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Glamora Creative Wallcoverings Enliven the Mordi e Fuggi Restaurant

Glamora Creative Wallcoverings is an Italian design company that specializes in eye-catching artistic wall art. The firm has revamped the interior of the Mordi e Fuggi Restaurant in Bologna, giving its walls a cool sketched appearance.

The wall covering selected for the Mordi e Fuggi Restaurant is called 'Vitality,' and it is a black and white illustrated wall that has "windows" featuring bits of green leaves. Charming and providing the restaurant with an artistic touch, 'Vitality' by Glamora Creative Wallcoverings "ironically injects a contemporary style into a subject matter designed to invoke nostalgia," describes the Retail Design Blog.

As you'll see from the gallery, the company also offers several other wall designs, including one with gigantic watercolor florals and another, more contemporary one that features striations of white.
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