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Top 100 Business Ideas in May

1 Top 100 Business Ideas in May

From Personable Email Platforms to Android Shop Assistants • 76,067 views
Top 95 Retail Ideas in May

2 Top 95 Retail Ideas in May

From Local Retail Apps to Alabaster Flagship Stores • 26,187 views
Top 55 Interactive Ideas in May

3 Top 55 Interactive Ideas in May

From Filmic Adventure Campaigns to Subway Fitness Stations • 10,003 views
27 Excessive Fast Food Dishes

4 27 Excessive Fast Food Dishes

From Bacon-Stuffed Hot Dogs to Popcorn Chicken Nachos • 7,170 views
30 Temporary Retail Innovations

5 30 Temporary Retail Innovations

From Mobile Bus Boutiques to Shadowplay Pop-Up Shops • 4,614 views
Couture VR Experiences

6 Couture VR Experiences

Dior Eyes is a Branded Virtual Reality Headset for Interacting with Clients • 2,176 views
Marijuana-Infused Coffee Pods

7 Marijuana-Infused Coffee Pods

These Cannabis-Infused K-Cups Were Created by a Seattle Pot Shop • 2,146 views
15 Menswear Boutique Concepts

8 15 Menswear Boutique Concepts

From Industrial Menswear Retailers to Masculine Apothecary Shops • 2,054 views
23 Facial Recognition Marketing Stunts

9 23 Facial Recognition Marketing Stunts

These Campaigns Use Facial Recognition Tech for Advertising • 1,809 views
Patron Loyalty Packaging

10 Patron Loyalty Packaging

These Sushi Restaurant Rewards Boxes Thank Regulars for Their Business • 1,782 views
Rustic Juice Establishments

11 Rustic Juice Establishments

The Cold Pressery in Mississauga is a Stylish Healthy Lifestyle Bar • 1,316 views
10 Rejuvenating Juice Bars

12 10 Rejuvenating Juice Bars

From Organic Juice Bars to Apothecary-Inspired Juice Shops • 1,283 views
Airline Surplus Sacks

13 Airline Surplus Sacks

A Line of JetBlue Bags Makes the Most of Old Crew Uniform Material • 1,165 views
Crowdsourced Bicycle Couriers

14 Crowdsourced Bicycle Couriers

This Amsterdam Service Lets Anyone Get Paid to Do Bike Deliveries • 1,118 views
10 Scent-Driven Retail Concepts

15 10 Scent-Driven Retail Concepts

From Experiential Scent Bars to Personal Fragrance Finding Shops • 1,085 views
14 Inspiring Aesop Boutiques

16 14 Inspiring Aesop Boutiques

From Spa-Inspired Retail Concepts to Minimalist Morgue-Like Interiors • 1,027 views
Secret Garden Branding

17 Secret Garden Branding

This Organic Cafe Branding Channels Images of an Idyllic Forest • 893 views
Bookworm Fashion Shops

18 Bookworm Fashion Shops

Sonia Rykiel's Tokyo Fashion Pop-Up Puts Garments and Books on Display • 792 views
Summer-Only Retail Shops

19 Summer-Only Retail Shops

United by Blue's Asbury Park Seasonal Store Sits on the Oceanfront • 675 views
Gaming Retail Windows

20 Gaming Retail Windows

The Play Array Project Turns a Retail Storefronts into a Pop-Up Game • 547 views


Top 100 Business Trends in April

1 Top 100 Business Trends in April

From Coffee Delivery Services to Wi-Fi Reward Programs • 105,233 views
Top 65 Interactive Ideas in April

2 Top 65 Interactive Ideas in April

From In-Store Selfie Contests to Exploratory Social Campaigns • 39,185 views
Top 45 Retail Concepts in April

3 Top 45 Retail Concepts in April

From Two-Sided Payment Systems to Cashback Shopping Platforms • 26,425 views
Top 70 Youth Trends in April

4 Top 70 Youth Trends in April

From Elusive Millennial Manuals to Jungle Gym Vests • 18,383 views
Branded Confectionery Kiosks

5 Branded Confectionery Kiosks

This Delicious Nutella Pop-Up in Brazil is the First of Its Kind • 7,081 views
No-Wait Coffee Shops

6 No-Wait Coffee Shops

The Starbucks Line is Eliminated with an Efficient Location in New York City • 6,397 views
28 Experiential Bars

7 28 Experiential Bars

From Poolside Champagne Bars to Detective-Themed Speakeasies • 5,977 views
Interactive Pet Shops

8 Interactive Pet Shops

The BlueCollar Working Dog Store Has Space for Products and Play • 5,029 views
Cannabis Cafe Hotels

9 Cannabis Cafe Hotels

The Surrey Cannabis Club is Housed Within a Guildford Apartment • 4,600 views
27 Flagship Retail Designs

10 27 Flagship Retail Designs

From Experiential Candy Shops to Pristine Denim Boutiques • 4,262 views
Mobile Juice Bars

11 Mobile Juice Bars

This New Boston Juice Bar is Adapting the Food Truck Business Model • 4,244 views
Retail Farmer

12 Retail Farmer's Markets

Ferme En Ville is a Local Food Market That Recalls a Marketplace Aesthetic • 3,931 views
Scholarly Boutique Gyms

13 Scholarly Boutique Gyms

The Library Gym is Transforming Training into an Upscale Activity • 3,826 views

14 Children's Grocery Stores

This Kid's Supermarket in Moscow is Designed for Children • 3,564 views
12 Artisan Sweet Shops

15 12 Artisan Sweet Shops

From Luxury Dessert Cafes to Gallery-Style Patisseries • 3,499 views
Luxurious Menswear Flagships

16 Luxurious Menswear Flagships

The Joseph Abboud Flagship in NYC is the Designer's First • 3,390 views
Eclectic Menswear Boutiques

17 Eclectic Menswear Boutiques

This Menswear Retail Hub in Manchester Carries Hard to Find Brands • 3,386 views
Eco Bulk Food Kiosks

18 Eco Bulk Food Kiosks

This New Self-Service Refill System is Housed at London's Planet Organic • 3,240 views
Apartment-Inspired Cafes

19 Apartment-Inspired Cafes

This Amsterdam Coffee Roaster Just Opened a Chic, Homey Cafe • 3,111 views
Revamped Coffee Shops

20 Revamped Coffee Shops

Modern Coffee Receives an Design Overhaul Courtesy of Arcsine Architecture • 3,093 views


Top 100 Business Ideas in March

1 Top 100 Business Ideas in March

From Project Management Apps to Female Mentorship Platforms • 139,812 views
Top 45 Retail Innovations in March

2 Top 45 Retail Innovations in March

From Digital Product Showrooms to Contactless POS Systems • 15,397 views
Better and Faster: Divergence

3 Better and Faster: Divergence

Jeremy Gutsche's Speeches on Innovation Highlight Business Shortcuts • 12,405 views
The Beach Bar Experience

4 The Beach Bar Experience

Trend Hunter Chats with Sabino, Jessica & Lillo About #TheDreamIsland • 12,380 views
Better and Faster: Acceleration

5 Better and Faster: Acceleration

Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Shares Pattern Shortcuts • 10,564 views
Complete USB-Sized Computers

6 Complete USB-Sized Computers

The Google and ASUS Chromebit Turns Monitors into Working Computers • 10,308 views
Better and Faster: Redirection

7 Better and Faster: Redirection

This Speech on Innovation by Jeremy Gutsche Overviews a Key Pattern • 8,157 views
Interactive Travel Agencies

8 Interactive Travel Agencies

The Addin Store Has Tourism Displays That Customize to Dream Vacations • 8,025 views
Better and Faster: Convergence

9 Better and Faster: Convergence

Trend Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Discusses Convergence • 7,326 views
Female-Only Sneaker Shops

10 Female-Only Sneaker Shops

Naked Copenhagen Exclusively Sells Women's Athletic Footwear • 6,952 views
12 Examples of Eco-Crowdfunding Projects

11 12 Examples of Eco-Crowdfunding Projects

From DIY Bamboo Bicycles to Aquaponic Greenhouse Eateries • 6,222 views
Authentic Gourmet Grocers

12 Authentic Gourmet Grocers

This Specialty Supermarket Boasts Sophisticated Rustic Branding • 6,032 views
Metropolitan Cat Cafes

13 Metropolitan Cat Cafes

The Recently Opened Meow Parlour is the First NYC Cat Cafe • 5,990 views
Mobile Bus Boutiques

14 Mobile Bus Boutiques

The Kenzo Fashion Bus Offers Designer Style On the Go • 5,944 views
Experiential Retail Booths

15 Experiential Retail Booths

This Dairy Retail Booth Design is an Escape Within the Grocery Aisle • 5,145 views
Surging Retail Displays

16 Surging Retail Displays

The El Picaporte Storefront Makes a Splash in Valencia • 5,055 views
Wine Tasting Strips

17 Wine Tasting Strips

Beringer Transforms the Wine Tasting Experience in-Store with Flavored Strips • 4,828 views
Garage-Grown Produce

18 Garage-Grown Produce

Vertical Fresh Farms is an Urban Farming Initiative in Buffalo • 4,669 views
Website-Inspired Stores

19 Website-Inspired Stores

Web-Enabled Retail Displays Update Constantly with Online Content • 4,627 views
Better and Faster: Circularity

20 Better and Faster: Circularity

Jeremy Gutsche's Trends Innovation Keynote Discusses Intersection • 4,443 views