Infrared Dental Cameras

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This Contraption Helps Dentists Inspect Patients and Detect Cavities

A group of scientists and engineers working out of York University in Toronto are developing an innovative new dental camera that is designed to make it easier for dentists to carry out visual assessments of patients.

This dental camera makes use of so-called thermophotonic lock-in imaging technologies which make use of long-wavelength infrared imaging to create visual depictions of teeth that can expose the presence of cavities. As an added bonus, this dental camera is relatively low-cost, and so can be widely implemented once fully developed.

The device is still undergoing testing, but could be a game-changer if and when it gets approved. The biggest advantage with this dental camera is the fact that it both helps reduce 'false negative' diagnostic errors and also empowers dentists to discover problematic dental issues early, giving patients the best chance at a full recovery.
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