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Amazon Launched a Variety of Private-Label Sportswear Brands

Over the past year, Amazon has added a handful of private-label fashion brands to its website, a collection that is now being expanded with a series of new private-label sportswear brands.

Amazon's Goodsport, Rebel Canyon and Peak Velocity are set to compete with some of the biggest names in activewear and athleisure, each offering something different for varying demographic segments. While Goodsport offers budget-friendly performance apparel for men and women, Peak Velocity offers premium activewear for men and Rebel Canyon offers styles that might rival the likes of Lululemon.

Although Amazon has rolled out dozens of private-label fashion brands of its own, many of then feature no Amazon branding and have been quietly introduced to the ecommerce site. Amazon now also sells private-label lingerie, shoes and handbags as exclusives that may only be purchased online.
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