Whiskey-Based Deodorants

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'Pit Liquor' is a Natural, Non-Toxic Spray-On Deodorant Made from Whiskey

There are a growing number of non-toxic and natural deodorant products on the market, but Pit Liquor sets itself apart by producing one that is made with whiskey, vodka and "other entirely edible, entirely body-friendly ingredients."

What makes Pit Liquor so effective is the use of an quality organic liquor with a high alcohol content. The deodorants are formulated to kill bacteria and neutralize odors with a number of unique scent blends like: Whiskey Lavender, Whiskey Vanilla, Whiskey Black Pepper and Unscented Vodka. To accent the fragrances, the spray-on deodorant bottles contain real sprigs of lavender, vanilla bean pod slices, whole cloves and peppercorns. Each organic ingredient is locally, environmentally, ethically and consciously sourced.

Pit Liquor is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its initial funding goals.
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