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Top 100 Business Innovations in October

1 Top 100 Business Innovations in October

From Camping Gear Rentals to Night Owl Co-Working Spaces • 35,876 views
Top 35 Start-Up Ideas in October

2 Top 35 Start-Up Ideas in October

From Shared Electric Cars to Palm-Scanning ATMs • 32,855 views
Top 60 Luxury Experiences in October

3 Top 60 Luxury Experiences in October

From Lavish Eco-Friendly Resorts to Perfumed Mirror Mazes • 20,426 views
Top 35 Share Economy Ideas in October

4 Top 35 Share Economy Ideas in October

From Simplified Account Sharing to Student Networking Apps • 10,789 views
Top 45 Interactive Trends in October

5 Top 45 Interactive Trends in October

From Motion-Tracking Billboards to Digital Dialogue Contests • 9,353 views
Top 30 Finance Ideas in October

6 Top 30 Finance Ideas in October

From Hand Print-Scanning ATMs to Streamlined Home Equity Services • 3,966 views
Storytelling Cosmetic Shops

7 Storytelling Cosmetic Shops

The Body Shop's Pop-Up Location Connects Consumers to Product Origins • 836 views
Abstract Homeware Pop-Ups

8 Abstract Homeware Pop-Ups

Kelly Behun's 'A Kook Milieu' Collection Will Be Shown at Barneys • 700 views
Experiential Dealership Shops

9 Experiential Dealership Shops

Jaguar Land Rover and Rockar Launched a Unique Retail Environment • 550 views
Punch Clock Currency Cafes

10 Punch Clock Currency Cafes

Brooklyn's Glass Hour Charges Patrons by the Minute instead of Drinks • 503 views
Illusionary Toy Store Bags

11 Illusionary Toy Store Bags

The LEGO 'Playbox' Store Bag Transforms the Shopper's Hand into a Toy • 452 views
Reclaimed 90s-Inspired Clothing

12 Reclaimed 90s-Inspired Clothing

Topshop Has Released its New Eco-Friendly 'Reclaim' Collection • 368 views
Blade Swap Pop-Up Shops

13 Blade Swap Pop-Up Shops

The Harry's Bartershop Lets Guys Trade Razor Blades on the Spot • 333 views
Kite-Based Power Sources

14 Kite-Based Power Sources

Kite Power Solutions Offers an Innovative and Cost-Effective Alternative • 278 views
Noodle Preparation Shopping Bags

15 Noodle Preparation Shopping Bags

The Nissin Hot Water Pouting Bag Mimics the Making of the Product • 264 views
Online Brand-Measuring Tools

16 Online Brand-Measuring Tools

'OnBrand Grader' is a Free Marketing Tool to Test Branding Strength • 244 views
Americana Clothing Flagships

17 Americana Clothing Flagships

The New Ralph Lauren Flagship is Infused with Interactive Tech • 216 views
Crowdfunding Project Product Stores

18 Crowdfunding Project Product Stores

The Amazon 'Made on Kickstarter' Curates Funded Goods • 162 views
Dream Job-Finding Apps

19 Dream Job-Finding Apps

The 'TiTo' App Makes Finding a Good Job a Streamlined Experience • 159 views
Decentralized Connection Routers

20 Decentralized Connection Routers

The Nodio is a Secure Router for Keeping Connections Private • 149 views


Top 100 Business Trends in September

1 Top 100 Business Trends in September

From Social Snapshot Conferences to Immersive Car Showrooms • 75,205 views
Top 35 Retail Design Ideas in October

2 Top 35 Retail Design Ideas in October

From No-Waste Grocery Stores to Phone-Based Suit Shops • 10,933 views
Trailblazing Doughnut Shops

3 Trailblazing Doughnut Shops

Toronto's Glory Hole Doughnuts Serves Up Creative Flavor Combinations • 6,345 views
Connected Technology Investors

4 Connected Technology Investors

HIGHLINE is a Flexible VC Firm That Invests in Goal-Driven Startups • 6,255 views
Influencer Viral Video Platforms

5 Influencer Viral Video Platforms

ivvi is an Influencer Marketing Platform for Viral Videos • 6,086 views
Artisanal Craft Marketplaces

6 Artisanal Craft Marketplaces

'BRIKA' Sells Modern Crafts Made by Various Artisans • 5,640 views
Restaurant Concierge Apps

7 Restaurant Concierge Apps

The Ritual App Makes Everyday Purchases Easy and Extraordinary • 5,292 views
Data-Driven Content Generators

8 Data-Driven Content Generators

Quietly Creates Engaging Content That Increases Traffic and Revenue • 4,033 views
Wholesome Beauty Retailers

9 Wholesome Beauty Retailers

Skin Food's Queens New York Flagship Boasts Grocery-Inspired Displays • 2,956 views
Translucent Coffee Kiosks

10 Translucent Coffee Kiosks

PUDDLE Created a Unique Booth for the International Modern Arts Festival • 1,757 views
Open-Source Cafe Cycles

11 Open-Source Cafe Cycles

The Wheelys 5 Bicycle Cafe Allows For Customizable Designs • 1,562 views
Masculine Lifestyle Stores

12 Masculine Lifestyle Stores

Stag Provisions Provides Classic and Modern Fashions for Men • 1,364 views
Localized Japanese Retailers

13 Localized Japanese Retailers

UNIQLO Will Open Its First Canadian Store at the Toronto Eaton Centre • 1,200 views
South Korean Beauty Flagships

14 South Korean Beauty Flagships

TonyMoly's New York Store Gives Americans Access to Asian Cosmetics • 1,102 views
At-Home Medical Tests

15 At-Home Medical Tests

Health Testing Startup EverlyWell Makes Clinical Testing More Available • 1,048 views
Music-Minded Rental Suites

16 Music-Minded Rental Suites

Sonos and Rough Trade Joined to Create a Music-Geared Experience • 842 views
Homely Rustic Office Spaces

17 Homely Rustic Office Spaces

This Office Provides a Comforting Environment for Its Employees • 837 views
Fairy Tale-Themed Cafes

18 Fairy Tale-Themed Cafes

The Beauty and the Beast Cafe in Japan Whisks Visitors Away • 833 views
Boutique-Inspired Coffee Cafes

19 Boutique-Inspired Coffee Cafes

Bibelot in South Melbourne Provides Artisanal Treats and More • 790 views
Korean Beauty Subscriptions

20 Korean Beauty Subscriptions

Memebox Offers Niche Cosmetic Kits for Varying Skin Concerns • 774 views


Top 45 Start-Up Ideas in September

1 Top 45 Start-Up Ideas in September

From Automotive Gin Bars to Online Hay Retailers • 80,323 views
Top 100 Business Trends in August

2 Top 100 Business Trends in August

From Laundry Pod Subscriptions to Disruptive Telecom Startups • 72,430 views
Top 100 Marketing Trends in August

3 Top 100 Marketing Trends in August

From Patriotic Mobile Showrooms to Branded Hospital Rooms • 67,681 views
Top 45 Start-Up Trends in August

4 Top 45 Start-Up Trends in August

From 3D Printing Restaurants to Book Delivery Platforms • 55,920 views
Top 40 Share Economy Ideas in September

5 Top 40 Share Economy Ideas in September

From Blogger-Hosted Decor Classes to Starbucks Rideshares • 9,931 views
Top 40 Restaurant Trends in September

6 Top 40 Restaurant Trends in September

From Crowdsourced Menu Rankings to Fruit-Covered Ceilings • 8,763 views
Artistic Chocolate Shops

7 Artistic Chocolate Shops

Toronto's Chocolates x Brandon Olsen Serves Up Colorful Hand-Made Bonbons • 7,128 views
Knife-Throwing Leagues

8 Knife-Throwing Leagues

Toronto Knife Throwing Organization Takes Target Practice to the Extreme • 7,071 views
All-Natural Beauty Boutiques

9 All-Natural Beauty Boutiques

Toronto's Detox Market Helps Consumers Glow from the Inside Out • 6,869 views
Contemporary Men

10 Contemporary Men's Barbershops

The Fitting Room Combines Culture and Style with Expert Haircuts • 6,650 views
Mobile Espresso Bars

11 Mobile Espresso Bars

Toronto’s Latte Booth Brings Quality Italian Coffee Directly to Events • 6,181 views
Axe Throwing Events

12 Axe Throwing Events

Bad Axe Throwing Puts a Spin on a Stereotypical Canadian Sport • 6,155 views
Sub-Zero Nightclubs

13 Sub-Zero Nightclubs

Toronto's CHILL Ice House Provides a Cool Way to Spend an Evening on the Town • 6,154 views
Northern Fried Chicken

14 Northern Fried Chicken

The Dirty Bird Serves Up Chicken and Waffles in Toronto's Kensington Market • 5,720 views
Educational Pickling Studios

15 Educational Pickling Studios

Toronto's Alchemy Pickle Company Runs Hands-On Fermentation Classes • 5,638 views
Accessible Grocery Store Layouts

16 Accessible Grocery Store Layouts

The New Checkers Hyper Store Layout Features Greater Sight Lines • 4,531 views
24 Unique Co-Working Offices

17 24 Unique Co-Working Offices

From House-Sharing Workspaces to Members-Only Coffee Bars • 3,808 views
Rebranded Americana Clothing

18 Rebranded Americana Clothing

Abercrombie & Fitch's Fall Clothes Reveal a New Style for the Brand • 3,251 views
Urban Millennial Clothing Collections

19 Urban Millennial Clothing Collections

The New Under Armour Collection Will Be Debuted at NYFW • 2,880 views
Burger-Free Fast Food Joints

20 Burger-Free Fast Food Joints

The Newest McCafé Restaurant Does Not Serve Burgers, Fries or Nuggets • 2,837 views