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Pre-Packaged Lunch Kits

1 Pre-Packaged Lunch Kits

Scrumpt is a Food Delivery Service That Aids Time-Starved Parents • 3,059 views
Homey Bar Cafes

2 Homey Bar Cafes

The La Maison Bleue Cafe Combines an Eatery, a Bar and a Quaint Cafe • 2,310 views
Food Factory Eateries

3 Food Factory Eateries

This Korean BBQ Restaurant was Designed by ARTTA Concept Studio • 1,497 views
40 Financial Tech Innovations

4 40 Financial Tech Innovations

From Rewarding Mobile Wallets to Customized Lending Services • 1,473 views
Whiteout Menswear Boutiques

5 Whiteout Menswear Boutiques

The Likelihood Store in Seattle is a Hip Menswear Boutique • 1,194 views
Wall-Free Office Spaces

6 Wall-Free Office Spaces

The Newest 'Homeploish' Offices Resemble a Labratory of Interior Design • 1,046 views
Cheeky Tech-Free Smartphones

7 Cheeky Tech-Free Smartphones

The NoPhone Zero Humorously Helps Technology Addicts Disconnect • 926 views
Boozy Bath Pop-Ups

8 Boozy Bath Pop-Ups

This Pop-Up Event by 'Bathstore' Brings Champagne Bubble Baths to Consumers • 772 views
Touchscreen Smart Rings

9 Touchscreen Smart Rings

Apple's Newest Piece of Wearable Technology Will Record Hand-Written Notes • 331 views
Hybrid Bookshop Cafes

10 Hybrid Bookshop Cafes

This Quaint Istanbul Bookshop Has a Cafe and Swingsets • 309 views
Refurbished Foliage Offices

11 Refurbished Foliage Offices

This Old House was Transformed Into a Plant-Consumed Office Building • 308 views
Professional Headshot Tours

12 Professional Headshot Tours

LinkedIn is Touring the US to Give Profile Advice and Headshots • 301 views
Pencil-Only Boutiques

13 Pencil-Only Boutiques

This Unique New York Store Exclusively Sells Pencils and Pencil Accessories • 277 views
Qualifying Car Rental Apps

14 Qualifying Car Rental Apps

'Cruizing Club' Allows Users to Screen Renters Based on Driving History • 172 views
Bookshelf-Digitizing Apps

15 Bookshelf-Digitizing Apps

Shelfie Lets You Digitize Books By Giving You Free eBook Copies • 143 views
Gender-Bending Vampire Novels

16 Gender-Bending Vampire Novels

This Twilight Sequel Reverses the Roles of Bella and Edward • 126 views
Business Book GIFs

17 Business Book GIFs

Snaploop Creates GIFs for Business that Summarize Books • 95 views
Homeware Loyalty Programs

18 Homeware Loyalty Programs

Canadian Tire Launches a Gamified App to Track Offers, Money and Points • 84 views
Cocktail Delivery Services

19 Cocktail Delivery Services

'Instapour' Delivers Ready-to-Pour Cocktails Right to Your Door • 63 views
Curated Start-Up Guides

20 Curated Start-Up Guides

This Index Newsletter Helps Consumers Track Down New Companies • 63 views


Top 95 Business Concepts in September

1 Top 95 Business Concepts in September

From Customized Loyalty Apps to Stylish Water Bars • 83,644 views
Top 100 Branding Concepts in September

2 Top 100 Branding Concepts in September

From Color-Swapped Brand Logos to Storytelling Beer Labels • 33,929 views
Top 50 Retail Concepts in September

3 Top 50 Retail Concepts in September

From High-End Thrift Shops to Social Brand Messengers • 27,318 views
Top 40 New Venture Concepts in September

4 Top 40 New Venture Concepts in September

From Used Makeup Retailers to Renter Tattletale Services • 18,094 views
100 Innovative Cafe Concepts

5 100 Innovative Cafe Concepts

From Eclectic Dutch Coffee Bars to Canine-Centered Coffee Shops • 16,382 views
Top 80 Interactive Concepts in September

6 Top 80 Interactive Concepts in September

From Cryptic Magazine Ads to Supermarket Soda Challenges • 15,621 views
40 Creative Subscription Services

7 40 Creative Subscription Services

From VR Beauty Boxes to Single Serve Wine Deliveries • 14,894 views
Customized Literary Necklaces

8 Customized Literary Necklaces

Speechlust Jewelry Makes Custom Engraved Dog Tag Necklaces • 7,905 views
Top 30 Publicity Stunt Concepts in September

9 Top 30 Publicity Stunt Concepts in September

From Sea Water Beverages to Human Wi-Fi Hotspots • 7,503 views
Dress-Lending Services

10 Dress-Lending Services

Rent frock Repeat's Dress Rental Service Makes Designer Items Affordable • 6,470 views
Submarine-Carried Islands

11 Submarine-Carried Islands

This Man-Made Island of Luxury Floats Atop the Roofs of Submarines • 4,594 views
3D-Printed Gold Jewelry

12 3D-Printed Gold Jewelry

Lionel T. Dean's 18 Carat Gold Designs Could Change the Jewelry Industry • 4,387 views
25 Experiential Breakfast Innovations

13 25 Experiential Breakfast Innovations

From Breakfast-Themed Pop-Ups to Instant Barista Machines • 4,140 views
32 Unconventional Bakeries

14 32 Unconventional Bakeries

From Padded Bakery Pop-Ups to Baked Goodies Gift Services • 3,195 views
30 Touchscreen Retail Displays

15 30 Touchscreen Retail Displays

These Interactive In-Store Displays Simplify the Shopping Process • 2,538 views
Herb-Covered Eateries

16 Herb-Covered Eateries

This Restaurant is Decorated with Herbs the Chef Uses to Prepare Meals • 2,526 views
15 Social Store Displays

17 15 Social Store Displays

In-Store Social Media Drives Interaction with Tangible Experiences • 2,355 views
32 Examples of Premium Sandwiches

18 32 Examples of Premium Sandwiches

From Dry-Aged Steak Sandwiches to Epicurean Southern Ciabattas • 1,974 views
Compact Portable Offices

19 Compact Portable Offices

This Mobile Office Allows You to Conduct Meetings Anywhere on the Road • 1,928 views
Supermodel Photo Books

20 Supermodel Photo Books

The Gisele Bundchen Luxury Book Includes Intimate Shots and a High Pricetag • 1,856 views


Top 100 Business Ideas in August

1 Top 100 Business Ideas in August

From Competition-Tracking Tools to App-Based Rewards Programs • 87,652 views
Top 75 Interactive Ideas in August

2 Top 75 Interactive Ideas in August

From Custom Dessert Campaigns to Tiny Movie Tickets • 41,132 views
Top 50 Retail Ideas in August

3 Top 50 Retail Ideas in August

From Shopping Assistant Apps to Soothing Bedding Stores • 40,115 views
38 Creative Brand Activations

4 38 Creative Brand Activations

From Bike-Powered Outdoor Cinemas to Enchanting Garden Pop-Ups • 32,832 views
Inexpensive 3D-Printed Villas

5 Inexpensive 3D-Printed Villas

This Mind-Blowing House Was Built in Just 10 Days Using a 3D Printer • 15,354 views
11 Innovative Food Kiosks

6 11 Innovative Food Kiosks

From Portable Yogurt Displays to Modern Beer Exhibits • 9,201 views
16 Pop-Up Bar Concepts

7 16 Pop-Up Bar Concepts

From Temporary Animal Cafes to Emoji Pop-Up Bars • 9,103 views
22 Examples of Portable Furniture

8 22 Examples of Portable Furniture

From Portable Seats to Suitcase-Containing Washbasins • 7,502 views
Food Truck Fashion Boutiques

9 Food Truck Fashion Boutiques

The Ardillas United Brand Converted a Doritos Truck to a Mobile Shop • 6,961 views
Fast Casual Street Cafes

10 Fast Casual Street Cafes

Lumee is a Bahrain Restaurant Boasting a Contemporary Heritage Style • 5,382 views
20 Branded VR Experiences

11 20 Branded VR Experiences

From Immersive Whiskey Simulators to Couture VR Experiences • 4,657 views
Entrepreneurial Advice Charts

12 Entrepreneurial Advice Charts

This Entrepreneur Infographic Lists Things To Do and Not To Do • 4,111 views
VR Real Estate Tours

13 VR Real Estate Tours

Harrods Estates Provided Comprehensive Tours of London Apartments • 2,936 views
Interactive Skincare Ads

14 Interactive Skincare Ads

Neutrogena's Hands-On Ad Entertains While Selling Makeup Removal Wipes • 2,784 views
Experimental Fashion Pop-Ups

15 Experimental Fashion Pop-Ups

This Imaginative Pop-Up Shop Offers a Number of Convenient Services • 2,750 views
Sports Lab Interactive Retail

16 Sports Lab Interactive Retail

The New ASICS Flagship in Paris Offer High-Tech Customization • 2,624 views
Competitive Food Truck Battles

17 Competitive Food Truck Battles

This Online Comparison Service Threw a Competitive Food Festival • 2,603 views
Single-Table Restaurants

18 Single-Table Restaurants

The Pop-Up UNA Restaurant Contains One Table That Seats 12 Guests • 2,275 views
Succulent Retail Concepts

19 Succulent Retail Concepts

Kaktus Kobenhavn is a Cactus-Centric Lifestyle Shop in Copenhagen • 2,152 views
Automatic Bartenders

20 Automatic Bartenders

The Foxtender is an Alcohol Vending Machine with a Compatible Payment App • 2,105 views