Fruit-Flavored Rose Water

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'H2rOse' is a Line of Rose Water Drinks with Fruit Flavors

H2rOse is a line of rose water drinks that's enriched with saffron and other natural ingredients. The line of drinks takes inspiration from the ancient practice of consuming rose water with saffron, which is known for its health and beauty benefits.

H2rOse is now rebranding this beverage for modern times, promising that its concoctions have the power to decrease appetites, stabilize moods, promote better digestions and much more. While it's not unheard of to find rose water in a health store today, H2rOse sets itself apart by offering fresh botanical packaging and fruit flavors like Apple, Mango, Wild Berry and Peach.

As well as being in line with a consumer's desire for health, botanical flavors are emerging as a satisfying way for people to discover new flavor combinations.
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