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Stan Slap

Stan Slap Keynotes - Keynotes by Stan Slap are straightforward, frank and useful. As a leading management strategist... Need Inspiration?

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Leading Management Strategist Stan Slap states that "the decisions made yesterday are responsible for the life of one's company today." Slap explores this belief by going further to stress that the "decisions made today will be responsible for the life of one's company tomorrow."

The consumer expert explores what he calls "C players" -- companies that get an A on product but an F on the process. The speaker warns that these businesses will ultimately be unable to survive in today's competitive market.

Culture is never more united than when it is inspired or aroused and Stan Slap believes that consumer culture is under attack. If one provides consumers with inspiration, they will give you unreasonable affection. Slap strongly stresses that there is nothing one sells that individuals cannot buy elsewhere and that it is an organization's role to stand apart and create an intimate, values-based relationship between company and consumer.