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Hirohiko Araki Created a Series of Playful Anime Bulgari Bags

Hirohiko Araki, who is known as the creator of the popular manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, recently teamed up with Italian luxury brand Bulgari to create a series of playful anime-inspired Bulgari bags.

The 'Killer Queen' collection gets its name from a humanoid supernatural entity of the same name from the franchise. In the series, Killer Queen acts as a visual personification of a character's mind or spirit and serves as a protective guardian of sorts. The fact that Killer Queen appears on wallets, Bulgari bags and scarves in the collection is fitting, since a popular motif from Bulgari is the snake, which is also recognized for its powers to protect one from evil. As such, the collection of accessories introduces stylish, modern talismans for daily use.
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