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These Social Media Speeches Offer Strategies for Online Traction

 - Jun 19, 2013
Successfully utilizing online platforms can be challenging, but these social media speeches offer strategies for achieving authentic engagement between brands and consumers.

The speech from Matthew Guiste demonstrates how a brand can utilize online engagement to recover from setbacks. Guiste is the director at Global Brand Loyalty for Starbucks and spearheaded the site during the recent recession. The site enabled consumers to submit their ideas to the site, to view other people's ideas and to receive feedback from brand representatives. He encourages other big companies to engage in a conversation with their consumers instead of telling them things.

Ellen Depasquale is the the Regional Development Director of Constant Contact and she believes that consistency and purpose need be at the root of social media campaigns to create valuable engagement.

Duncan Fulton believes that many social media campaigns lack engagement because of the power behind them. Many older CEOs of companies are still resistant towards implementing social media strategies. He believes that offer quantifiable results will help these executives understand the potential of online engagement.