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Drew Curtis

Drew Curtis Keynotes - Keynotes by Drew Curtis bring to light issues of infringements and examine how companies can... Need Inspiration?

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In this patent keynote, founder of Drew Curtis shares the story of when his company was sued for infringing upon a patent protecting the creation and distribution of news releases via email. Curtis explains how obscure the mechanisms for patents can become, this being a specific example.

While the majority of patent lawsuits end in settlements, Curtis has various tips for the audience to arrive at these settlements as soon as possible and to avoid losing large amounts of money. Over $80 billion was lost because of patent trolls last year in the United States -- a crippling amount for the American economy.

He advises those being sued for patent infringement to make it as difficult as possible for someone to prove the infringement actually occurred. He also suggests fighting the accusation of infringement as opposed to the patent, because it is highly unlikely that a judge to overrule an actual patent.