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Top 100 Business Ideas in August

1 Top 100 Business Ideas in August

From Competition-Tracking Tools to App-Based Rewards Programs • 69,882 views
Top 75 Interactive Ideas in August

2 Top 75 Interactive Ideas in August

From Custom Dessert Campaigns to Tiny Movie Tickets • 31,850 views
Top 50 Retail Ideas in August

3 Top 50 Retail Ideas in August

From Shopping Assistant Apps to Soothing Bedding Stores • 29,434 views
Inexpensive 3D-Printed Villas

4 Inexpensive 3D-Printed Villas

This Mind-Blowing House Was Built in Just 10 Days Using a 3D Printer • 6,824 views
22 Examples of Portable Furniture

5 22 Examples of Portable Furniture

From Portable Seats to Suitcase-Containing Washbasins • 4,451 views
Comfortable Unisex Collections

6 Comfortable Unisex Collections

This Veritecouer Fall Line Appeals to Both Genders • 1,113 views
Ice Cream-Inspired Sneakers

7 Ice Cream-Inspired Sneakers

The Newest Puma Sneakers Reminisce on Summertime Snacks • 942 views
Fast Casual Street Cafes

8 Fast Casual Street Cafes

Lumee is a Bahrain Restaurant Boasting a Contemporary Heritage Style • 903 views
Succulent Retail Concepts

9 Succulent Retail Concepts

Kaktus Kobenhavn is a Cactus-Centric Lifestyle Shop in Copenhagen • 871 views
Furniture Delivery Start-Ups

10 Furniture Delivery Start-Ups

'Campaign' Delivers Compact DIY Furniture Right to Your Door • 848 views
Bulletproof Coffee Shops

11 Bulletproof Coffee Shops

Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Coffee Shop Boasts High-Tech Brewing Equipment • 841 views
Garden-Building Blocks

12 Garden-Building Blocks

The 'OrtoBrick' Lets You Create Your Very Own Home Herb Garden • 764 views
Hydrating All-Natural Beverages

13 Hydrating All-Natural Beverages

'Recovery Water' Refreshes While Reducing Muscle Damage & Fatigue • 700 views
Superimposed Trippy Posters

14 Superimposed Trippy Posters

The Designer 'Tind' Questions the Under-Appreciated Moire Effect • 539 views
Swiss Analog Smartwatches

15 Swiss Analog Smartwatches

This Frederique Constant Smartwatch Pairs Refined Design with Tech • 536 views
Modernist Skincare Boutiques

16 Modernist Skincare Boutiques

The Sleek Aesop Sao Paulo Shop is the First to Open in Brazil • 449 views
Social Media Makeup Shops

17 Social Media Makeup Shops

This Concept Store Sells the Most Popular Make-Up on the Internet • 234 views
Explanatory Taco Encyclopedias

18 Explanatory Taco Encyclopedias

The Tacopedia Book Dives into Popular Mexican Cuisine and Culture • 204 views
Submersive Bookstore Vacations

19 Submersive Bookstore Vacations

The Open Book Airbnb Lets You Stay and Work at a Bookstore • 179 views
Luxury Aircraft Services

20 Luxury Aircraft Services

Aviation Platform JetMe Functions Like Uber But For Privately Owned Jets • 172 views


38 Creative Brand Activations

1 38 Creative Brand Activations

From Bike-Powered Outdoor Cinemas to Enchanting Garden Pop-Ups • 24,900 views
Top 100 Marketing Trends in August

2 Top 100 Marketing Trends in August

From Gourmet Airplane Menus to Emotive Food Packaging • 22,922 views
28 Food Merchandising Innovations

3 28 Food Merchandising Innovations

From Artisanal Culinary Boutiques to Beauty Bar Eateries • 7,974 views
60 Millennial Retail Innovations

4 60 Millennial Retail Innovations

From Social Shopping Tools to Virtual Fitting Rooms • 7,228 views
12 Innovative Food Kiosks

5 12 Innovative Food Kiosks

From Portable Yogurt Displays to Modern Beer Exhibits • 6,485 views
16 Pop-Up Bar Concepts

6 16 Pop-Up Bar Concepts

From Temporary Animal Cafes to Emoji Pop-Up Bars • 5,606 views
15 Examples of Juice Bar Merchandising

7 15 Examples of Juice Bar Merchandising

From Rustic Juice Establishments to Smoothie Bar Concepts • 3,054 views
Food Truck Fashion Boutiques

8 Food Truck Fashion Boutiques

The Ardillas United Brand Converted a Doritos Truck to a Mobile Shop • 2,856 views
35 Centennial Retail Innovations

9 35 Centennial Retail Innovations

From Toy-Creating Kiosks to Speedy Book Delivery Services • 2,548 views
Entrepreneurial Advice Charts

10 Entrepreneurial Advice Charts

This Entrepreneur Infographic Lists Things To Do and Not To Do • 2,416 views
Book-Shaped Business Cards

11 Book-Shaped Business Cards

These Business Cards Cleverly Reflect the Company's Product • 2,305 views
Experimental Fashion Pop-Ups

12 Experimental Fashion Pop-Ups

This Imaginative Pop-Up Shop Offers a Number of Convenient Services • 1,771 views
In-Store Boutiques

13 In-Store Boutiques

John Lewis' In-Store Shop Highlights Noteworthy Products with Pop-Up Displays • 1,741 views
25 Millennial Loyalty Programs

14 25 Millennial Loyalty Programs

From Crowdsourced Reward Apps to Smart Discount Cards • 1,588 views
Recycled Trash Sunglases

15 Recycled Trash Sunglases

Each Pair of 'RE-View' Sunglasses is Made Using Two Recycled CD or DVDs • 1,557 views
Maze-Like Child Boutiques

16 Maze-Like Child Boutiques

The 'Kindo' Store Combines a Sense of Play with High-End Clothing • 1,509 views
Interactive Skincare Ads

17 Interactive Skincare Ads

Neutrogena's Hands-On Ad Entertains While Selling Makeup Removal Wipes • 1,447 views
Experiential Tech Shops

18 Experiential Tech Shops

Ontario's First Retail Samsung Store Emphasizes Consumer Engagement • 1,259 views
High-End Electric Motorcycles

19 High-End Electric Motorcycles

Jans Shaplin Creates a Concept For a Tesla Motorbike • 1,174 views
Automatic Bartenders

20 Automatic Bartenders

The Foxtender is an Alcohol Vending Machine with a Compatible Payment App • 1,140 views


Trend Hunter

1 Trend Hunter's Innovation Event

Future Festival Workshops, Keynotes and Trend Safaris • 110,010 views
Top 100 Business Concepts in July

2 Top 100 Business Concepts in July

From Social Shopping Pop-Ups to Interactive Golf Stores • 53,763 views
Top 100 Branding Concepts in July

3 Top 100 Branding Concepts in July

From Eco Orange Packaging to Branded Tech Newspapers • 37,322 views
Top 55 Retail Concepts in July

4 Top 55 Retail Concepts in July

From Mobile Discount Stores to Sports Broadcasting Shops • 35,648 views
Top 30 New Ventures Ideas in July

5 Top 30 New Ventures Ideas in July

From Journalist-Tracking Platforms to Speedy Bouquet Deliveries • 18,068 views
Branded Experiential Pop-Up Bars

6 Branded Experiential Pop-Up Bars

This Fun Pimm's Pop-up Teapot Bar Was at Wimbledon 2015 • 15,485 views
31 Pop-Up Retail Projects

7 31 Pop-Up Retail Projects

From Pop-Up Auto Retailers to Clothing Repair Pop-Ups • 11,070 views
26 Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

8 26 Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

From On-Demand Shipping Apps to App-Creating Apps • 10,196 views
Portable Micro Cabins

9 Portable Micro Cabins

Getaway Helps Bostonians with Living Tiny and Recharging Away from the City • 8,511 views
18 Unique Mannequin Models

10 18 Unique Mannequin Models

From Smart Retail Mannequins to Hand-Inked Mannequins • 6,445 views
32 Examples of Interactive Retail

11 32 Examples of Interactive Retail

From High-Tech Maternity Stores to Temporary Dystopian Branding • 6,011 views
Immersive Digital Marketing Conferences

12 Immersive Digital Marketing Conferences

The Digital Marketing Innovation Summit (SPONSORED) • 5,723 views
25 Experiential Pop-Up Shops

13 25 Experiential Pop-Up Shops

From Scent-Driven Mall Activations to Greek Yogurt Taste-Offs • 5,621 views
Expansive Digital Summits

14 Expansive Digital Summits

The Detroit Digital Summit (SPONSORED) • 5,476 views
Market-Style Food Stores

15 Market-Style Food Stores

The Home Park High Quality Food Store Designs are Separated by Function • 3,985 views
Interactive Menswear Stores

16 Interactive Menswear Stores

The 'Dandy Lab' Creates a Hybrid Shopping Experience for Men • 3,954 views
Glamorous Beauty Pop-Ups

17 Glamorous Beauty Pop-Ups

Benefit Recently Held a 1950s-Inspired Pop-Up Beauty and Cocktail Bar • 3,755 views
Interactive Electronics Shops

18 Interactive Electronics Shops

The littleBits Pop-Up Store is Part Retail Space and Part Laboratory • 3,754 views
Ice Cream Bar Pop-Ups

19 Ice Cream Bar Pop-Ups

Magnum's London Pleasure Store Lets You Customize Your Own Dessert • 3,733 views
3D-Printed Office Buildings

20 3D-Printed Office Buildings

These Fully Functional Cement Structures Will be Built in Dubai • 3,335 views