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Detox Delight's Juice Delight Beauty Water Supports a Healthy Glow

Detox Delight's Juice Delight Beauty Water is a beautifying beverage that is light and refreshing, as well as 100% organic, natural, cold-pressed, vegan and gluten-free.

The beverage is free from artificial additives and preservatives and features an ingredient list of hibiscus, Schisandra berries, organic rosewater, aloe vera and lime—many of which are often integrated into topical skincare products for their numerous skin-boosting benefits. As well as helping one to hydrate on the go, the Juice Delight Beauty Water helps to boost the skin's moisture levels and promote a vibrant glow.

As an extension of their at-home personal care routines, many consumers are turning to on-the-go beauty beverages and collagen-rich snacks that help to feed the skin from the inside out and promote a youthful daily glow.
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