Egg-Free Vegan Condiments

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The Sacla Free from Mayonnaise is Suitable for Vegans

Vegan diets are growing in popularity amongst consumers who are looking to avoid animal products for ethical, health and/or environmental reasons, so brands are responding with new products like the Sacla Free from Mayonnaise. Made in Italy without the use of animal ingredients, the condiment is free from dairy, eggs and gluten, which makes it suitable for those who are on speciality diets or who need to avoid certain food items for allergy reasons.

Clare Blampied, Managing Director at Sacla UK, said of the new Sacla Free from Mayonnaise, "Food must be joyful and there’s no compromise to taste or texture with our new free from mayonnaise. We hope it’ll become a store cupboard staple in non-vegan households too."
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