21 Luxurious iPhone Cases

#21 $100,000 Smartphone Protectors
#20 Aircraft Aluminum iPhone Cases
#19 Glamorous Golden Smartphone Cases
#18 Gilded iPhone Cases
#17 19th Century iPhone Cases
#16 Weaponized Smartphone Cases
#15 Golden Smartphone Cases
#14 Luxe iPhone Cases
#13 Snakes on iPhone
#12 Parisian-Inspired Phone Cases
#11 24 Carat iPhone Cases
#10 Louis Vuitton's iPhone cases
#9 Numerical Phone Covers
#8 Luxury Label Smartphone Cases
#7 Solid Gold Phone Covers
#6 Carbon Fiber Cell Phone Cases
#5 Graphic Phone Protectors
#4 Crinkled Gold Tech Accessories
#3 Frilly Phone Cases
#2 Excessively Encrusted Crystal Covers
#1 Diamond-Encrusted Phone Covers
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From Frilly Phone Cases to $100,000 Smartphone Protectors

Luxurious iPhone cases offer posh design as well as premium protection. These cases are built for luxury and label lovers.

The Dolce & Gabbana iPhone case is a sleek iPhone protector that can be worn like a stylish minaudiere while the Michael Kors iPhone also functions as a stylish carrier and an iPhone protector. Luxurious iPhone cases also include highly decorative cases such as the Kenzo iPhone holder which is covered in the brand's eccentric graphics and the Swarovski crystal case that is covered in twinkling gems. However, for the high fashion lovers, a Louis Vuitton iPhone sleeve is adorned with the brand's iconic monogram graphic.

These luxurious iPhone cases also include budget-breaking cases such as the charitable $100,000 Brikk Trim case and the Sayn Design 24 carat gold case which is accented with 50 carat diamonds.
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