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Persuasive Branding Books

1 Persuasive Branding Books

Fascinate by Sally Hogshead Teaches Brands How to Be Irresistible • 6,152 views
45 Workplace Communication Innovations

2 45 Workplace Communication Innovations

From Collaborative Office Furniture to Corporate Wine Tours • 1,541 views
Mobile eCommerce Fitting Rooms

3 Mobile eCommerce Fitting Rooms

The True & Co. Mobile Retail Store Brings the Online Store to Life • 912 views
Tattooed Japanese Restaurants

4 Tattooed Japanese Restaurants

Koi is Decorated with an Intricate Mural by Designer Claire Leina • 668 views
16 Unique Banking Machines

5 16 Unique Banking Machines

From Steampunk-Style ATMs to Human Bank Machines • 599 views
Logo-Creating Startups

6 Logo-Creating Startups

Logopony Helps Other New Ventures Create a Flat Logo in Just Minutes • 584 views
Italian Supercar Amusement Parks

7 Italian Supercar Amusement Parks

The North American Ferrari Theme Park is for Car Enthusiasts • 438 views
Cultural Street Food Packaging

8 Cultural Street Food Packaging

Poco Loco Street Food Branding Draws Influence from Mexican Culture • 417 views
Bohemian Baby Wear Stores

9 Bohemian Baby Wear Stores

The Rich Hippies Store Offers Locally and Internationally Made Products • 355 views
Casual Clubhouse Venues

10 Casual Clubhouse Venues

Nashville's Pinewood Social is a Quaint Retro Entertainment Complex • 299 views
Noise-Free Retail Initiatives

11 Noise-Free Retail Initiatives

This Store Will Run a Quiet Hour for Shoppers with Autism • 271 views
Virtual Insurance Platforms

12 Virtual Insurance Platforms

Allay is the World's First Virtual Health Insurance Brokerage • 263 views
Comprehensive Sizing Shopping Apps

13 Comprehensive Sizing Shopping Apps

The Sizewise App Gives Consumers Lots of Context Related to Fit • 228 views
Millennial Banking Apps

14 Millennial Banking Apps

The Neat App for Budgeting Teaches Young People Financial Literacy • 215 views
Sustainable Solar Shops

15 Sustainable Solar Shops

IKEA in the UK Will be Selling and Installing Home Solar Panels Now • 203 views
Cassette Crowdfunding Platforms

16 Cassette Crowdfunding Platforms

Japanese Startup QASSETTES Helps You Finance Your Cassette Tapes • 169 views
Solar Energy Startups

17 Solar Energy Startups

This Solar Startup Offers Solar Power Services and Accepts Mobile Payments • 167 views
Messaging Services Schemes

18 Messaging Services Schemes

Flipe Wants to Help the Messaging Expert Earn Money for Their Skills • 124 views
Couture Voyage-Inspired Exhibits

19 Couture Voyage-Inspired Exhibits

Louis Vuitton Presented the Volez Voguez Voyagez Exhibit in Japan • 120 views
Localized Loyalty Apps

20 Localized Loyalty Apps

The Deal Local App Helps Local Businesses Build Loyalty Among Customers • 103 views


Top 100 Business Ideas in April

1 Top 100 Business Ideas in April

From Virtual Debit Card Apps to Fresh Supermarket Makeovers • 93,186 views
Top 100 Retail Ideas in April

2 Top 100 Retail Ideas in April

From Athletic Label Music Venues to Custom LP Pop-Ups • 65,688 views
Top 65 New Venture Ideas in April

3 Top 65 New Venture Ideas in April

From Zero Waste Markets to Express Laundry Apps • 18,162 views
Top 100 Interactive Ideas in April

4 Top 100 Interactive Ideas in April

From Seafaring Beauty Pop-Ups to Urban Garden Billboards • 13,577 views
Ribbon-Like Wood Tables

5 Ribbon-Like Wood Tables

Produce Workshop Designs a Unique Office Interior in Singapore • 2,553 views
Menswear Subscription Boxes

6 Menswear Subscription Boxes

Lewk Uses Algorithms to Curate Fashionable Looks for Customers • 2,017 views
Loose Leaf E-Commerce Brands

7 Loose Leaf E-Commerce Brands

CitizenTea is a Newly Launched Premium E-Commerce Brand • 1,872 views
Members-Only Retail Stores

8 Members-Only Retail Stores

E-Retailer Revolve's Exclusive Store is Just for Top-Spending Members • 1,869 views
Smart Grocery Concepts

9 Smart Grocery Concepts

Coop Italia Imagines a Supermarket of the Future Powered by Microsoft • 1,578 views
Shared Home Designs

10 Shared Home Designs

Airbnb-Styled Homes Shows How the Company is Shaping the Future of Housing • 1,496 views
Self-Scanning Shopping Apps

11 Self-Scanning Shopping Apps

QueueHop Lets You Skip the Line With Smartphone Self-Service Checkout • 1,403 views
Drone Helicopter Car Deliveries

12 Drone Helicopter Car Deliveries

Carwow Will Offer Car Delivery via Helicopter to New Owners • 1,284 views
25 Electronics Retailer Innovations

13 25 Electronics Retailer Innovations

From Tech Maker Subscriptions to Used Electronic E-Shops • 1,278 views
Rooftop Spirulina Farms

14 Rooftop Spirulina Farms

This Startup is Growing Edible Algae on Top of a Bangkok Hotel • 1,251 views
Furniture Store Incubators

15 Furniture Store Incubators

The West Elm Local Program Supports Independent Designers • 1,209 views
Autonomous Aerodynamic Shipping Trucks

16 Autonomous Aerodynamic Shipping Trucks

The Zoltan Major Concept Truck is Beautiful and Functional • 1,152 views
Integrated Bodywear Departments

17 Integrated Bodywear Departments

The 'Body Studio' Combines Fashion, Fitting Stations and Food • 1,148 views
Logo-Less Tech Storefronts

18 Logo-Less Tech Storefronts

The Memphis Apple Store Boasts a 37-Foot Display Inside • 1,073 views
Luxury Travel Pop-Ups

19 Luxury Travel Pop-Ups

'The Carry-On' is Pop-Up Series from High-End Retailer Kit and Ace • 1,023 views
Automated Business Matchmaking Services

20 Automated Business Matchmaking Services's Platform Connects Businesses & Entrepreneurs • 1,022 views


Top 100 Business Ideas in March

1 Top 100 Business Ideas in March

From Web-Based Farmers Markets to Big Data Sales Apps • 82,696 views
Top 50 New Venture Ideas in March

2 Top 50 New Venture Ideas in March

From Motorcycle Taxi Services to Personalized Makeup Apps • 35,215 views
Top 90 Retail Ideas in March

3 Top 90 Retail Ideas in March

From Luxury Auto Retail Lounges to Urban Balcony Decor Shops • 31,585 views
82 Innovative Cafe Culture Ideas

4 82 Innovative Cafe Culture Ideas

From Industrial All-Day Cafes to Members-Only Coffee Shops • 26,048 views
Top 100 Marketing Ideas in March

5 Top 100 Marketing Ideas in March

From Artisan Deli Meat Branding to Branded Training Facilities • 20,612 views
35 Menswear Retail Innovations

6 35 Menswear Retail Innovations

From Bespoke Footwear Pop-Ups to Multi-Sized Clothing Collections • 15,850 views
25 Self-Serve Business Ideas

7 25 Self-Serve Business Ideas

From Futuristic Postal Offices to Digital Ordering Kiosks • 15,314 views
Top 70 Interactive Ideas in March

8 Top 70 Interactive Ideas in March

From Cinematic Movie Pop-Ups to Product-Free Megastores • 13,420 views
52 Mobile Working Innovations

9 52 Mobile Working Innovations

From Collapsible Mobile Desks to Wallet-Sized Charging Hubs • 13,381 views
Communal Living Experiments

10 Communal Living Experiments

The WeWork WeLive Space is a Converted 20 Storey office Building • 7,496 views
Manly Accessory Subscription Services

11 Manly Accessory Subscription Services

The Sprezzabox Service Helps Men Complete Their Look • 7,091 views
Top 40 Publicity Stunts in March

12 Top 40 Publicity Stunts in March

From Sport Vehicle Mud Masks to Mysterious Urban Cookie Vaults • 6,888 views
30 Rebranded Business Innovations

13 30 Rebranded Business Innovations

From Upscale Discount Grocers to Sensory Liquor Store Concepts • 5,938 views
24 Virtual Reality Activations

14 24 Virtual Reality Activations

From In-Store Immersion Pods to Soda Brand Factory Visits • 4,779 views
26 Branded Wellness Ideas

15 26 Branded Wellness Ideas

From Zen Furniture Events to Margarine Culinary Pop-Ups • 4,606 views
Experientail Retail Trucks

16 Experientail Retail Trucks

Holt Renfrew Brings its Store to the Road with a Mobile Pop-Up Shop • 4,285 views
Millennial-Minded Restaurant Concepts

17 Millennial-Minded Restaurant Concepts

This Chain is Getting a Millennial-Inspired Makeover • 4,028 views
33 Big-Box Retail Innovations

18 33 Big-Box Retail Innovations

From Department Store Cafes to Summery Pop-Up Shops • 3,991 views
Famous Painting Cocktails

19 Famous Painting Cocktails

The Langham Hotel Serves Drinks Decorated With Foam Artwork • 3,932 views
Chocolate-Built Pop-Up Bars

20 Chocolate-Built Pop-Up Bars

The Carlsberg Chocolate Bar Has Opened Its Doors in Shoreditch • 3,645 views