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These Informative Speeches Discuss Science and Humanity

 - Aug 22, 2013
These intriguing Michio Kaku talks focus on science, from string theory to space exploration and evolution. Kaku is an extremely entertaining speaker, a physicist, and a prominent member of the science community. These thought-provoking speeches cover a variety of interesting topics.

In one of these informative speeches, Kaku talks about the history of sexism in the science community. He gives examples, discussing women whose theories were dismissed unfairly, or whose works were stolen by male scientists.

Michio Kaku explores the idea of terraforming Mars in one of his talks. He claims that the planet contains carbon dioxide, and simply needs to be warmed up in order to harness it. He discusses various ways that this could be done.

Kaku predicts the fate of mankind in one of the presentations in this collection. He says that it’s a dangerous time for humanity right now. Humans are passionate, savage, and in possession of nuclear weapons. He says that either humanity will take the scientific route, or it will become mono-cultural and terrorist run.

This collection of keynotes provides viewers with food for thought.