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Portable Camera Lucidas

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The NeoLucida is an Modernized Version of the 19th Century Drawing Tool

Before there was Google Glass or, for that matter, photographic technology, there was the Camera Lucida, which the NeoLucida is based off of. A clever optical device designed by Sir William Hyde Wollaston, the Camera Lucida used a prism to project an image on a sheet of paper to trace. The NeoLucida does the same thing but in a more compact and portable way.

Created by Chicago-based duo Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin, the NeoLucida is the first of its kind in nearly a century. Although many people might not be interested in using the NeoLucida since they are hooked on Oculus Rift, Instagram and more, others will see the benefit of such a device. The NeoLucida is perfect for students of art who love to execute photo-realistic drawings.
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