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Perk Hero Launched as a Contact-Free Payment App for Restaurants

Vancouver company Glance Pay launches Perk Hero—a contact-free payment application boasting low restaurant fees and a terrific in-app loyalty program. The platform enjoys a timely debut as COVID-19 has necessitated physical distancing among individuals and the demand for food delivery is soaring.

The aim of the company is to enable individuals to support local businesses when they can. As a result, Perk Hero takes only 5% commission per customer order which is a stark improvement on what other brands in the space charge restaurants. The in-app loyalty program also distinguishes Perk Hero from its competitors. Employing gamification, users can complete "custom Quests" that are specific to Perk Hero locations. By leveling up, consumers gain XP (experience points) and are able to earn more coins to redeem rewards.

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