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Top 100 Business Trends in July

1 Top 100 Business Trends in July

From Counter Culture Hair Salons to Educational Jewelry Ventures • 48,486 views
Top 45 Start-Up Trends in July

2 Top 45 Start-Up Trends in July

From Experiential Event Services to AI Government Robots • 20,809 views
Top 100 Branding Ideas in July

3 Top 100 Branding Ideas in July

From Product Use Flowcharts to Animated Cartoon Resumes • 16,333 views
Top 35 Brand Activations in July

4 Top 35 Brand Activations in July

From Sensorial Snack Brand Events to Mechanical Taco Rides • 4,236 views
Mobile Cocktail Bars

5 Mobile Cocktail Bars

This Vintage Trailer Was Re-Purposed to Function as a Moving Bar • 732 views
Excrement-Themed Cafes

6 Excrement-Themed Cafes

This Toronto Dessert Restaurant is Looking to Change Peoples' Ideas of Poop • 609 views
Autonomous Delivery Vans

7 Autonomous Delivery Vans

Yamato Transport and DeNA are Launching a Self-Driving Car in Japan • 594 views
Drone-Docking Streetlamps

8 Drone-Docking Streetlamps

This Amazon Patent Envisions Streetlights as Drone Landing Stations • 473 views
Luxury Fast-Fashion Collaborations

9 Luxury Fast-Fashion Collaborations

KENZO X H & M Gives a Sneak Peek of Its New Collection • 416 views
Nitrogen-Cooled Chocolateries

10 Nitrogen-Cooled Chocolateries

Kit Kat is Launching a Liquid Nitrogen-Chilled Chocolate Store • 349 views
Avant-Garde Retail Spaces

11 Avant-Garde Retail Spaces

Tom Dixon's New York Store Includes Bizarre Room Concepts • 317 views
Limb-Focused Books

12 Limb-Focused Books

'New York Legs' is a Photographic Book That Shows Indiviuality in a New Way • 281 views
Corporate Culture Social Media

13 Corporate Culture Social Media

Pandora Shows Its Organizational Culture On Twitter • 128 views
Festival Streaming Sites

14 Festival Streaming Sites

This Website Allows People to Watch Multiple Stages at Music Festivals • 107 views
Crowdsourced Wall Art Businesses

15 Crowdsourced Wall Art Businesses

JP London Design Curates the Work of Artists All Around the World • 106 views
P2P Lending Libraries

16 P2P Lending Libraries

London's 'Library of Things' is a P2P Lending Library for a Variety of Goods • 80 views
Laundry Pod Subscriptions

17 Laundry Pod Subscriptions

The P&G Shop Now Features an Option for Tide Pod Subscriptions • 72 views
Pet-Friendly Vacation Policies

18 Pet-Friendly Vacation Policies

ipet Insurance's Pet-Friendly Workplace Policy Fosters Quality Time • 53 views
Startup Guidance Chatbots

19 Startup Guidance Chatbots

The 'Kukie' Chatbot Offers Step-By-Step Help For Startups • 41 views


Top 60 Start-Up Trends in June

1 Top 60 Start-Up Trends in June

From On-Demand Messenger Apps to VR Soccer Broadcasts • 49,443 views
Top 95 Business Trends in June

2 Top 95 Business Trends in June

From Emotive Designer Retailers to Startup Incubator Partnerships • 45,784 views
Top 100 Branding Ideas in June

3 Top 100 Branding Ideas in June

From Sensual Perfume Packaging to Patriotic Beer Rebrandings • 43,717 views
Top 100 Marketing Ideas in June

4 Top 100 Marketing Ideas in June

From Snacking Slot Machines to Mangled Emoji Sculptures • 40,804 views
Top 25 e-Commerce Ideas in June

5 Top 25 e-Commerce Ideas in June

From Swipeable Shopping Services to VR Convenience Stores • 24,079 views
Top 55 Retail Designs in June

6 Top 55 Retail Designs in June

From Designer Brownstone Boutiques to Curated Lifestyle Retail • 15,235 views
Top 100 Mobile Apps in June

7 Top 100 Mobile Apps in June

From Keg-Optimizing Apps to Interactive Canine Safety Apps • 13,874 views
Top 45 Sharing Economy Ideas in June

8 Top 45 Sharing Economy Ideas in June

From On-Demand Clothing Rentals to Scheduled Ridesharing Apps • 10,363 views
Top 30 Branded Pop-Ups in June

9 Top 30 Branded Pop-Ups in June

From Period Pop-Up Shops to Car Dealership Cafes • 8,258 views
Top 30 Wearable Technology Innovations in July

10 Top 30 Wearable Technology Innovations in July

From Connected Smart Gloves to Paper Sun Sensors • 6,176 views
28 Unique Office Designs

11 28 Unique Office Designs

These Uncommon Office Spaces Boost Creativity and Collaboration • 4,929 views
Luxurious Co-Working Spaces

12 Luxurious Co-Working Spaces

This Co-Work Space Adapts to More Modern Work Practices • 3,348 views
Counter Culture Hair Salons

13 Counter Culture Hair Salons

#BLOW is Europe's First Official 'Manic Panic Colour Asylum' • 2,350 views
20 Fragrance-Themed Retail Innovations

14 20 Fragrance-Themed Retail Innovations

From Luxe Perfume Shop Pop-Ups to Temporary Scent Galleries • 1,373 views
American Anime Cafes

15 American Anime Cafes

The Hello Kitty Cafe is Now is Opening as a Semi-Permanent LA Cafe • 943 views
Interactive Appliance Stores

16 Interactive Appliance Stores

The 'Dyson Demo' London Concept Store Lets People Try Before They Buy • 915 views
Stock Market-Inspired Bars

17 Stock Market-Inspired Bars

Asia's 'Wolf Market' Lets Patrons Drive the Prices of Drinks Up or Down • 746 views
Anime Gaming Taxis

18 Anime Gaming Taxis

Pokemon GO Players Can Hitch a Ride to Catch Pokemon • 703 views
Intergalactic Theme Parks

19 Intergalactic Theme Parks

Star Wars Theme Parks are Becoming a Reality • 689 views
Recycled Chain Store Clothing

20 Recycled Chain Store Clothing

Urban Outfitters' New Clothing Line Features Repurposed Fabric • 654 views


Top 100 Business Innovations in May

1 Top 100 Business Innovations in May

From Mobile ECommerce Fitting Rooms to Barista-Locating Apps • 98,708 views
Top 25 Finance Ideas in June

2 Top 25 Finance Ideas in June

From Snapchat Recruitment Campaigns to Financial Wellness Apps • 10,404 views
Accessible Modern Furniture

3 Accessible Modern Furniture

Retailers are Transforming the Furniture Buying Experience • 8,547 views
Minimal Futuristic Store Layouts

4 Minimal Futuristic Store Layouts

This Modern Department Store Brings the Future into the Present • 5,440 views
Box-Shaped Donut Kiosks

5 Box-Shaped Donut Kiosks

The New Krispy Kreme Stores are Designed to Look Like a Box of Donuts • 3,799 views
Organic Fast Food Eateries

6 Organic Fast Food Eateries

Miami's 'Grown' Changes the Relationship Between Fast Food and Health • 2,615 views
Motion-Sensing Interactive Ads

7 Motion-Sensing Interactive Ads

Walkers Brand Created a Unqiuely Interactive Street Advertisement • 2,329 views
Hybrid Restaurant-Butcher Shops

8 Hybrid Restaurant-Butcher Shops

This Toulouse Butcher Shop is Attached to a Restaurant • 2,328 views
Custom eCommerce Boxes

9 Custom eCommerce Boxes

System Group's FreeBox Machine Makes On-Demand Boxes for Online Shipping • 1,968 views
Renovated Transparent Offices

10 Renovated Transparent Offices

What Was Once a Factory is Now an Office with a Translucent Design • 1,924 views
Media-Connected Retail Stores

11 Media-Connected Retail Stores

This Furniture Store Partnered with Pinterest for a Unique Campaign • 1,917 views
Vintage T-Shirt Pop-Ups

12 Vintage T-Shirt Pop-Ups

H BEAUTY & YOUTH is Holding a Collection of 90's Tees for a Limited Time • 1,861 views
Chinese Carpentry Workshops

13 Chinese Carpentry Workshops

This Shop Offers Woodworking Classes for Carpentry Enthusiasts • 1,680 views
Millennial Money-Managing Apps

14 Millennial Money-Managing Apps

Finance Coach Penny Uses Easy to Understand Emojis and Graphs • 1,511 views
Cultural Department Stores

15 Cultural Department Stores

Indigo at Cf Sherway Gardens Ushers in a New Bookstore Experience • 1,507 views
Oil-Recycling Kiosks

16 Oil-Recycling Kiosks

This Kiosk Concept Aims to Treat and Reuse Edible Oils • 1,353 views
Connected Bicycle Systems

17 Connected Bicycle Systems

The 'OpenBike' System Would Connect Cyclists and Gear • 1,315 views
Smart Home Retail Showcases

18 Smart Home Retail Showcases

Target's New Retail Space Explores the Future of the Connected Home • 1,267 views
Upcycled Plastic Shoes

19 Upcycled Plastic Shoes

Timberland is Creating a Line of Shoes from Recycled Plastic Bottles • 1,158 views
Celebrity Breakup Insurance

20 Celebrity Breakup Insurance

Taobao is Offering Insurance Based on Taylor Swift's Love Life • 1,028 views