Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku Keynotes - The speeches by Michio Kaku discuss the future of human evolution, and cover some of the most...

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In this theoretical physics keynote, professor Michio Kaku puts a strong emphasis on the future of possibilities as he talks about the equation that summarizes all the physical forces in the world; unified field theory.

Time travel, warp drive, portals through space and time, other dimensions, star gates and worm holes are all things that we generally associate with science-fiction, but Dr. Kaku believes we are much closer to making these things reality.

In this theoretical physics keynote, Micho Kaku reminds us that most of the elements of science fiction we are fascinated with are well within the laws of physics but about 100 years ahead of our current realm of possibilities.

This theoretical physics keynote Micho Kaku claims that if we could meet our grand kids we would regard them as gods because they will be able to do incredible things. Materializing objects just by thinking about them or genetically maintaining a perfect and ageless body is closer to reality than we think.