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Female-Empowering Platforms

1 Female-Empowering Platforms

WIE Network Features Insights & Inspiration from World-Changing Women • 8,712 views
3D-Printed Retail Platforms

2 3D-Printed Retail Platforms

This 3d Startup is Now Offering Its Products on • 3,432 views
3D Printing Stations

3 3D Printing Stations

Staples Teams Up with 3D Systems to Offer 3D-Printing In-Store • 1,966 views
3D-Printed Hardware

4 3D-Printed Hardware

This Partnership Shows Off Makerbot 3D-Printed Home Depot Tools & Hardware • 1,599 views
18 Examples of Easy-Open Packaging

5 18 Examples of Easy-Open Packaging

From Senior-Friendly Meat Packaging to Tape Roll Containers • 1,530 views
Customizable Retail Gifts

6 Customizable Retail Gifts

Shapeways x Target's 3D-Printed Gifts Provide Personalization • 1,270 views
21 Examples of 3D-Printing Services

7 21 Examples of 3D-Printing Services

From Sculptural Pet Portraits to Printable Jewelry Collections • 1,163 views
Jewelry 3D Printer

8 Jewelry 3D Printer

The Sharebot J-3D is Designed Specifically For Jewelry Printing • 1,110 views
Additive Manufacturing Shops

9 Additive Manufacturing Shops

Aylesbury's 3D Print World Stocks Printer Kits and Hosts Workshops • 1,104 views
3D Printing Shops

10 3D Printing Shops

Copenhagen's 3D Printhuset Makes 3D Printing Accessible to All • 885 views
Dining Smart Devices

11 Dining Smart Devices

The Owl Enables Establishments to Offer Better Restaurant Customer Service • 706 views
Viral News Services

12 Viral News Services

Snapchat and Vice Team Up in a New Business Experiment • 448 views
Online Car Part Catalogs

13 Online Car Part Catalogs

K-eCommerce Lets Mechanics Find Auto Components by User-Friendly Means • 401 views
Sweetly Savory Sandwiches

14 Sweetly Savory Sandwiches

Sonic Introduces the French Toaster Breakfast Sandwich to Its Menu • 392 views
Ethical Aromatherapy Collections

15 Ethical Aromatherapy Collections

The Vitruvi Fragrances are Inspired by Global Daily Rituals • 391 views
QR-Accessible Subway Libraries

16 QR-Accessible Subway Libraries

Beijing's Underground Library Lets You Scan Codes to Read eBooks • 339 views
Local Shopping Kiosks

17 Local Shopping Kiosks

American Express' Shop Small Helps You Experience Local Treasures • 326 views
Millennial Financial Literacy Cafes

18 Millennial Financial Literacy Cafes

You Can Get Financial Advice Services Over Coffee and Wine • 220 views
Network Streaming Services

19 Network Streaming Services

An HBO Streaming Service is Set to Launch in the Us Next Year • 209 views
Indie Bookstores Search Tools

20 Indie Bookstores Search Tools

CityShelf Lets You Browse the Stock of Independent Book Shops in NYC • 202 views


Top 100 Business Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Business Trends of 2014

From Clever Business Cards to Hybrid E-Commerce Shops • 85,647 views
Top 100 New Ventures Trends of 2014

2 Top 100 New Ventures Trends of 2014

From Feline-Focused Coffee Shops to Solar Bench Chargers • 49,976 views
Voluptuous Celebrity Portraits

3 Voluptuous Celebrity Portraits

The Kim Kardashian Selfie Book Cover is Not What People Expected • 48,954 views
Top 70 Market Trends of 2014

4 Top 70 Market Trends of 2014

From Localized Social Media Marketplaces to Extinct Career Charts • 21,726 views
46 Online Shopping Innovations

5 46 Online Shopping Innovations

From Online Jewelry Consultations to Bespoke Dress Designs • 12,837 views
Envelope Shipping Boxes

6 Envelope Shipping Boxes

These Printed Box Designs Show Off Maximum Style and Ease of Opening • 4,744 views
Eccentric Surfing Ensembles

7 Eccentric Surfing Ensembles

This 'Surf Suits' Collection for Women is Stylish and Skin-Protecting • 4,528 views
Bent Corner Boxes

8 Bent Corner Boxes

This Retail Shipping Box Design Has Corners That Are Easy to Open • 3,920 views
Outfit-Modeling Mirrors

9 Outfit-Modeling Mirrors

Neiman Marcus' Memory Mirror Digitally Compares Outfits • 3,395 views
Buttoned-Up Shipping Boxes

10 Buttoned-Up Shipping Boxes

This Box Packaging Design for WonderPix Uses Fewer Fasteners • 3,355 views
16 Beverage Delivery Services

11 16 Beverage Delivery Services

From Artisan Coffee Deliveries to Mixologist Supply Subscriptions • 3,283 views
16 Incidents of iPhone vs. BlackBerry

12 16 Incidents of iPhone vs. BlackBerry

BlackBerry iPhone Killers to Retractable Phone Keyboards • 3,236 views
11 Beauty Subscription Boxes

13 11 Beauty Subscription Boxes

From Men's Skincare Subscriptions to Vegan Makeup Goodie Boxes • 3,152 views
Gender-Neutral Clothing Stores

14 Gender-Neutral Clothing Stores

Natalia Manzocco Curates Fashion Perfect for Both Men and Women • 2,644 views
20 Hi-Tech Marketing Mirrors

15 20 Hi-Tech Marketing Mirrors

These Retail Mirrors Provide Interactivity and Positivity • 2,498 views
Gallery-Style Patisseries

16 Gallery-Style Patisseries

The À La Folie Pastry Shop Displays its Sweet Treats Like Works of Art • 2,481 views
Minimalist Online Surf Shops

17 Minimalist Online Surf Shops

SALT's Responsive Ecommerce Site Uses an Esthetically Pleasing Grid • 2,437 views
New Venture-Killing Advice

18 New Venture-Killing Advice

This Infographic Lists Startup Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid • 2,177 views
Returnable Shipping Boxes

19 Returnable Shipping Boxes

The 'There and Back Pack' is a Handy Return Shipping Box • 2,006 views
Artistic Employee Manuals

20 Artistic Employee Manuals

EF Labs' Company Manual is Inspired by Children's Books • 1,964 views


Top 100 Tech Ideas in December

1 Top 100 Tech Ideas in December

From Multi-Tasking Tablets to Commemorative Euro Trains • 103,899 views
Top 100 Marketing Ideas in December

2 Top 100 Marketing Ideas in December

From Nostalgic Storytelling Ads to Sultry Tropical Campaigns • 72,023 views
Top 100 Retail Trends of 2014

3 Top 100 Retail Trends of 2014

From Hashtag Currency Shops to Automated Grocery Stores • 66,525 views
Top 50 Luxury Ideas in December

4 Top 50 Luxury Ideas in December

From Sapphire Secret Watches to Gold-Infused Beer • 27,915 views
Top 55 Social Media Ideas in December

5 Top 55 Social Media Ideas in December

From Secure Login Apps to Internet Mentoring Novels • 20,468 views
Top 30 Retail Trends in December

6 Top 30 Retail Trends in December

From Virtual Customer Service Reps to Wholesale Health Stores • 16,411 views
Socially Sharable Books

7 Socially Sharable Books

Author Seth Godin's New Book Takes on a Colorful Magazine Format • 13,294 views
25 Literary Gifts for Book-Lovers

8 25 Literary Gifts for Book-Lovers

From Dangling Mobile Libraries to Children's Literature Flasks • 11,485 views
Uncovering Hidden Opportunity

9 Uncovering Hidden Opportunity

What You Can Learn From Rocket Ships, Paper Planes and Origami • 11,472 views
Mobile Bus Markets

10 Mobile Bus Markets

FoodShare's Fresh Produce Programs Include a Travelling Market on Wheels • 7,335 views
Women in Leadership

11 Women in Leadership

Susan Brady, Chief Strategist at Linkage's Women Leaders Practice • 6,168 views
16 Mixed-Use Retail Shops

12 16 Mixed-Use Retail Shops

From Karaoke Convenience Stores to Hybrid E-Commerce Shops • 4,365 views
18 Consumer Care Campaigns

13 18 Consumer Care Campaigns

From Heartwarming Headrest Messages to Airline Holiday Surprises • 2,935 views
13 Examples of Social Payment

14 13 Examples of Social Payment

From Internet Influencer Discounts to Hashtag Currency Restaurants • 2,701 views
Monetary Internet Infographics

15 Monetary Internet Infographics

This Infographic Exhaustively Explains Ways of Making Money Online • 2,385 views
Cozy Pop-Up Shops

16 Cozy Pop-Up Shops

Target Curates a Festive Holiday Pop-Up Shop with STORY • 2,363 views
Luxurious Tech Destinations

17 Luxurious Tech Destinations

The McIntosh Labs Store Offers a High-End Shopping Experience • 2,340 views
Magically Interactive Book Designs

18 Magically Interactive Book Designs

The Harry Potter Book Collection by Kincso Nagy is Enchanting • 2,287 views
24 Digital Grocery Solutions

19 24 Digital Grocery Solutions

From Grocery Checkout Apps to Shopping Organizer Apps • 2,075 views
18 Fashion Rewards Programs

20 18 Fashion Rewards Programs

From Apparel Retail Beacons to Chauffeured Shopping Promotions • 2,041 views