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'Rise Up' Teaches Participants the Basics on Building Movements

The 'Rise Up' board game works to teach players basic skills in building a social movement and impacting positive change.

At the risk of simplifying some highly complex issues, much of the contentious politics that can be seen around the world today are often as a result of governments, dictators and political figures trying to or successfully infringing upon the civil, social and economic rights of various groups of people. The Rise Up board game was designed to train new activists on social mobilization or to help experienced activists lead campaigns -- for the ultimate purpose of providing basic knowledge on the art of peaceful and impactful protest. The game works as a team effort and collaborative process that ultimately results in imparting wisdom on its players about the process of organizing social movements.

The Rise Up game was ethically manufactured and this fact coupled with its positive message makes it an excellent game for people using it for both recreational and strategic purposes.
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