3-D Light Graffiti
Photos of 3-D Light Graffiti (Via: kaalam, blog.sub-studio)

3-D Light Graffiti Photos

French calligraphic artist, Julien Breton and his photographic collaborator, Guillaume J. Plisson have created some pretty amazing light calligraphy. Their work could also be called illuminated 3-D space…[More]

Illuminated Calligraphy Art 1Illuminated Calligraphy Art 2Illuminated Calligraphy Art 3Illuminated Calligraphy Art 4Illuminated Calligraphy Art 5Illuminated Calligraphy Art 6Illuminated Calligraphy Art 7Illuminated Calligraphy Art 8Illuminated Calligraphy Art 9Illuminated Calligraphy Art 10

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