Rafe Esquith

Rafe Esquith Keynotes - The Rafe Esquith keynotes break down the pedagogy expert's approach to child learning. His avoidance...

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This Rafe Esquith speech explores incorporating lessons of ownership into a school curriculum for kids. Esquith is America’s most celebrated classroom teacher, having won several awards and a featured PBS documentary.

Teaching kids the value of ownership is hugely important and should be incorporated into all levels of schooling. He begins by discussing kids' perspectives on motivation. Kids, when writing an assignment, will answer that their actions are in reaction to direction by another. However, his teaching style pushes students to answer with the knowledge that the skill being acquired will benefit his/her life.

Avoiding focus on the test or grade allows students to reflect on the impact of success on her/his life. He incorporates life lessons into the layout of the classroom. His students are assigned jobs, and given a ‘pay check’ to support the ‘rent’ of their seat. At the end of the month, they have the opportunity to purchase their seat and understand ownership.