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53 Covert Social Marketing Campaigns

1 53 Covert Social Marketing Campaigns

From Dating App Album Promotions to Animal-Saving Emojis • 4,546 views
Skin-Matching Clothing Sites

2 Skin-Matching Clothing Sites

Nudevotion Helps Find the Perfect Nude Apparel for Every Skin Tone • 3,107 views
Upcycled Oil Barrel Furniture

3 Upcycled Oil Barrel Furniture

Designer Phil Davidson Creates Amazingly Bright Home Furnishings • 1,917 views
20 Customizable Food Services

4 20 Customizable Food Services

From Custom Ice Cream Flavors to Modern Bulk Food Boutiques • 1,817 views
Branded Festival Pop-Up Motels

5 Branded Festival Pop-Up Motels

Fosters and Airbnb Created a Pop-up Motel at Finland's Provinssi • 1,702 views
17 Pop-Up Dining Experiences

6 17 Pop-Up Dining Experiences

From Temporary Vegan Bakeries to Recycling Roaming Restaurants • 1,652 views
Whimsical Womenswear Pop-Ups

7 Whimsical Womenswear Pop-Ups

This Free People Pop-Up Was Recently Launched in Australia • 1,331 views
Crowdsourced Giving Platforms

8 Crowdsourced Giving Platforms

The 'Giveafish' Project Allows Users to Buy Gifts for Those in Need • 963 views
Industrial Bookstore Pop-Ups

9 Industrial Bookstore Pop-Ups

These Sustainable Retail Displays Are Made from Scaffolding • 815 views
Spicy Subscription Services

10 Spicy Subscription Services

The New 'Sriracha Box' Service Delivers Monthly Sriracha Products • 581 views
Six-Second Resume Contests

11 Six-Second Resume Contests

Nestle UK Recently Recruited Interns Through a Vine Contest • 384 views
Inebriated Retail Services

12 Inebriated Retail Services

This New App Encourages Retail Happy Users to Do Drunk Shopping • 352 views
Social Job Hunt Training

13 Social Job Hunt Training

Fifth Third Bank is Offering Twitter Job Coaching for New Grads • 324 views
Shopper-Guiding Supermarkets

14 Shopper-Guiding Supermarkets

This Supermarket's Indoor Positioning System Uses LED Technology • 296 views
Localized Artistan Communities

15 Localized Artistan Communities

The Toronto Urban Collective is a Local Pop-Up Market Series • 284 views
Clubhouse-Inspired Retail Interiors

16 Clubhouse-Inspired Retail Interiors

This Upscale Geneva Shop for Men's Footwear Boasts a Bar • 267 views
Kids Textured Painting Kits

17 Kids Textured Painting Kits

This Painting Kit is Created for the Young Artist Pushing Boundaries • 204 views
Innovation through Information

18 Innovation through Information

J.B. Schneider Co-founder of P'kolino • 166 views
Productivity-Increasing Signage

19 Productivity-Increasing Signage

This Do-Not-Disturb-Inspired Sign is an Office Must-Have • 160 views
Pet Waste Markers

20 Pet Waste Markers

These Small Dog Poo Pins Show People Where They Need to Tidy Up • 148 views


Top 100 Business Ideas in May

1 Top 100 Business Ideas in May

From Personable Email Platforms to Android Shop Assistants • 89,107 views
Top 95 Retail Ideas in May

2 Top 95 Retail Ideas in May

From Local Retail Apps to Alabaster Flagship Stores • 29,438 views
Top 55 Interactive Ideas in May

3 Top 55 Interactive Ideas in May

From Filmic Adventure Campaigns to Subway Fitness Stations • 12,101 views
27 Excessive Fast Food Dishes

4 27 Excessive Fast Food Dishes

From Bacon-Stuffed Hot Dogs to Popcorn Chicken Nachos • 8,288 views
30 Temporary Retail Innovations

5 30 Temporary Retail Innovations

From Mobile Bus Boutiques to Shadowplay Pop-Up Shops • 7,829 views
No-Wait Coffee Shops

6 No-Wait Coffee Shops

The Starbucks Line is Eliminated with an Efficient Location in New York City • 6,652 views
28 Experiential Bars

7 28 Experiential Bars

From Poolside Champagne Bars to Detective-Themed Speakeasies • 6,498 views
27 Flagship Retail Designs

8 27 Flagship Retail Designs

From Experiential Candy Shops to Pristine Denim Boutiques • 4,705 views
Cannabis Cafe Hotels

9 Cannabis Cafe Hotels

The Surrey Cannabis Club is Housed Within a Guildford Apartment • 4,659 views
Apartment-Inspired Cafes

10 Apartment-Inspired Cafes

This Amsterdam Coffee Roaster Just Opened a Chic, Homey Cafe • 4,381 views
Retail Farmer

11 Retail Farmer's Markets

Ferme En Ville is a Local Food Market That Recalls a Marketplace Aesthetic • 4,091 views
Homespun Soup Packaging

12 Homespun Soup Packaging

These Soup Packaging Designs Inspire Visions of Homecooking • 3,692 views
25 Rustic Restaurant Interiors

13 25 Rustic Restaurant Interiors

From Industrial Parisian Bistros to Ramshackle Barnyard Eateries • 3,134 views
Password-Protected Bars

14 Password-Protected Bars

Bourbon & Branch is an Unmarked San Francisco Bar Serving Craft Cocktails • 2,924 views
Energetic Downtown Hostels

15 Energetic Downtown Hostels

This Rio Hostel is a Vibrant Window into Brazil's Capital City • 2,900 views
30 Examples of Apothecary Branding

16 30 Examples of Apothecary Branding

From Opulent Cannabis Dispensaries to Pharmaceutical Cosmetics • 2,850 views
Couture VR Experiences

17 Couture VR Experiences

Dior Eyes is a Branded Virtual Reality Headset for Interacting with Clients • 2,794 views
Old World Delicatessan Interiors

18 Old World Delicatessan Interiors

This Helsinki Cafe and Deli Exudes a Rustic, Maritime Charm • 2,772 views
15 Menswear Boutique Concepts

19 15 Menswear Boutique Concepts

From Industrial Menswear Retailers to Masculine Apothecary Shops • 2,772 views
Patron Loyalty Packaging

20 Patron Loyalty Packaging

These Sushi Restaurant Rewards Boxes Thank Regulars for Their Business • 2,710 views


Top 100 Business Trends in April

1 Top 100 Business Trends in April

From Coffee Delivery Services to Wi-Fi Reward Programs • 106,964 views
Top 65 Interactive Ideas in April

2 Top 65 Interactive Ideas in April

From In-Store Selfie Contests to Exploratory Social Campaigns • 39,490 views
Top 45 Retail Concepts in April

3 Top 45 Retail Concepts in April

From Two-Sided Payment Systems to Cashback Shopping Platforms • 26,768 views
Top 70 Youth Trends in April

4 Top 70 Youth Trends in April

From Elusive Millennial Manuals to Jungle Gym Vests • 19,116 views
The Beach Bar Experience

5 The Beach Bar Experience

Trend Hunter Chats with Sabino, Jessica & Lillo About #TheDreamIsland • 12,501 views
Better and Faster: Divergence

6 Better and Faster: Divergence

Jeremy Gutsche's Speeches on Innovation Highlight Business Shortcuts • 12,407 views
Complete USB-Sized Computers

7 Complete USB-Sized Computers

The Google and ASUS Chromebit Turns Monitors into Working Computers • 12,118 views
Branded Confectionery Kiosks

8 Branded Confectionery Kiosks

This Delicious Nutella Pop-Up in Brazil is the First of Its Kind • 8,511 views
Interactive Travel Agencies

9 Interactive Travel Agencies

The Addin Store Has Tourism Displays That Customize to Dream Vacations • 8,505 views
Better and Faster: Convergence

10 Better and Faster: Convergence

Trend Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Discusses Convergence • 7,327 views
Female-Only Sneaker Shops

11 Female-Only Sneaker Shops

Naked Copenhagen Exclusively Sells Women's Athletic Footwear • 7,145 views
Authentic Gourmet Grocers

12 Authentic Gourmet Grocers

This Specialty Supermarket Boasts Sophisticated Rustic Branding • 6,705 views
Mobile Bus Boutiques

13 Mobile Bus Boutiques

The Kenzo Fashion Bus Offers Designer Style On the Go • 6,624 views
Metropolitan Cat Cafes

14 Metropolitan Cat Cafes

The Recently Opened Meow Parlour is the First NYC Cat Cafe • 6,360 views
Experiential Retail Booths

15 Experiential Retail Booths

This Dairy Retail Booth Design is an Escape Within the Grocery Aisle • 6,035 views
Garage-Grown Produce

16 Garage-Grown Produce

Vertical Fresh Farms is an Urban Farming Initiative in Buffalo • 5,531 views
Interactive Pet Shops

17 Interactive Pet Shops

The BlueCollar Working Dog Store Has Space for Products and Play • 5,378 views
Wine Tasting Strips

18 Wine Tasting Strips

Beringer Transforms the Wine Tasting Experience in-Store with Flavored Strips • 5,254 views
Website-Inspired Stores

19 Website-Inspired Stores

Web-Enabled Retail Displays Update Constantly with Online Content • 4,970 views
Scholarly Boutique Gyms

20 Scholarly Boutique Gyms

The Library Gym is Transforming Training into an Upscale Activity • 4,853 views