo Creators

'Logo Shuffle' Lets Budding Businesses Build Logos in Seconds • 333 views
Nitrogen-Cooled Chocolateries

5 Nitrogen-Cooled Chocolateries

Kit Kat is Launching a Liquid Nitrogen-Chilled Chocolate Store • 286 views
Filament Subscription Services

6 Filament Subscription Services

The Club Delivers Assorted 3D Printing Filaments • 180 views
Olympic-Inspired Sports Shops

7 Olympic-Inspired Sports Shops

This Sports Pop-Up Shop is an Extension of a Museum Exhibition • 120 views
Dessert Burger Sandwiches

8 Dessert Burger Sandwiches

Boston Pizza is Now Serving a Sweet Burger for Dessert • 99 views
Book Delivery Platforms

9 Book Delivery Platforms

The 'NearSt' Start-Up Offers Delivery of Books from Local Bookstores • 90 views
Coffee Shop Caramel Cakes

10 Coffee Shop Caramel Cakes

Starbucks Teamed Up with Natalie's Cakes & More to Offer New Baked Goods • 90 views
Charitable Holiday Promotions

11 Charitable Holiday Promotions

This Retailer's Holiday Deals Include In-Store and Online Plans • 89 views
In-Store Burger Bars

12 In-Store Burger Bars

Whole Foods Now Has a Vegan Healthy Food Bar in Colorado • 81 views
Drone-Docking Streetlamps

13 Drone-Docking Streetlamps

This Amazon Patent Envisions Streetlights as Drone Landing Stations • 73 views
Social Media Insurance Campaigns

14 Social Media Insurance Campaigns

'Progressive' Used Instagram to Market to Young Adults • 72 views
Seasonal Loyalty Programs

15 Seasonal Loyalty Programs

Starbucks is Offering a Special Loyalty Card Just for the Summer Season • 62 views
Streamlined Shopping Apps

16 Streamlined Shopping Apps

This Mobile Shopping App Offers An Enhanced Customer Experience • 60 views
Boozy Canine-Friendly Menus

17 Boozy Canine-Friendly Menus

Scotland's Winged Ox Serves Up Dog-Friendly Beer • 59 views
High-Flying Beer Collaborations

18 High-Flying Beer Collaborations

Heineken & KLM Will Be Serving Draught Beer on Flights to Rio • 55 views
Petrol Price-Detecting Apps

19 Petrol Price-Detecting Apps

This Fuel App Helps Ghanaians Navigate to Price-Effective Gas Stations • 48 views
Sign Language Coffee Shops

20 Sign Language Coffee Shops

Starbucks Collaborated with SID to Hire and Train Deaf Baristas • 45 views


Top 60 Start-Up Trends in June

1 Top 60 Start-Up Trends in June

From On-Demand Messenger Apps to VR Soccer Broadcasts • 46,832 views
Top 95 Business Trends in June

2 Top 95 Business Trends in June

From Emotive Designer Retailers to Startup Incubator Partnerships • 44,669 views
Top 100 Branding Ideas in June

3 Top 100 Branding Ideas in June

From Sensual Perfume Packaging to Patriotic Beer Rebrandings • 41,293 views
Top 100 Marketing Ideas in June

4 Top 100 Marketing Ideas in June

From Snacking Slot Machines to Mangled Emoji Sculptures • 39,688 views
Top 25 e-Commerce Ideas in June

5 Top 25 e-Commerce Ideas in June

From Swipeable Shopping Services to VR Convenience Stores • 23,747 views
Top 55 Retail Designs in June

6 Top 55 Retail Designs in June

From Designer Brownstone Boutiques to Curated Lifestyle Retail • 14,582 views
Top 100 Mobile Apps in June

7 Top 100 Mobile Apps in June

From Keg-Optimizing Apps to Interactive Canine Safety Apps • 13,520 views
Top 45 Sharing Economy Ideas in June

8 Top 45 Sharing Economy Ideas in June

From On-Demand Clothing Rentals to Scheduled Ridesharing Apps • 9,940 views
Top 30 Branded Pop-Ups in June

9 Top 30 Branded Pop-Ups in June

From Period Pop-Up Shops to Car Dealership Cafes • 8,068 views
Top 30 Wearable Technology Innovations in July

10 Top 30 Wearable Technology Innovations in July

From Connected Smart Gloves to Paper Sun Sensors • 5,501 views
Luxurious Co-Working Spaces

11 Luxurious Co-Working Spaces

This Co-Work Space Adapts to More Modern Work Practices • 2,998 views
Counter Culture Hair Salons

12 Counter Culture Hair Salons

#BLOW is Europe's First Official 'Manic Panic Colour Asylum' • 2,078 views
Celebrity Breakup Insurance

13 Celebrity Breakup Insurance

Taobao is Offering Insurance Based on Taylor Swift's Love Life • 969 views
Interactive Appliance Stores

14 Interactive Appliance Stores

The 'Dyson Demo' London Concept Store Lets People Try Before They Buy • 869 views
20 Fragrance-Themed Retail Innovations

15 20 Fragrance-Themed Retail Innovations

From Luxe Perfume Shop Pop-Ups to Temporary Scent Galleries • 832 views
American Anime Cafes

16 American Anime Cafes

The Hello Kitty Cafe is Now is Opening as a Semi-Permanent LA Cafe • 802 views
Dog-Friendly Office Spaces

17 Dog-Friendly Office Spaces

Kurgo Allows Workers to Bring Pets to Work to Interact with Products • 791 views
Anime Gaming Taxis

18 Anime Gaming Taxis

Pokemon GO Players Can Hitch a Ride to Catch Pokemon • 657 views
Stock Market-Inspired Bars

19 Stock Market-Inspired Bars

Asia's 'Wolf Market' Lets Patrons Drive the Prices of Drinks Up or Down • 657 views
Recycled Chain Store Clothing

20 Recycled Chain Store Clothing

Urban Outfitters' New Clothing Line Features Repurposed Fabric • 632 views


Top 100 Business Innovations in May

1 Top 100 Business Innovations in May

From Mobile ECommerce Fitting Rooms to Barista-Locating Apps • 96,976 views
Top 30 E-Commerce Ideas in May

2 Top 30 E-Commerce Ideas in May

From 360-Degree E-Commerce Shops to Social Selling Apps • 49,947 views
Top 65 Start-Up Innovations in May

3 Top 65 Start-Up Innovations in May

From Ethical Investing Tools to IoT Service Providers • 38,644 views
Top 35 Retail Design Ideas in May

4 Top 35 Retail Design Ideas in May

From Department Store Food Halls to Parking Lot Shops • 21,226 views
Top 25 Sharing Economy Ideas in May

5 Top 25 Sharing Economy Ideas in May

From Flexible Car-Sharing Apps to In-Store Co-Working Spaces • 14,798 views
Top 25 Finance Ideas in June

6 Top 25 Finance Ideas in June

From Snapchat Recruitment Campaigns to Financial Wellness Apps • 10,157 views
Accessible Modern Furniture

7 Accessible Modern Furniture

Retailers are Transforming the Furniture Buying Experience • 8,042 views
Top 25 Finance Ideas in May

8 Top 25 Finance Ideas in May

From Automated Brokering Services to Biometric Banking Apps • 7,953 views
Minimal Futuristic Store Layouts

9 Minimal Futuristic Store Layouts

This Modern Department Store Brings the Future into the Present • 5,392 views
17 Multipurpose Retail Spaces

10 17 Multipurpose Retail Spaces

From Handbag Personalization Kiosks to Camera Shop Galleries • 4,495 views
26 Examples of Multipurpose Pop-Ups

11 26 Examples of Multipurpose Pop-Ups

From Branded Skate Park Pop-Ups to Seafaring Beauty Pop-Ups • 3,286 views
Box-Shaped Donut Kiosks

12 Box-Shaped Donut Kiosks

The New Krispy Kreme Stores are Designed to Look Like a Box of Donuts • 3,135 views
Organic Fast Food Eateries

13 Organic Fast Food Eateries

Miami's 'Grown' Changes the Relationship Between Fast Food and Health • 2,356 views
Hybrid Restaurant-Butcher Shops

14 Hybrid Restaurant-Butcher Shops

This Toulouse Butcher Shop is Attached to a Restaurant • 2,302 views
Motion-Sensing Interactive Ads

15 Motion-Sensing Interactive Ads

Walkers Brand Created a Unqiuely Interactive Street Advertisement • 2,253 views
Custom eCommerce Boxes

16 Custom eCommerce Boxes

System Group's FreeBox Machine Makes On-Demand Boxes for Online Shipping • 1,881 views
Renovated Transparent Offices

17 Renovated Transparent Offices

What Was Once a Factory is Now an Office with a Translucent Design • 1,798 views
Vintage T-Shirt Pop-Ups

18 Vintage T-Shirt Pop-Ups

H BEAUTY & YOUTH is Holding a Collection of 90's Tees for a Limited Time • 1,670 views
Media-Connected Retail Stores

19 Media-Connected Retail Stores

This Furniture Store Partnered with Pinterest for a Unique Campaign • 1,649 views
Chinese Carpentry Workshops

20 Chinese Carpentry Workshops

This Shop Offers Woodworking Classes for Carpentry Enthusiasts • 1,647 views