Modern Fairytale Holiday Ads

Debenhams' #YouShall is a Social Media-Style Retelling of Cinderella

For the holiday season this year, Debenhams launched a fairytale holiday campaign that's centered around the idea that "#YouShall find the perfect gift for your fairytale Christmas at Debenhams."

The #YouShall ad is a modern retelling of the story of Cinderella, which has been done many times before, but Debenhams put a social media-inspired spin on the classic tale. The Christmas story begins with a couple meeting for a moment on a train, but the woman hurries to get off at her stop and loses her bejewelled heel in the process. Both the man and women begin their own social media campaigns with #FindMyShoe and #FindThatGirl. Eventually, the pair does meet again and as with every good fairy tale, it has a feel-good happy ending.
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