Probiotic-Rich Ice Creams

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This Plant-Based Ice Cream Ranage is Made with Probiotics

The Swedish food company 'BoFood' recently launched a line of plant-based ice cream that is rich is probiotics. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for products that give consumers a way to consume more probiotics without the need to eat dairy-based foods such as yogurt. This vegan ice cream range provides a healthy alternative for those who cannot or choose not to consume dairy.

The new plant-based ice cream line falls under the company's existing 'Lovice' range. Unlike traditional ice cream, the new range is entirely made from plant-based ingredients. As a result, the product is both dairy-free and vegan friendly. As an added nutritional benefit, the ice cream is made with the LP299V probiotic strain to help consumers enjoy the immunity-boosting benefits of probiotics.

Set to hit stores in the second half of 2016, the plant-based desserts will give consumers a dairy-free alternative when it comes to buying probiotic-rich food products.
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