Bone-Free Gelatin Formulas

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'Geltor' Makes Vegan Gelatin Without the Inclusion of Animal Bones

Over the past few years, consumers have become increasingly interested in integrating collagen into their diets through food and beverages—yet there are few vegan gelatin options on the market that are made without animal bones.

'Geltor' is a start-up that aims to create a real gelatin alternative, without the use of animal scraps. To make its gelatin, Geltor programs microbes that produce collagen. Through the process of fermentation, the collagen becomes gelatin. Ultimately, the company aims to make vegan gelatin cheaper and more attractive as a new standard across multiple industries.

As well as being a key ingredient in many snacks and drinks, collage can also be found in many pharmaceutical and personal care items, meaning there is ample room for innovation in this realm.
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