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Chris Anderson's Talk on Technology Narrates the Success of His Company

 - Mar 10, 2016
Throughout this talk on technology, Chris Anderson engages the audience with a personal anecdote that depicts the success of his company, ‘3D Robotics.’ He delves into specifications and humorous stories, but the ultimate message is that open innovation played the most significant role.

He admits that his company was created over the course of a few years, allowing for massive amounts of trial error -- but time is tough to obtain in today’s fast-paced modern world. Throughout his speech he continues to advocate for open innovation, which is the shared access to code and information.

During his talk on technology, Anderson advises his listeners to "follow the money." He says that tracking social trends and monetary trends to see where the world’s wealth is headed will help companies to create products that suit those needs. The progress of 3D Robotics saw the creation of a drone, a smartphone-connected drone and now a smartphone and cloud-connected drone. As technology continues to develop there are opportunities to parallel this evolution by taking advantage of open innovation.