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Yóu Yóu's Tea Seed Oil Brings "the Olive Oil of the East" to the USA

Yóu Yóu Organic Tea Seed Oil helps to make a type of oil that has been cultivated, produced, and used in Asia for centuries more accessible. This versatile cooking oil is coming to consumers in the United States at a time when more people are experimenting in the kitchen with new ingredients, cuisines and cooking methods.

This neutrally flavored premium pantry staple is made with the seeds of Camellia oleifera (a flowering plant native to East Asia) and it helps to create authentic Asian dishes that call for high heat but won't lose flavor in the cooking process. Every bottle of Tea Seed Oil takes eight years of harvesting, filtering, and cold pressing to produce. With a high smoke point, this oil is often called the "olive oil of the East," and now, those in the West can enjoy it.

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