Fermented Dessert Teas

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The Tart Master Brew Kombucha Blend Offers a Healthy Sugar Alternative

The Master Brew Kombucha bottled beverage in Tart Cherry offers a healthy sugar alternative to desserts with a sweet taste filled with natural probiotic benefits. The beverage is made from naturally fermented tea to offer a mix of sweet and bitter aromas that are ideal for consumers looking for a nutritious alternative to desserts or sugary drinks.

Kombucha is a popular Eastern cold tea beverage that offers a vegan and dairy-free alternative to probiotics. The drink is naturally carbonated with a tart tea taste elevated in sweetness thanks to natural sweet cherry flavoring. The drink offers a healthy substitute to pop or other carbonated beverages, offering a sugary taste without the added sweetness of chemical ingredients. Instead the beverage is good for the body and filled with added vitamins and nutrients.
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