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Izzy Wheels Offers Fashionable Spoke Guards for Wheelchairs

Looking at wheelchairs, it's immediately clear that the designers who created them were laser-focused on function over form -- an unfortunate aesthetic issue that Irish startup Izzy Wheels hopes to solve. The company offers bold and stylish spoke guards for wheelchair wheels, helping those in wheelchairs to turn their conveyances from a signal of medical disability into a fashion statement.

Izzy Wheels began with just a few spoke guard designs, but the collection has quickly grown. The company currently offers 12 designs that are permanently available, and it also has a selection of nine limited edition spoke guards designed by local Irish artists. Almost without exception, the designs feature mesmerizing patterns, bright colors, and bold, creative images.

The company was started by sisters Isabel (the eopnymous Izzy who has a condition called spinal bifida) and Ailbhe Keane.
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