Stress-Regulating Driver Seats

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Faurecia's 'Active Wellness' is a Health-Monitoring Biometric Seat

For many drivers, it doesn't take much to trigger road rage, but in the future, the 'Active Wellness' system by Faurecia could play a huge part in curbing fury, stress or even mild discomfort on the road.

Active Wellness is a biometric seating system, which uses sensors to assess a driver's mental and physical condition based on factors like heart rate and respiration. This information is analyzed in real-time and if the system detects trace amounts of stress, on-screen prom[ts are displayed by a companion tablet recommending fixes in the form of massage, or warming or cooling treatments. As well as relaxing an individual, the system is also capable of energizing drivers to encourage alertness on the roads.

Faurecia estimates that its intelligent car seat will be on the market by 2020 to promote overall health and wellness.
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