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20. Debt-Themed Pop Parodies

This Partition Parody Laments Your Student Loan Woes (VIDEO)
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Vampy Songstress Editorials

1 Vampy Songstress Editorials

The Kylie Minogue Vogue Australia Editorial Brings Out Her Alter-Ego • 4,038 views
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2 Feminine Celeb Snapshot Editorials

The W Magazine May 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Actress Kirsten Dunst • 3,705 views
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3 Sci-Fi Mermaid Editorials

Charlotte Free Stars in the Oyster 104 Cover Shoot • 2,998 views
Indie-Rock Photobooth Photography

4 Indie-Rock Photobooth Photography

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Were Photographed by Dan Martenson • 2,194 views
Medieval Runway Fashion Comparisons

5 Medieval Runway Fashion Comparisons

This Tumblr Uses Game of Thrones Characters as Fashion Icons • 1,455 views
Vintage Ladylike Editorials

6 Vintage Ladylike Editorials

Emma Stone Stars in the Super Glam Vogue US May 2014 Editorial • 572 views
Femme Fatale Celeb Editorials

7 Femme Fatale Celeb Editorials

The Flaunt Magazine May 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Elizabeth Olsen • 477 views
Behind-the-Scenes Songstress Photoshoots

8 Behind-the-Scenes Songstress Photoshoots

The Teen Vogue May 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Lorde • 424 views
Crossdressing Celebrity Photoshoots

9 Crossdressing Celebrity Photoshoots

James Franco's Self Portrait Series Plays with Gender • 388 views
WiFi-Connected Jewelry Boxes

10 WiFi-Connected Jewelry Boxes

This WiFi Jewelry Box Lets You Put Your Jewels with Your Internet • 304 views
Famous Fawn Streetwear Collections

11 Famous Fawn Streetwear Collections

The ELEVENPARIS x Bambi Collection is Magical and Urban • 275 views
Cute Celebrity Pups

12 Cute Celebrity Pups

One Can Never Get Enough Celebrity Pets • 174 views
Celebrity Face Brew Branding

13 Celebrity Face Brew Branding

Ryan and the Gosling is the Name of One of the Hottest Beers Out • 86 views
Fictional Drug King Promposals

14 Fictional Drug King Promposals

Stefan Montana's Unique Promposal Features Walter White • 36 views
Disguised Celebrity Interviews

15 Disguised Celebrity Interviews

Fake Drake Finds Out What People Think of the Real Rapper • 34 views
Cheeky Cleaning Tutorials

16 Cheeky Cleaning Tutorials

The Method Cleaning Tutorials Will Send Your Roommates a Message • 34 views
Debt-Themed Pop Parodies

17 Debt-Themed Pop Parodies

This Partition Parody Laments Your Student Loan Woes • 16 views


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1 75 Bold Business Cards

From Pop Culture Business Acumens to Laser-Cut Designs • 15,087 views
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2 31 Alluring Emma Watson Features

From Sultry Celeb Editorials to Leggy Starlet Spreads • 8,721 views
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From Celebrity Mugshot Masterpieces to Vintage Gangster Lookbooks • 8,307 views
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Blog B4XVI Compares Rap Music Artists and Famous Paintings • 6,502 views
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Lindsay Lohan and Terry Richardson Teamed Up for a Photo Series • 6,272 views
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6 Cartoon Hybrid Pop Icons

Zhi-Yun Zhang Re-Imagines Pop Icons as Cartoon Characters • 5,978 views
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Landon Meier’s New Mask Scarily Mimics Stephen Colbert • 5,047 views
Villainous Whispering Memes

8 Villainous Whispering Memes

The Hail Hydra Meme Has Captain America Fans Feeling Villainous • 4,912 views
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9 Historic Rapper Comparison Captures

Cecilia Azcarate Draws Parallels Between Hip Hop and History • 4,424 views
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10 Hollywood Hipster Makeovers

DesignCrowd Has Hosted the Ultimate Celebrity Makeover • 3,963 views
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Kirsten Dunst Covers Harper's Bazaar UK May 2014 Issue • 3,047 views
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BeyoncĂ© Bares All in the Out Magazine May 2014 Issue • 2,189 views
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The Wild Magazine WTF Issue is Covered by Rapper M.I.A. • 2,101 views
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14 Drenched Celeb Photoshoots

Caution, Wet Floor by Katya Tsyganova Stars Pop Star Roma Acorn • 1,911 views
Edgy Ethereal Star Editorials

15 Edgy Ethereal Star Editorials

Benjamin Kanarek Captured Mischa Barton in the City of Lights • 1,905 views
Black-and-White Celeb Fashion

16 Black-and-White Celeb Fashion

The Glamour UK May 2014 Photoshoot Stars Actress Kate Mara • 1,871 views
Artsy Celeb Editorials

17 Artsy Celeb Editorials

The Elle Canada May 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Australian Actress Rose Byrne • 1,773 views
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18 Polished Pop Queen Editorials

Lady Gaga is the Cover Star for Porter Magazine Summer 2014 • 1,722 views
Artistic NYC Easter Hunts

19 Artistic NYC Easter Hunts

'The Big Egg Hunt NY' Kicks Off April with its Easter Egg Hunt • 1,640 views
Travel-Themed Fashion Ads

20 Travel-Themed Fashion Ads

The Louis Vuitton Handbag Spring 2014 Campaign Stars Michelle Williams • 1,409 views


Tattoo-Covered Celeb Portraits

1 Tattoo-Covered Celeb Portraits

Shopped Tattoos's Inked Celebrities Gallery is Shocking and Fun • 13,547 views
Modernized Story Editorials

2 Modernized Story Editorials

The CR Fashion Book 'Fairy Tale Theater' Photoshoot Stars Joan Smalls • 7,876 views
Dapper Sand-Throwing Editorials

3 Dapper Sand-Throwing Editorials

The V Man Spring 2014 Issue is Covered by Actor Nicholas Hoult • 7,522 views
Elf Alien Queen Editorials

4 Elf Alien Queen Editorials

The Wonderland Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 Issue Stars Emma Watson • 6,324 views
40 Laser-Etched Products

5 40 Laser-Etched Products

From Laser-Engraved Government IDs to Witty Wooden Maps • 6,310 views
Black Ink-Dyed Fingers

6 Black Ink-Dyed Fingers

Black Dip-Dyed Fingers are Fashion Forward Style Statement • 4,996 views
Cowgirl Swimwear Editorials

7 Cowgirl Swimwear Editorials

The W Magazine April 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Amanda Seyfried • 4,955 views
Lazy Smoldering Celeb Editorials

8 Lazy Smoldering Celeb Editorials

Jessica Pare Sizzles in the GQ UK March Issue • 4,942 views
Playful Motel Editorials

9 Playful Motel Editorials

The Glamour France April 2014 Issue is Covered by Emilia Clarke • 4,766 views
90 Celebrity-Endorsed Products

10 90 Celebrity-Endorsed Products

These Celebrity-Endorsed Items Put Presence to Product • 4,759 views
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11 70 Ravishing Red Carpet Looks

Get Ready for the 2014 Oscar Awards with These Gorgeous Styles • 4,426 views
Sibling Celeb Lookbooks

12 Sibling Celeb Lookbooks

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Star in the New Steve Madden Photo Shoot • 4,111 views
43 Sibling Photography Finds

13 43 Sibling Photography Finds

From Sultry Sisterhood Editorials to Expressive Twinly Editorials • 3,976 views
Pole Dancing Editorials

14 Pole Dancing Editorials

The V Magazine 'Kingdom Come' Photoshoot Stars R. Kelly and Irina Shayk • 3,955 views
Avant-Garde Pastel Fashion

15 Avant-Garde Pastel Fashion

The FLARE Magazine April 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Emilia Clarke • 3,848 views
Cartoonized Eye-Popping Iconic Images

16 Cartoonized Eye-Popping Iconic Images

Rui Pinho Creates Celebrity Icon Eyes as Cartoons • 3,618 views
Academy Award Photo Booths

17 Academy Award Photo Booths

The Vanity Fair Photo Booth Has All Your Favorite Nominees • 3,582 views
Time Warp Celeb Photography

18 Time Warp Celeb Photography

Oscar Nominees Posing with Their Younger Selves is Surreal • 3,484 views
Embellished Retro-Inspired Fashion

19 Embellished Retro-Inspired Fashion

The InStyle UK April 2014 Cover Shoot Stars Emilia Clarke • 3,145 views
Stunning Statuesque Model Shoots

20 Stunning Statuesque Model Shoots

The 'Perfect Ten' Editorial in the W Magazine March Issue is Epic • 2,861 views