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Patti LaBells' 'On My Own Fancy Cake' is Part Red Velvet, Part Carrot Cake

Patti LaBelle, famed singer and Cooking Channel TV personality, recently launched a new line of nine-inch Fancy Cakes that are sold exclusively through Walmart. One of the most standout Fancy Cakes, 'On My Own' is a half carrot cake and half red velvet cake, divided right down the middle.

Patti LaBelle’s new line of Walmart-exclusive desserts also includes other Fancy Cakes named after her favorite songs like the 'Somebody Loves You, Baby' chocolate cake, the black forest 'When You’ve Been Blessed' cake and LaBelle's personal favorite, the indulgent 'New Attitude' caramel cake.

Previously, LaBelle worked with Walmart bakers on the development of the Patti’s Good Life food line, which includes other treats like her famous sweet potato pie and banana pudding.
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