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33 Inventive Promotional Gifts

1 33 Inventive Promotional Gifts

From Paint Swatch Sweets to Branded Bacon Boxes • 8,127 views
Organic Marijuana Services

2 Organic Marijuana Services

Flow Kana Offers Farm-to-Table Weed That is Connoisseur Grade • 1,931 views
Opulent Cannabis Dispensaries

3 Opulent Cannabis Dispensaries

The Silverpeak Apothecary Wants to Make Buying Weed Luxurious • 1,709 views
Mobile Barber Shops

4 Mobile Barber Shops

Salon Le Barber Brings Men's Grooming Services on the Road • 1,108 views
Holographic Fishing Technology

5 Holographic Fishing Technology

The Hunter-Gatherer Lets You Virtually Catch Your Food for Delivery • 1,041 views
Boutique Coworking Facilities

6 Boutique Coworking Facilities

East Room is a Design-Focused Creative Membership Club in Toronto • 936 views
Sporty Rooftop Shops

7 Sporty Rooftop Shops

The Nike Miami Store Will Boast an Outdoor Track and Basketball Court • 901 views
Danger-Focused Travel Services

8 Danger-Focused Travel Services

The Adventurists Provide Adrenaline-Pumping Experiences for Clients • 718 views
Car Shopping Quizzes

9 Car Shopping Quizzes

TMatch Narrows Down Choices When Purchasing a Vehicle • 599 views
Caffeinated Subscription Services

10 Caffeinated Subscription Services

Starbucks' Coffee Subscription Service Delivers Fresh Roasts • 559 views
Ethical Shopping Apps

11 Ethical Shopping Apps

Glia Enables Conscious Consumerism by Matching You with Moral Retail Options • 532 views
Artisan Cocktail Subscriptions

12 Artisan Cocktail Subscriptions

Cocktail Courier by ShakeStir Delivers Party Supplies in NYC • 526 views
Business Doll Bursaries

13 Business Doll Bursaries

Mattel Reveals Winners of the Barbie Business Bursary and Wish Campaign • 514 views
Waste-Transforming Startups

14 Waste-Transforming Startups

Eat Limmo Created a New Plant-Based Ingredient Used in Baking • 322 views
Presence-Rewarding Apps

15 Presence-Rewarding Apps

Pocket Points Rewards Students for Staying Off Their Phones in Class • 284 views
Blind Audition-Inspired Interviews

16 Blind Audition-Inspired Interviews

GapJumpers Hopes to Solve the Diversity Problem in Tech • 268 views
Prioritized Tech Help Systems

17 Prioritized Tech Help Systems

Apple Genius Bar Introduces a Concierge Service to Rank Issues • 264 views
Evading Repetitive Success Strategies

18 Evading Repetitive Success Strategies

Jeremy Gutsche's Book on Business Teaches Traps to Avoid • 249 views
Be Willing to Destroy

19 Be Willing to Destroy

Jeremy Gutsche's Book on Innovation Shares Instincts to Cultivate Success • 245 views
Self-Improvement Leads to Opportunity

20 Self-Improvement Leads to Opportunity

Jeremy Gutsche's Business Novel is Will Help You Suceed • 240 views


Top 90 Business Trends in February

1 Top 90 Business Trends in February

From Viral News Services to Retail Beacon Platforms • 82,111 views
Better and Faster Book Trailer

2 Better and Faster Book Trailer

Trend Hunter's 2015 Innovation Book • 66,201 views
100 Vending Machine Innovations

3 100 Vending Machine Innovations

From Twitter-Activated Soda Dispensers to VR Vending Concepts • 17,585 views
Top 40 Retail Trends in February

4 Top 40 Retail Trends in February

From Auto Buyer E-Commerce to Personalized 3D Printing Shops • 14,503 views
Shipping Container Campuses

5 Shipping Container Campuses

Pop Brixton Aims to Bring A Sense of Community to the District • 10,027 views
20 Brainstorming Techniques for the Workplace

6 20 Brainstorming Techniques for the Workplace

From Smart Whiteboard Markers to Creativity Boxes • 8,287 views
Subscriber Business Books

7 Subscriber Business Books

John Warrillow's Newest Novel Advocates For a Subscription Service Model • 7,384 views
Hybrid Coffee Bars

8 Hybrid Coffee Bars

All That is Solid's Cafe Interior Design Suits a Range of Needs • 7,162 views
29 Personal Touch Promotions

9 29 Personal Touch Promotions

From Snail Mail Beer Campaigns to Candid Camera Commercials • 7,145 views
Creativity-Encouraging Boxes

10 Creativity-Encouraging Boxes

The Adobe Kickbox Jumpstarts Employees' Next Big Idea • 4,801 views
50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

11 50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

From Paperless Loyalty Apps to Smart Discount Cards • 4,633 views
18 Innovative POS Systems

12 18 Innovative POS Systems

From Emotion-Scanning Checkout Tablets to Contactless Donation Shops • 4,476 views
Plastic Payment Promotions

13 Plastic Payment Promotions

Shoe Brand MAMUT is Accepting Plastic Bottle Payment for their New Line • 4,053 views
Minimalist Retail Designs

14 Minimalist Retail Designs

The Legrand Showroom Boasts Both Exhibition and Seminar Spaces • 3,782 views
40 Apps for the Workplace

15 40 Apps for the Workplace

From Job-Hunting Apps to Associate Insight Apps • 3,707 views
Shipping Yard Shop Designs

16 Shipping Yard Shop Designs

The Nendo Backyard Store was Inspired by a Playful Commercial Rear Lot • 3,239 views
Electric Rave-Ready Clothing

17 Electric Rave-Ready Clothing

This Rave-Appropriate Clothing Collection Keeps the Party Glowing • 3,159 views
29 Interactive Grocery Shopping Experiences

18 29 Interactive Grocery Shopping Experiences

From Ingredient Delivery Services to Food Expiry Apps • 2,816 views
Online Design Stores

19 Online Design Stores

People Who Shop Pop Chart Lab are Treated to a Clean and Simple Interface • 2,678 views
Award-Winning Film Hardcovers

20 Award-Winning Film Hardcovers

The Grand Budapest Hotel Book Pays Tribute to the Wes Anderson Movie • 2,361 views


Top 100 Business Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Business Trends of 2014

From Clever Business Cards to Hybrid E-Commerce Shops • 90,334 views
Top 100 Retail Trends of 2014

2 Top 100 Retail Trends of 2014

From Hashtag Currency Shops to Automated Grocery Stores • 70,039 views
Top 100 New Ventures Trends of 2014

3 Top 100 New Ventures Trends of 2014

From Feline-Focused Coffee Shops to Solar Bench Chargers • 59,501 views
Voluptuous Celebrity Portraits

4 Voluptuous Celebrity Portraits

The Kim Kardashian Selfie Book Cover is Not What People Expected • 55,088 views
Top 70 Market Trends of 2014

5 Top 70 Market Trends of 2014

From Localized Social Media Marketplaces to Extinct Career Charts • 26,453 views
46 Online Shopping Innovations

6 46 Online Shopping Innovations

From Online Jewelry Consultations to Bespoke Dress Designs • 16,879 views
Envelope Shipping Boxes

7 Envelope Shipping Boxes

These Printed Box Designs Show Off Maximum Style and Ease of Opening • 13,191 views
Female-Empowering Platforms

8 Female-Empowering Platforms

WIE Network Features Insights & Inspiration from World-Changing Women • 9,045 views
Bent Corner Boxes

9 Bent Corner Boxes

This Retail Shipping Box Design Has Corners That Are Easy to Open • 8,151 views
Outfit-Modeling Mirrors

10 Outfit-Modeling Mirrors

Neiman Marcus' Memory Mirror Digitally Compares Outfits • 7,509 views
3D-Printed Retail Platforms

11 3D-Printed Retail Platforms

This 3d Startup is Now Offering Its Products on • 6,679 views
Eccentric Surfing Ensembles

12 Eccentric Surfing Ensembles

This 'Surf Suits' Collection for Women is Stylish and Skin-Protecting • 5,925 views
Gallery-Style Patisseries

13 Gallery-Style Patisseries

The À La Folie Pastry Shop Displays its Sweet Treats Like Works of Art • 5,324 views
Buttoned-Up Shipping Boxes

14 Buttoned-Up Shipping Boxes

This Box Packaging Design for WonderPix Uses Fewer Fasteners • 5,303 views
Returnable Shipping Boxes

15 Returnable Shipping Boxes

The 'There and Back Pack' is a Handy Return Shipping Box • 5,275 views
New Venture-Killing Advice

16 New Venture-Killing Advice

This Infographic Lists Startup Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid • 4,998 views
Minimalist Online Surf Shops

17 Minimalist Online Surf Shops

SALT's Responsive Ecommerce Site Uses an Aesthetically Pleasing Grid • 4,944 views
16 Beverage Delivery Services

18 16 Beverage Delivery Services

From Artisan Coffee Deliveries to Mixologist Supply Subscriptions • 4,672 views
11 Beauty Subscription Boxes

19 11 Beauty Subscription Boxes

From Men's Skincare Subscriptions to Vegan Makeup Goodie Boxes • 4,397 views
3D Printing Stations

20 3D Printing Stations

Staples Teams Up with 3D Systems to Offer 3D-Printing In-Store • 3,939 views