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These Health Care Keynote Speeches Examine the System's Evolution

 - Jun 26, 2013
This collection of health care keynotes examines the many changes global systems and structures have undergone over the last fifty years. Touching on the political aspects, the financial aspects as well as the scientific, these health keynotes offer perspectives from a medley of industry professionals and experts.

A very common theme through these speeches is the idea of digital health care. The widespread use of technology has inspired a variety of health services now able to be accessed on the web. From diagnosis programs to pandemic updates, health care now occupies a huge space on the Internet.

The speech by Shannon Brownlee -- a leader in American health care -- explains how doctors in the United States are not paid to prevent illness or disease, but are paid to treat it. This means that the problem with too many patients will only continue to grow. Health care policies should not focus on ways to reduce wait times, but should instead focus on ways to reduce the amount of people having to go see a doctor in the first place.

These health care keynotes offer a comprehensive dialogue on modern health issues and challenges.