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Omar Hatamleh's Innovation Discussion Imagines Future Technology

 - Jul 6, 2017
References: youtube & talksat.withgoogle
As the human population has exploded with exponential growth, so too has the growth in technological innovations, and Omar Hatamleh's innovation discussion looks at this correlation. Specifically, the Executive Director of the Space Studies Program at ISU envisions where the future of innovation might lie based on the facts of the human population moving forward.

One of the biggest problems with the tie between increasing population and increasing innovation is that technology like robots and artificial intelligence can replace humans in many scenarios. In industries from manufacturing to healthcare to law, advanced technology can conduct tasks more rapidly and efficiently than any human could possibly hope to. But population increases already pose a problem for keeping employment rates up, let alone the fact that technology will reduce the number of jobs available.

On the other hand, technology can grow jobs as it introduces new opportunity. Aside from technicians and engineers who need to design and maintain tech, technology has allowed humanity to dream bigger, such as going to space. A massive space travel industry would create millions and millions of jobs alone, and that's just one new industry created by technology.