Deborah Webster

Deborah Webster Keynotes - Retaining, motivating and growing human capital within an organization is not an easy task; however... Need Inspiration?

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Deborah Webster discusses the true nature of desire and happiness in this progress and business keynote. Discussing the stereotypes that surround success, Webster draws attention to the fact that people often associate mean, selfish and unkind individuals with being rich while those who do what they are passionate about are often seen as poor.

In a trip to Kenya Deborah Webster had the opportunity to live with the Samburu tribe for a while. Although the tribe had recently dealt with an outbreak of cholera, Deborah could see that they were still happy. When she asked them why, they replied, "because we know no difference."

Western culture views life in such a linear way, giving rise to job dissatisfaction and unmet potential. When people begin to realize their own potential and help others reach theirs, a reciprocal relationship of generosity, progress and content is enacted, proving that business can be a way forward. Deborah Webster concludes with the message: "be mindful of your thoughts, be mindful of your words and be mindful of your solutions."