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The Kit Kat Chocolatory Yatai Offers Chocolate Bundles as Late-Night Snacks

As well as being able to visit the brick-and-mortar Kit Kat Chocolatory, which has become a permanent fixture in Tokyo, Japan, consumers now have the option to visit a smaller chocolate stand in the city to pick up confections from the brand.

The Kit Kat Chocolatory Yatai references traditional Japanese food stands called yatai and is decorated in a similar fashion. For a limited time, the stall is being set up in Tokyo’s Ginza district, offering late-night chocolate snacks that are conveniently packed into takeaway boxes. This packaging intentionally resembles to-go sushi containers and comes wrapped with a lucky red string. As such, chocolate lovers have the chance to pick up either a 'Sushi-ori Set' or a 'Thank-you Message Set' from the kiosk.
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